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Today's Lacrosse game

We had a lacrosse game today. It was a home game in the cold and rainy weather. Most people didn't even want to play because the field was so muddy it was hard to run and and some people would rather be in bed watching saturday morning cartoons. Soon it was the 3rd quarter and we were down by like 7 goals. Coach was furious and said he was embarrassed of us. We all took that in mind and almost came back in the fourth quarter and ended up losing by only 2. The other team didn't score in the last quarter and we felt that we should of won.

Pros Vs. Joes

Has anyone ever seen the show Pros. Vs. Joes on Spike? I don't know why your average accountant would think that they can compete with professional athletes. I thought the show was gonna be stupid, but it's hilarious every time I see a joe get run over by Bill Romanowski. I wouldn't go on the show and embarrass myself, but I'd watch to see people embarrass themselves.

War Games

Why is it that right now there seems to be an increase in WWII games and military action? I'm not talking about just your basic FPS game, I'm talking about actual military action based on past battles? It seems that due to the war right now, President Bush asked all the game companies to make more war games so people will understand military combat so we could join the army. When I went to buy Socom 3, a person had asked me "so you like war games?" I said "yeah". Then he asked me "have you ever thought of joining the military?" I said "I'd think about." Then I walked away. Scary thought. I don't want to start anything but it makes you wonder...

Why do people dislike Lacrosse?

I play lacrosse for my high school team. Living on Long Island, it is a really popular sport in the spring. We like because it is fast, physical and fun. Some people don't like it because they think the idea of playing with a stick inside a ball is kinda stupid and a little bit gay. If they had played the sport then they would like it too. I really enjoy it. It's the fastest growing sport in the country.
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