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games, games, games...

It's summertime here in the Philippines and I can feel a tingling on my fingertips! I have reviewed a fair lot of games lately (which is a definite achievement for me, so please readthem and rate them).

I'm currently immersed with a lot of Heroes of Newerth (I can't get enugh of it!), though I'm on my way to finishing Dante's Inferno on the PSP. I'll definitely review the game so to tell you guys my views on the handheld version. It's fun but has lots of editions from the current-gen versions, but this version still packs a lot of action and story. So, wait for the full review soon.

God of War 3 is out. I'm crying to the heavens for a PS3! I envy you guys with the current-gen platforms. My trusty PS2 is nowhere to be found and I'm mostly out of the house to silence my boredom. Have fun playing all the new releases!

I'll be hooking up to PC games this summer. I can't wait to have a taste of Battlefield: Bad Company 2!

We, the Gamers, shall dominate the entertainment space! 'til then....