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You are now looking at tv.coms most awesome profile.

I bet you wish it was yours

Bye ZugZug4

Most of you probably saw him around the forums, offtopic..



Its sad to see him gone



Cyas Ryan aka. ZugZug4 

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Atecom the Dragon, it was drawn for me by Serge Stiles, full view can be seen here


Like it ??




Edit: Ok I see its no longer showing up... wierd

Edit2: Ok, now it is, enjoy suffers a Loss

Well I didnt know this member very well my only encounter with her was a few of her posts I saw every here and there, but I felt it respectful to post a blog about it for those who did and did not know her, Hoffman9102 also known as Drea to those close to her Has passed away. RIP hoffman9102.

On another note Im announcing my return to, I should be around more often now. Cyas around.

It was fun while it lasted

For me, this is very much how internet began, sure I did use the internet and had been a member of other forums, but is where my internet social life began, It was kind of fun watching the little kids flame each other obn the cartoon forum, then pick up many friends and eventually even migrating to rage and losing interest in this site, but as of now, I retire from both sites.

Have fun everyone

a blog with a different name to my tvrage one (but same content)

Well its that time of year again, the time of giving, so spend this time doing something useful, by that I don't mean complaining about Bush, or your associated politician but by giving. Let me give you an example: If for every time I heard someone complain about Bush (And belive me they do, even here), 25 cents was donated to charity, More money would be raised for the poor then was spent on the war on Iraq; or think about all the anti bush pamphlets and posters, and this is Bush alone, I could move on to your associated politician later but I wont, each paper probably woth about 1 cent each, millions being printed, just to say angry words about 1 man. Why bother? Why not just donate that 1 cent to charity, If 100 million of these were printed, that could be 1 Million for charity instead, and think about the trees it would save, so This Christmas, whenever you would normally complain about Bush, or your Associated politician, instead donate 25 cents to any charity, For example

Ahhh damn it, Taxes raised, Damn Bush

Ahhh damn it, Taxes raised, thats 25 cents to charity

And it shall be a giving merry christmas.

As for me, yes I havnt been around much lately, I got a new Job as a door to door salesman, Yes I hate it and it takes up 6 whole days a week (will soon get it cut back to 4), but its good for building up my confidence in talking to people, so I will take the training it provides with a grain of salt, even if it pays commission only.