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is the PS2 dying?? :(

Game developers don't respect the reigning console anymore. They make games for the PS2 but the next-gen versions of those games are the sauce. They make it seem as though the PS2 is just a pushover now that there's the nex-gen. Look at what they did with Spider-man Web of Shadows, or World at War(PS2 version). They looked so amazing with the 360 and PS3 but when they did it with the PS2, they didn't put any justice to those games. I just wish they'd make games for the PS2 that have the same spunk and luster that Shadow of the Colossus and The Metal Gear Solid series had when they debuted for the PS2. The PS2 is not dying. It is still alive and friggin' kicking! It's one of the greatest thing to happen in history.

so why awwitz for crying out loud??

i just randomly typed these letters when i typed a name during a DotA game..

quite remarkably, awwitz also sounds like 'awit' which means 'song' in Filipino.

I like to sing,,..i like to play games..

..they describe who i am,..

i am awwitz..

PS3 or XBox360..what's best for me?

People, I live in a country where the PS2 is still the top-console. Yup, few people in the Philippines can afford to buy the next-gen consoles. Even I just place my enjoyment in the hands(or should I say 'analog sticks') of my beloved PS2. I loved the games that I bought. But as time went by and the PS3 and the Xbox360 just literally showed off their sexy bodies, I was instantly reeled in to their beauty. Now, I WANT to have one of them. Though it'd be sweet if I had all of the next-gen consoles(the Wii included), my pocket is just enough for one. Please help me decide. Give me your views on this. *note: my TV set is just a standard one. I would've given my left nut for an HD TV but..sigh..

the aging ps2...more like a war veteran with much more to prove..

a lot has changed since the arrival of the next-gen consoles. the ps1's become a fossil, arcade has evolved a lot, and the ps2 smiled on birth. but 8 or so years later, the ps2 is deemed to be "beyond its prime" by a bunch of people who think they know better. there may be times when i'd have to give in to that reality, but then should i remind everyone that a lot of top-notch games were released and/or re-released on the ps2? it's stil one great console; a surviving element in entertainment. i just hope that they (and i mean "they")would still make more ps2 games, even if those would-be games have high-rate counterparts called the next-gen consoles. i mean, look at Force Unleashed and the upcoming Spider-Man Web of Shadows. it's free-for-all console extravaganza! everyone can experience the fun. 'nuff said...
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