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All is well...

School's finished. The whole world is now open for me to explore, even if I couldn't physically indulge too much in the complexities of said world. I have received my diploma and nursing pin-- subtle keys for my ascent to the endless possibilities that life may throw at me.

It's fun to think about this very important leap in my life, though it's really hard to accept that there'd be no more allowances, extra money for projects or paper-works. I remember the days when moolah was constantly streaming, like a game developer's penchant for fan-service. Oh, those were the days. Now, it's mostly life at home, in front of the TV, watching a rerun of a rerun, or a near-forgotten DVD that's stacked along with other snubbed films.

It's time to catch up to entertainment. I have to take a chunk of my life and offer it into the altar of the things that I really love to do, such as playing electronic games. Oh, how I missed the touch of a controller, or the sound of keyboard buttons being hacked at in an RTS game. Schoolbooks, I would love to replace you now with the ever-enticing glow of PC monitors and TV screens.

It's going to be four whole months before I start reviewing for my professional license. I think I deserve such a rest.

GameSpot, thank you for the JokerTOTS emblem, and the funny videos that made my face muscles hurt because of laughter; games, thank you for existing.

Oh, and guys? Please extend your support and prayers to those who are in desperate need of such.