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Resortion X [Game Concepts]

[What is a game concept?]As you have probably noted as you have gone through this site is that we have a constant theme of texture, and colors for our site. For instance we have green text, dark black looking backgrounds, and dark grey text, unless an emphacize of resortion x, and that is green. This is a design concept to make the user's who are looking at your work stand out, and say "Hey! this is unique." Well with games you as well want a game concept for your direct audience. In Resortion X we targeted those who want to be put in this real hellish situation, and try to find a solution to it all. As well as we have certain design logos critiqued, we also wanted to have logos, text all graphics of ares looking a certain way, and that is the basics of what a game concept is. A game concept is also what is used in your game concerning weaponry, clothes, types of buildings, vehicles, appliances, and their textures. Game concept is also how you go about the game, and play. Game concept is also how do you play. So we started the game concept with the game design over view, but now we started to get really specific, so those around us could really experience the world that we were trying to create.

[Intro: What is Resortion X] Resortion x is a drug that is suppose to cure the patients, who have real bad chronic diseases, and make them fell painless as if they were completlly some one else, and it did exactly that. However there was real bad side effects that none of the scientist, or doctors knew about until they gave the drug to more than half of their patients. Even worse the deadly effect is contagious by any way of mouth, blood, or any other bodly fluids.

[Side Effect of Resortion X] Resortion X was suppose to be a drug where all patients who took the drug could relax, and be in a completlly different state of mind than the real world. The drug did that, but to an exstint. The patients not only thought they were livin in a different world, but they also became real bizzare, and started acting real weird like zombies. Patients would try to kill any one in their path, and would bite those who were not part of them, or did not already have resortion x in their body.

[Overview of Resortion X] Resortion X is a drug that Gicod doctors give their patients who really dont want to witness the real world, and the pain that they go through. However Resortion X also makes patients not feel any pain, by killing pain cells, and they make all patients feel like psycho zombies from another world, that will do anything to try and kill anyone in their path.

[Resortion X Questions] What I hope this game, and game script will answer is what would we do if this really happend? More importantlly what would the patients do if they had injected this weird drug? Would they go on a killing rampage? If so, what "hospital tool" would they use to attack us? How would people around them respond? How would the hospital deal with it? Would they cover this up, and why? Another big question, what would you do? How would the hospital change once the patients attacked?

[First, the look] I can tell you numerous times to imagine this and that, but if you can't form an image of what's going on in my head you just don't get what I am trying to create. So the first thing my team, and I did was create images, infact 100's of images of tools, maps, characters, buildings, expressions, etc... were created. So audiences can get a real image in their mind of what we are trying to create.

[Game Concept #1] Mr. Klavish company started producing advance technologies, and when Mr. Klavish started hiring marines for Gicod, his company started to make advance weaponry for all marines. However there are also some advance technologies used in the hospital for the patients that the patients get a hold of and use as a weapon.

[Game Concept #2] All menus, and logos should be the same in contrast, and theme. I am thinking a dark erie green, and black with special light and shadows hitting the color. Like my "spyral" and "resortion x" logos look on this site. The hospital should look real, but at the same time look "state of the art", and scary. So once you are in the middle of the game, or on your first mission in the cafeteria of the hospital you should feel like "Hey, this game looks good, but scary, and I am in trouble."

[Game Concept #3] The physics & movement in the game should be real period. However the weapons, and tools used should not, and they should look & feel from the future. The tools the patients used during half the game until they get into the marine lab should only be hospital related. The patients should find a creative way to use their technology around them that the doctors use on them to cure there chronic deseases.

[Game Concept #4] Lighting, and shadow, should look real, and still scare you to death when it's reasonable. Yes the lighting should go out , but only when the patients do something to the hospital to make the lights go out. Most of the time in the hospital you are going to stand guard across the whole entire hospital, so at that time of day say morning, noon or midnight lets make the lighting and shadow look real at that specific time of day.

Resortion X - [Game Overview]

[Intro] Resortion X is my story that I give to the world. Resortion X is the experiences that I had while in the hospital, and the world that I observed while in their. With a little twist, and yes exageration, I will turn my experiences, and my philosophy of life into a molting pot, and hopefully make a good game. My philosophy of life is very simplistic; observe, and learn as much as you can. I don't mean get straight (A's) but be able to explain, and answer people who want to know what you know, and be able to understand the world, around you. As I was in the hospital, I did learn a lot of hospital terms, and what patients go through. So sit back, and enjoy my story, which one day I hope will turn into a game.

[Warning for the assenign] This is a warning for the assenign, or those who only think that there is only a black, and white picture, answer, etc... for all situations, and questions. If you are one of those people who think I should not share my experiences with the world, about my hospital experiences, or try and destort the hospital, and it's patients in any way than this story is deffinetlly not for you, but it's America in which I posses my body in, and not any other country so you cant do a thing about it.

[The Background] The most high tech hospital in the nation "Gicod" has hired you, a Black Division Marine to guard the patients and the hospital by any means necessary. This hospital is the leading hospital of advance technology, and medicine, and is privatelly owned. Some equipment and medicine used to help the patients isn't certified, or regulated by any goverment organizations, so all patients who come into the hospital have to sign contracts to the hospital claiming that they, nor any family member, or friends can't sue if something goes wrong. Since Gicod is the leader in advance technology and medicine they have the safest most secured system around with intelligence, and well trained marines guarding, and securing all patients, and ground of the hospital at all times. All marines, doctors, nurses, specialist, workers, patients, and their family members must agree to all of Gicod's terms.

[History of Gicod] The owner of the hospital is Mike Klavish, a Bio-Chemical Engineer/Entrepenuer. Mr. Klavish was born in Russia, however migrated to the US after pursuing an education. After he graduated from M.I.T. as a Bio Chemical Engineer, he then went to Duke University to pursue his dream as becoming an M.D. and witness first hand the power and greatness of the Duke Hospital. As building a Bio-Chemical lab at Duke and selling all technologies to duke he found the hospital could not use his tech unless approved by the goverment. He knew he had only two choices; waite, and take a risk on rather the patient lives, or dies, or make a hospital that's a privatlly owned hospital, and make the patients sign contracts under him, saying that it is alright to use the new technologies on patients. Mr. Klavich then bought Duke hospital, and renamed it Gicod, and made it a privatlly owned company. Then all patients signed contracts under him, saying that no patient, or family member, or friend could sue the hospital under any circumstance if they are being treated at the hospital. With this in mind Gicod grew, and in 5 years, Gicod became the number one hospital in the world to get any chronical disease, or illness cured, and he became the wealthiest man in the world.

[Plot, Core Of The Game] You are John Carmen, a marine hired by Gicod to protect the hospital any way you see fit. You find that this hospital is big, and strange. A lot of advance technologies, and medicine is being used, but as you become John Carmen, you find something weird is going on, but it's a secret. No one will tell you, then you witness a day in the Cafeteria one late night where some patient just suddenlly goes psycho, and starts a killing rampage by swinging his iv machine against people. As John Carmen, you go through the hospital to find the secret that Gicod is trying to hide, and most importantly try to find your pass as an old patient of Duke hospital, why are you still living, while others died?

[Resortion X Ultimate Question's] Resortion X ask two important question's in this game. First, what is the big secret that Gicod is trying to hide, and why? Second, why are you a Black Division Marine, John Carmen an old patient of Duke Hospital still living, while others died?

:D Please feel free to give me any suggestions. Hope you enjoy the story.