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Morning PT and Monday Night Football

This morning was the first morning that I had to come into school for the physical training. I had to come to school at 5:45 a.m. I didn't even know 5:45 a.m . even existed. I just thought it was a myth. It was a cold as hell outside. (Is saying cold as hell an oxymoron?) But anyway, since it was the first day and we had classes later on, all we did was just run 3 miles and do 50 pushups. I'm gonna have to start coming into school early for some more PT and drill team practice especially trick drill practice, which we get to do stuff like this...

Last night was the first Monday Night Football game of the season with Washington hosting and it made sense because it was 9/11. I can't believe the Redskins lost. I was so angry and sad at the same time when John Hall missed that field goal at the end of the game. There were also some dumb calls on Sean Taylor. I guess his reputation had something to do with it...

 I know people like Espurs saw that coming, but now people are gonna think that they are overrated. I'd rather see Jason Campbell start because he's an Auburn guy, and Brunell is kinda like Drew Bledsoe and is starting to hold his team back. I guess the Vikings are a better team than what people might think. I think they're gonna need to get some help from their cheerleaders who are without a doubt are the best looking cheerleaders in the NFL.