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The beginning of the exams (Day 1)

What's life without completing a desired course in college?

This is a very tricky question that faces a lot of people now. As I entered the gates of my school this morning to begin the first day of my final exams ever as a college student, I thought of this particular question. It's fitting to say that I've woven an honest-to-goodness way to completing my course, but there are also people who neglect education. Admit it, this is true.

I'm blessed to have gone so far and reached the end of this part of my journey. Tomorrow, the last day of exams will occur. I promised myself that I will scream "IT IS FINISHED!" after the last subject's test questionnaire hits the teacher's dest. I will. 'Cause my four years in college was a battlefield in itself.

I will document my last day of exams tomorrow.

To all fellow graduates, I congratulate you for a job well done! You're nearing the end of this phase, and gearing up for a new one. It's like leveling up!