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All is well...

School's finished. The whole world is now open for me to explore, even if I couldn't physically indulge too much in the complexities of said world. I have received my diploma and nursing pin-- subtle keys for my ascent to the endless possibilities that life may throw at me.

It's fun to think about this very important leap in my life, though it's really hard to accept that there'd be no more allowances, extra money for projects or paper-works. I remember the days when moolah was constantly streaming, like a game developer's penchant for fan-service. Oh, those were the days. Now, it's mostly life at home, in front of the TV, watching a rerun of a rerun, or a near-forgotten DVD that's stacked along with other snubbed films.

It's time to catch up to entertainment. I have to take a chunk of my life and offer it into the altar of the things that I really love to do, such as playing electronic games. Oh, how I missed the touch of a controller, or the sound of keyboard buttons being hacked at in an RTS game. Schoolbooks, I would love to replace you now with the ever-enticing glow of PC monitors and TV screens.

It's going to be four whole months before I start reviewing for my professional license. I think I deserve such a rest.

GameSpot, thank you for the JokerTOTS emblem, and the funny videos that made my face muscles hurt because of laughter; games, thank you for existing.

Oh, and guys? Please extend your support and prayers to those who are in desperate need of such.


A Day Late

As it turned out, I wasn't able to do the follow up of my previous blog, which I planned to do yesterday. I played a lot of L4D2 multiplayer, 3v3 because there were only 6 of us. My team won two games out of two. Levels explored were Hard Rain and Dark Carnival. That was some fun gaming!

Exams're finished. I'm stuck in the world of static. It's all repetitive now. That's what to expect from the early days of post-college. I think.

Well, I'm planning to finish Battlefield: Bad Company 2's campaign on PC, so with me luck!

The beginning of the exams (Day 1)

What's life without completing a desired course in college?

This is a very tricky question that faces a lot of people now. As I entered the gates of my school this morning to begin the first day of my final exams ever as a college student, I thought of this particular question. It's fitting to say that I've woven an honest-to-goodness way to completing my course, but there are also people who neglect education. Admit it, this is true.

I'm blessed to have gone so far and reached the end of this part of my journey. Tomorrow, the last day of exams will occur. I promised myself that I will scream "IT IS FINISHED!" after the last subject's test questionnaire hits the teacher's dest. I will. 'Cause my four years in college was a battlefield in itself.

I will document my last day of exams tomorrow.

To all fellow graduates, I congratulate you for a job well done! You're nearing the end of this phase, and gearing up for a new one. It's like leveling up!



So here goes...

There have been a lot of zombie-related things going on around. There's Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and the new TV series The Walking Dead. That's a bundle of living dead, and one may think that it's a tired genre just like the WWII war theatres in games.

Not for me!

I love the zombie apocalypse! It's a whole new world of possibilities and dangers beyond comprehension. I have played characters who had to go through many of these dead people just to reach safe-houses to keep their skins intact. I have seen scenes that portrayed gore unlike any other zombie flick out there. But the zombies kept coming. Every play-through of Left 4 Dead 2 is a fresh bout of tension and the feeling of panic (especially when playing on Impossible mode); every episode of The Walking Dead is a concentrated look waiting to happen.

The time of the zombies is come.

Even Call of Duty is beefing things up with its special zombie mode in this year's amazing best-seller Black Ops! It's a highly zombified world right now. I pass people huddled together for a game of Plants vs. Zombies on their laptops. It's a riot!

And have I mentioned the books? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, anyone? The Zombie Survival Guide, how 'bout that?

And if ever you're tired of 'just' gore, and in want of a different sort of 'stimulus' then how about watching the anime Highschool of the Dead, the year's most controversial anime (they say it's an insult to women, that show. Beh.)

And I'm smacked in the middle of it all. When I go home late at night, I always imagine a horde of zombies trying to take a snap at my hide! That's a radical trail of thought, huh? Oh, well, I've been immersed too much in all this zombie goodness. I mean, why else would I pretend holding the barrel of a high-end super shotgun whenever I hold some random branch or something, waiting for a zombie head to come out of the bushes and the trees behind our house, ready to run, drool trailing from its lower lip?

Does anyone experience this phenomenon? Do you want the zombie apocalypse to actually happen? Well, yell yeah, I do!

Summer Portable Gaming Experience

I have played and finished the single-player campaigns of:

Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror


Resistance: Retribution

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

And i love them! Yes, they're older games but they still look and work like charms. From the adventures of the fun-loving Daxter, to the emotional climax of Crisis Core, I have traveled through different worlds, with just a PSP in hand. I am happy for this experience. If you want to know my view on some of these games that I've played through the first two weeks of summer here in our country, check out my reviews.

More power to the players!

games, games, games...

It's summertime here in the Philippines and I can feel a tingling on my fingertips! I have reviewed a fair lot of games lately (which is a definite achievement for me, so please readthem and rate them).

I'm currently immersed with a lot of Heroes of Newerth (I can't get enugh of it!), though I'm on my way to finishing Dante's Inferno on the PSP. I'll definitely review the game so to tell you guys my views on the handheld version. It's fun but has lots of editions from the current-gen versions, but this version still packs a lot of action and story. So, wait for the full review soon.

God of War 3 is out. I'm crying to the heavens for a PS3! I envy you guys with the current-gen platforms. My trusty PS2 is nowhere to be found and I'm mostly out of the house to silence my boredom. Have fun playing all the new releases!

I'll be hooking up to PC games this summer. I can't wait to have a taste of Battlefield: Bad Company 2!

We, the Gamers, shall dominate the entertainment space! 'til then....

new reviews!

check out my reviews on silent hill shattered memories and resi evil 5. it's a little late, but hey, i have to say something about these great games. oh, and by the way, i have to add, for shattered memories: the camera works fine, despite some turning issues. thumbs up!


So, my country, the Philippines, is encountering a serious blow on its citizens' lives right now. After one freakish storm comes another one. Please pray for the safety of the people in Manila.

I'm currently playing Arkham Asylum and Resident Evil 5 on the PC. They're very amazing offerings from their respective developers; not to mention the monster graphics and amazing gameplay that they feature. I'm greatly satisfied.

I got laughs during my first encounter with Soul Calibur for the PSP. I mean, Kratos on the fight for eternity! Wow! I also played Rock Band, Final Fantasy: Dissidia and Need For Speed Shift on the portable device and they're fun!

That's it for now. awwitz is still here. ok? I will never leave you guys. God bless!

phychiatric nursing!!1

Oh, well, times right now are so harsh! I'm having the psychiatric nursing rotation, so basically I'm dealing with those people who're mentally challenged. It's hard work, I barely even have time to check my online mails because of the rotation, but it's still worth seeing all those people's smiles after we've finished with our activities to help them cope with life.

Sadly, in accordance to this event in my life, I wasn't able to play games that much. But that doesn't mean that I've turned my back on games and completely converted myself into a hardworking junkie; I'm still the awwitz and that's that. hehe.

I got wind of Prototype (which is a great game for me, with all its visceral images and the morbid theme), inFamous and the Assassin's Creed 2 preview. I was instantly hooked by the mere existence of these games. So sad I wasn't able to get a hands-on on these games. I'm waiting for freedom; it's there, after my studies. Sweet air, the humming of console machines--oh, music to my ears.

Hi, guys! Just dropping by.


summer ends...

Well, summertime's over in our country and it's proving to be another long wait before the next leap to freedom. It's going to be six months of abnormal schooling and I hope that all students-- including me-- will get through this year well.

I have played a slew of games over this period of sweet restful moments and I must say that they were really great games to boot! X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a good one, though one can't help but imagine Kratos dressed as Hugh Jackman; it's really something like the God of War games. Dark Sector also presented something good when it came to the visuals but the gameplay was a bit off-color, if you get my drift; yet it was a nice game all the same. I have also played the two newVin Diesel games, Wheelman and Assault on Dark Athena; they were really fun games and I think Vin's really pushing the gaming industry further with his involvement in computer games through Tigon. Tom Clany's Endwar was also a treat but I haven't tried the voice command system so I did not fully enjoy the game, sorry to say.

So, that's it for now. Hope this year's going to be a healthy one, not just for the gaming community but for everyone in general. God bless you all and have a great term ahead!

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