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phychiatric nursing!!1

Oh, well, times right now are so harsh! I'm having the psychiatric nursing rotation, so basically I'm dealing with those people who're mentally challenged. It's hard work, I barely even have time to check my online mails because of the rotation, but it's still worth seeing all those people's smiles after we've finished with our activities to help them cope with life.

Sadly, in accordance to this event in my life, I wasn't able to play games that much. But that doesn't mean that I've turned my back on games and completely converted myself into a hardworking junkie; I'm still the awwitz and that's that. hehe.

I got wind of Prototype (which is a great game for me, with all its visceral images and the morbid theme), inFamous and the Assassin's Creed 2 preview. I was instantly hooked by the mere existence of these games. So sad I wasn't able to get a hands-on on these games. I'm waiting for freedom; it's there, after my studies. Sweet air, the humming of console machines--oh, music to my ears.

Hi, guys! Just dropping by.