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Well, the exams are coming and our Asian Civ subject has only had one meet, and it's rumored that the whole studentry's going to have a hell of an exam on that subject. But I really don't care that much because I'm now focusing on a major subject, Pharmacology, the study of drugs!

Anyway, I've been playing a lot of guitar jams on the JamLegend website; it's actually fun and one won't need an actual console guitar to enjoy its amazing tracks. Please, to those who have time in their hands and would love to play some online music, then visit the JamLegend website and make an account.

I've watched X-Men Origins Wolverine and I think it was a fairly good movie, with all the amazing action scenes and the 'surprise' bit at the last part of the film. The movie was shadowed bya bit of unnecessary talking, that really don't push the emotionality of the film forward. I have to say, though, that Hugh Jackman really displayed once more his prowess as an actor; he's extremely talented and flexible. Well, to those who love the series and the comics and really high-end action films, then watch the Wolverine film!

That's it for now. I'm going to prepare for the upcoming tests. Hope I pass 'em. God bless you all! Take care.

my short but sweet summer..

Well, my two weeks of peace and happiness is over and I must say, it was a bomb! The entire two weeks were filled with the makings of a really great experience: I attended a birthday party that was held in the Southern Tropical parts of Mindanao; I played a lot of PC games that made me want to bunk into the computer gaming store; I watched a lot of anime and I met new friends. You may think that this is the simplest vacation ever, but considering that it was only for two weeks, you'd praise the high heavens for even getting such an experience!

I played Left 4 Dead, Prince of Persia, Dead Space, Tomb Raider Underworld, Half Life Episode Two and Hellgate London, so expect some reviews on some or most of them. I was really hooked to the Left 4 Dead game because it was totally amazing! The co-operative sense of the entire game brings friends and family together, and I just love hanging on to that fact.

So, I'm back in Davao City, relishing the aftermath of my summer excursion: summer class allowance!


Yeah, well, it's already summer here in the Philippines and it's really really hot, scorching hot! So please do your part in the campaign against global warming and the promotion of mother nature and all that jazz. Anyway, since I'm a nursing student, and there's still a lot of subjects and concepts to cover in school, I only have two weeks --two weeks, mind you!-- to enjoy the summertime. The rest of the time will be spent on summer lessons! That's hell!

But still it's better than doing nothing. My PS2 was "loaned" --I really think they GAVE the damn thing-- to my cousinswho're froma different city. Without. My. Permission. So, basically, I have no console at home. But that's just a small thing because when you're a gamer, there's a lot of opportunites to get connected with the gaming world.

I played World at War, Crysis Warhead, NBA 2K9 and Need for Speed Undercover on the PC and they were really amazing games! I'm eyeing Street Fighter 4 and Killzone 2 because they're all the hype now. It's a pity Resi Evil 5 didn't get a 9 or better here in Gamespot; I was really chasing that game from the initial works to the post-mortems. I wish I would be able to play it this year.

So, the awwitz, who got absent for a long time is definitely back! My goal is to review many games that I have played and finished. So, more power to you people!

I'm back!....

So, the awwitz returns from the horrors of hospitalization...

It was a very stirring event in my life; my sight was impeded by the strength of the anesthesia and no one could be more feeble and lazy. My entire mind was blank and I only felt the cold air of the room, a private one. I couldn't open my eyes for a few seconds without feeling nauseated by the swirling shapes and the abnormal hues and shades of the objects around me. I heard my mother speak somewhere within the room, and I knew that with her was my father. I was not alone after all. Was that supposed to be comforting?

Two days later, on February 25 (Eastern date), I was sent home. And at that time, I didn't give a damn about anything at all. My favorite food was given to me in relatively small amounts because of the fact that I had an abdominal operation, but I didn't even eat a fraction of it. I only ate when my mother eventually flared up. The whole week was a groggy mix of headches and stomachaches. I even had heartache. I spent most of my time in bed, and though the TV was miraculously set in my room, with the PS2 at my hoof, I just turned a cold shoulder and slept. I haven't touched my PS2 for the whole duration of my house-arrest.

It was like I lost my will to live. Everyone was texting and calling me, wishing me a healthy life ahead but I didn't care. I didn't take a bath for 4 days, and I stank like omega-stink goo from Planet Grooeeekkoieut. I was delusional, I was helpless.

But now I'm back and ready for the next level! Expect more from the awwitz. God bless you!

...'cause my head hurts...

Nausea by uuep faked a turn with depression're as pale as rainy afternoons
..yet you shown beyond expectation
..bringing along a heart's tune
...running past time and space
..flooring the impossible
...moving beyond resistance
..while nursing your nausea
...the head hurts more than the heart
..but reverses can occur from the start
...plagued by summertime blues
..and stoned by intriguing clues
...that night was nauseating
..that moment of being behind
...when eyes collide they seldom part
..when moments clash they expand
...they weren't supposed to be
..weren't meant to be
...but they happened

To Reach the Stars...

Do you remember that vague expression that suitors babble to the ladies? "I'd do anything for you; even to reach out to the stars and give one to you--just give your heart to me in return." Yeah, that?

Imagine a time when space travel is already possible and there's actual space traffic. But it's still a frontier; lots of things are still going to be discovered. You know, it's like when man discovered the wheel and then we had advancements for it, from the simple carts to the race cars of today. It's in that time of advancement that this tale is pitted into. So, a man falls in love with a woman; but she's a bit of a "pain-in-the-ass" but he loves her, y' know. He tells her THAT expression and the egotistic woman became too literal and ordered the poor guy to catch a star and bring it to her!

And so begins a man's adventure into space, and his efforts in "catching" a star and giving it to the woman he loves. The bulk of this story is about discovering a way to tame and contain a ball of flaming gas (in the story, he tries to clamp a fairly small star called The White Crest with a metallic prong device that protrudes from his spaceship, only to see it slipping away in a gaseous spread.)

The White Crest is very important in the story because it's small enough and not too bright, and such a star is convenient to capture. He tries different techniques to other stars, while reserving the Crest for when he finally discovers the right way of catching a star.

Along the way, hindrances find him and he has to evade, fight or overcome all of them; that'll keep the story interesting (maybe a pirate crew that happens to pass by the man's exact coordinates, or a star-eating space worm; the list of bad things goes on).

It's a story about how love will have no limit to a person; how one will do anything for their loved ones.

Farthest away from reality....ahhh

Farthest Away From Reality by awwitz

...lifeless pages from unknown novels..
..a steaming cup of regret..
..a face full of facist reactions..
..and a song about sleepless nights..
...the paradigm of time running..
..the ticking of brain-dead tomorrows..
...seekers and loners unite..
..posters of death spread out..
...the crash of endings begin..
..pushed by the limit..
...unwanted by mothers..
..i made my post-mortem tale..
...the obituaries flock in..
..i am far from reality.. is beyond me..
..what is my name?..
...are people afraid of me?..
..sometimes they call me nightmares..
...or otherwise 'thought'..
..i am ignored; or cursed..
...this is what i am..
..forever created..
...ever dying..
..i am subtly called a 'dream'..

Grand Theft Auto: Philippines

The GTA series has been, and is still the god of freeroaming games; it has changed the realm of gaming and put it to greater heights. I have been blown away by this game series, and I have thought about a GTA game that features my country, the Republic of the Philippines!

So, Pedro is the guy that rules this game of mine. He starts off as a beggar on the start of the game. The Philippines has a slew of beggars, mind you; they always flock on the streets, extending their palms to passersby.

One day, Pedro gets hold of a guy's fallen wallet; the guy chases him and the player has to control Pedro and run like hell away from the pursuing man [cue in this intense parcour game sequence]. But the chase was not to last; Pedro gets caught [a bit of a twist here] and the man reveals that he's a member of this gang. He threatens to kill Pedro but the latter offers his life in servitude to the man. So, basically, the man and Pedro are the characters highlighted in the story.]

So, the man takes Pedro to his boss and he gets a job as a delivery boy. The currency is in Philippine pesos, by the way. Other job classes will be unlocked through the course of the game and Pedro will rise from his battered state. Just like any other GTA game, Pedro can end up as rich as any multi-billionaire, at any time [so the player can ditch the ragged shorts and tank top that poor old Pedro is wearing at the start of the game.

There are a lot of mini-games in here; the traditional taxi driver missions will have more vehicle types to them like the 'habal-habal', where Pedro gets to transport people in a motorbike, for a price. Street vending missions are available as mini quests to increase income as well. Pedro can choose what he'll sell, from candies and cigarretes to pirated DVDs and smuggled goods; each vending ability upgrade will be more risky as cops will try to nab Pedro if the loot-for-sale becomes more and more illegal. Fishing missions where players will dive down the sea and catch giant tunas & sail fish, and then sell them are also present in this game.

Moonlighting as law-enforcers are also a plus here; Pedro [and co-op players] can now run around and bust movie pirates, be part of a squad that's trying to stem an insuing rally; or be secret service agents protecting the president, or even BE the president! There are tons of variety in this game. Pedro can play console games; it's funny: playing a game that plays a game...on the in-game HDTVs!

The multiplayer element in this game will support all players on a single server! Talk about crowd control capability! There's lots of downloadable and uploadable content here. The player can even ditch Pedro and customize his or her own character! It's more than a game; it's life within the game!

Then, when the game's over, the whole thing transforms into 'GTA: Online', where the game will feature the whole world as an adventure space! Then, just a few patches later, 'GTA: Universe' will be off! Earthling characters will mingle with other made-up characters such as aliens or robots in an intergalactic Grand Theft Auto Experience! Then, your console or PC will blow up due to a system overload....

Star Wars: Jedi Commando

So, i have another story in mind. It's a further addition to the Star Wars universe. I had this tale kept inside me for five long years. At least, now I have a place where I can finally share it. Here goes...

"Star Wars: Jedi Commando"

Yep! I was playing Republic Commando on the PC and I really was enjoying it. Then, while observing the Commando squad, I noticed that they had their own views on things; like they're different from the other clones. So, I imagined the true Jango Fett to have an identical twin brother. He[Jango] doesn't know it, by the way, because the Jedi took his brother from their homeplanet for training as a Padawan. So, basically, Jango has a twin and is now a Jedi! I haven't thought of a name for the guy, but I know it'll be as weird as his brother's. So, the Fett-Jedi goes undercover to assist the Jedi during the Clone Wars. He dresses up as a clone, and stuff like that. Anyway, even if he was ordered to take off his helmet, he's still the identical twin of Jango! No one will ever notice the difference! hehehe...So, he has this important role when Order 66 was issued. That's basically the foundation of the story. Whaddya think?

this just came to my mind..friggin' insane!

I'm drawn to the world of RPGs. Though I'm not really a fan of RPGs, I still appreciate the captivating world that they're pitted into. It's like this, I was going to take a breather from my training(I'm a nursing student), and was going to hit the pillows when this crazy idea came to me: Eternites. Yup. They're stones crafted by ancient warlords of this land that I haven't named yet. They have magical powers but their main power is to activate these ancient yet high tech(huh?)weapons of mass destruction that I haven't named yet(haha). The locations of these fabled weapons are of great mystery to the communities that flood my imagined world, but this greedy faction that I haven't named yet seeks them. There are 3 eternites in existence(uhh..)..I'll just come up with really super cool names for them someday and this guy(the protagonist!) came into possession of one(he's an inventory specialist for a museum). I want him to be in his early adulthood; maybe 22 or 24 years old, so that he'll have a degree of seriousness in him, but he'll be a fun character, with occasional punchlines to pull off(think Kenshin Himura). Whaddya think of that, huh? Ö

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