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Morning PT and Monday Night Football

This morning was the first morning that I had to come into school for the physical training. I had to come to school at 5:45 a.m. I didn't even know 5:45 a.m . even existed. I just thought it was a myth. It was a cold as hell outside. (Is saying cold as hell an oxymoron?) But anyway, since it was the first day and we had classes later on, all we did was just run 3 miles and do 50 pushups. I'm gonna have to start coming into school early for some more PT and drill team practice especially trick drill practice, which we get to do stuff like this...

Last night was the first Monday Night Football game of the season with Washington hosting and it made sense because it was 9/11. I can't believe the Redskins lost. I was so angry and sad at the same time when John Hall missed that field goal at the end of the game. There were also some dumb calls on Sean Taylor. I guess his reputation had something to do with it...

 I know people like Espurs saw that coming, but now people are gonna think that they are overrated. I'd rather see Jason Campbell start because he's an Auburn guy, and Brunell is kinda like Drew Bledsoe and is starting to hold his team back. I guess the Vikings are a better team than what people might think. I think they're gonna need to get some help from their cheerleaders who are without a doubt are the best looking cheerleaders in the NFL.

Pics of me from my trip

I just came back from my trip from California. I came back to 30 new PMs. I had a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to going back. :wink:

I probably won't be on again later next week because I need to get ready for the upcoming weeks. Here are some pics of me. For all you ladies, you can send me PM's and I'll be happy to respond.

That's all I'm posting up. I changed my icon and I have new sig that was made by BassBoy45 from the Nintendo Paradise Union. What do you guys think?


Navy cadences and a New Sig

(That's not us btw. But it is a nice pic)
Today I got the oppurtunity to be the lead the cadence calls for the other cadets during NJROTC PT. It was my first time shouting out calls and it was pretty fun hearing them shout back the calls. But of course I forget most of the words and ended up making up a few lines myself. It was fun and I'll look forward to doing it again. Some of them were prettu funny. Here are some of the calls that I was shouting:

I had a dog whose name was Blue,
He wanted to be a SEAL, too!
So I bought him a mask and four tiny little fins
Took him to the ocean and threw him in
Blue came back to my surprise
With a shark in his teeth and a gleam in his eyes.

Now Superman was the man of steel,
But he aint no match for a Navy SEAL.
Now Chief and supe, they got in a fight:
Chief hit him in the head with some kryptonite.
Supe fell to his knees in pain--
Now chief's dating Lois Lane.

Well Chief and Batman had one too,
Chief hit him in the head with his shoe.
Hit him in the temple with his left heel,
Now Chief's driving the Batmobile.

Well, I don't know but I've been told
Those Navy wings are made of gold.
I don't know but it's been said
That Air Force wings are made of lead!

Birdie birdie in the sky
Dropped some whitewash in my eye.
I won't fuss and I won't cry--
I'm just glad that cows can't fly.

I think the reason why I forgot some of the words was because I was busy thinking about other things...

Or maybe because it was boiling outside. :P

I also have a new sig. It was made by BassBoy45. What do you think?

5000 Posts!

I finally reached 5000 posts today. It may not seem like a big deal to some people because I know people that are close to 10000 posts themselves, but it's something for me to feel happy about. Since it took a while, I feel so happy now, and I feel like this guy here.


Also, I would like to let people join the NCAA Football Union. I just chartered for that union and it makes the 8th union I'm an officer in right now. I don't send out union invites since people like sending hate PM's so I'll just encourage people to please join the unions that I'm an officer in.

 - 1138 members

 - 748 members

 - 920 members

 - 647 members

 - 261 members

 - 256 members

 - 230 members

Please join today because Vida Guerra also wants you to join.

Summer Physical Training

Today was the first day of unofficial PT for NJROTC in the Summer. But the thing is, only 3 other cadets showed up. Our so called "commander" who went to the Naval Academy for a few days and came back, showed us some of the exercises that he did, but of course we slowed it down a bit. He also told us about all the "fun" he had staying with Naval Midshipmen. After a whole bunch of laps, and dozens of pushups and sit ups, all I want is a huge gallon of gatorade. You know, the one they sell at Wal-Mart. I forgot how many ounces but I know it's a lot. :)

Also I changed my blog header. Yes I know, again. It was made by OhhSnap50893. I got it at the Nintendo Paradise Union where Snap is the leader and I'm also an officer in. I don't mean to advertise anything, but that union is now closing in on 600 members and now has an officer contest where anyone can sign up, so check it out.

P.S. OhhSnap said he would give me 25 cents if I said all that. :D

Oh No! Not Level 20!

Well, I finally reached Level 20. But that's actually bad news. Now instead of ganing like 20% per day like I used to, I'll probably gain 2% everyday. :cry:

Hey, I got the Public Access emblem and a new Blog Header.


This is my first clip that I uploaded on Gamespot and it's something that just to break the ice and I was lucky enough to get the Public Access emblem. I know people who uploaded 20 videos and don't have anything. More and more adult men in relationships are getting a vasectomy operation. For those people who have no clue what a vasectomy is, you can learn about it here, from Family Guy. :)

New Banner and more exams

Well I have my new banner. I wasn't sure if the old one was "suitable". What do you think of it? Give some opinions. I would like to thank OhhSnapp50893. If anyone would like a new banner, sig, or icon, then you should join the Fantasy Designs union where there are many people like Snap willing to make stuff. Also, I'm having a hard time on deciding on what icon I should have so don't think anything is wrong if you keep seeing me with switching icons.

Today I took my Spanish Regents exam which is a New York State exam. 20 minutes after the test started, the teachers came to a startling conclusion. Apparently some bright teacher gave out copies of the old 2005 Regents exam which meant some people were taking the wrong exam. So we had to waste time and start over. The test really wasn't that hard. The only problem was during the listening portion of the exam where you need to listen to the teacher reading a passage, she was talking 100 miles and hour and I ended up guessing on some questions. I think I passed though. I have another test next week Wednesday which is 3 hours long.

Yay! School is out!

Yeah, I know, it's about time school ended. New York always ends school late compared to other states for some reason  Today, people brought water balloons and water guns to school and stared having a water fight. A lot of people got soaked. Yours truly of course got a few people soaked and also got hit with a little shower, but it was fun. The bad news about school being over is that I still need to come back next week to take my Regents exam. I know, it's a dumb rule. It would make more sense to take the exams in class instead of having to go back to school when class ends. Now I need to put my shirt in the dryer because it is just dripping wet.

Sports Night

Last night was Sports Night at my high school where they gave out all the sports awards. First we had to listen to our boring athletic director speak for almost a half hour talking about the importance of athletics and how you must try your hardest in ever practice.  The funny part was when he was talking, somebody was pointing a laser at his forehead and all you saw was a huge red dot.  People started laughing. It was pretty funny when some of the players got their awards, the cheerleaders started doing their cheers. The disappointing thing was that I didn't even get an award.  All I got was a certificate, a handshake, and am enthusiastic congratulations from my coach. I guess that's what I get fir being on JV. Varsity really gets all the glory. Next year, I hope I'll get a real award instead of just a handshake like everyone else.
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