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Halo book 4 the ghosts of onyx is AWESOME!!

I got the book 3 days ago and finished reading it yesterday and it is freaking awesome it had some of the best things I could imagine happening in halo.This book lives up to the earlier books greatness this book is a bit bik and 30 something pages longer and most of it happens after halo 2 which is just sweet.This book was well worth the 14.00$ I paid for it.

Halo wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Halo wars trailer was freaking sweat I love how the elites look!!This is what I want the halo movie to look like but change the spartans and the marines to more halo 1 0r 2ish style.

halo 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HALO 3 I never thought this day would come the trailer it is so beautiful. I also downloaded the halo 3 gamerpics and halo 3 theme for my 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!