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So here goes...

There have been a lot of zombie-related things going on around. There's Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and the new TV series The Walking Dead. That's a bundle of living dead, and one may think that it's a tired genre just like the WWII war theatres in games.

Not for me!

I love the zombie apocalypse! It's a whole new world of possibilities and dangers beyond comprehension. I have played characters who had to go through many of these dead people just to reach safe-houses to keep their skins intact. I have seen scenes that portrayed gore unlike any other zombie flick out there. But the zombies kept coming. Every play-through of Left 4 Dead 2 is a fresh bout of tension and the feeling of panic (especially when playing on Impossible mode); every episode of The Walking Dead is a concentrated look waiting to happen.

The time of the zombies is come.

Even Call of Duty is beefing things up with its special zombie mode in this year's amazing best-seller Black Ops! It's a highly zombified world right now. I pass people huddled together for a game of Plants vs. Zombies on their laptops. It's a riot!

And have I mentioned the books? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, anyone? The Zombie Survival Guide, how 'bout that?

And if ever you're tired of 'just' gore, and in want of a different sort of 'stimulus' then how about watching the anime Highschool of the Dead, the year's most controversial anime (they say it's an insult to women, that show. Beh.)

And I'm smacked in the middle of it all. When I go home late at night, I always imagine a horde of zombies trying to take a snap at my hide! That's a radical trail of thought, huh? Oh, well, I've been immersed too much in all this zombie goodness. I mean, why else would I pretend holding the barrel of a high-end super shotgun whenever I hold some random branch or something, waiting for a zombie head to come out of the bushes and the trees behind our house, ready to run, drool trailing from its lower lip?

Does anyone experience this phenomenon? Do you want the zombie apocalypse to actually happen? Well, yell yeah, I do!