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Coexist! We can have Battlefield and Call of Duty! Or can we?

Lets be honest. We are gamers for a simple reason. The reason we are gamers is because we love games! Right? We play games because they entertain us, because we have fun playing them, because we love the games we are playing. So often in youtube comments, gamespot comments, Facebook comments, I see a reoccuring pattern. The pattern of rejecting a game franchise based on the fact that we like the other game franchise that is in competition. We think of games in the same way as Pepsi V.S Coke. Apple V.S Microsoft. Sony V.S Microsoft. (For the christians) Calvinisim V.S Armenianism. NBC V.S CBS. Ford V.S Chevy. It is a cut throat competition, where you have to pick a side. Where we can't enjoy the other side, because we have chosen our side. This idea, this principle, which we opperate off of is wrong. Not to say games don't compete with each other. It is clear, they do compete. We as gamers have to make a choice between the games we buy, because we aren't that rich. Why aren't we that rich? Because we spend our time playing video games instead of getting a life. Just kidding! Or am I?... anyway, I digress. We often have to choose which game we buy. Which means the games vie for our attention. With flashy graphics, slick controls, cool innovations, games call out to us with persuasive voice. "Pick me, pick me." So how can I say, taking a side a wrong? The reason is simple. Games are an art form. Continually evolving and getting better. Do we comdemn Bach because we like mozart? I don't. Instead, we realize they are both factors in their industry. We even choose which artist we like best. In fact, we often have to choose which artists music we buy. Because we aren't rich. (see above) Unless you pirate music. If you pirate music, get down on your knee's now! SHAME SHAME! And PRAY that the LORD will not STRIKE you down for your act of digital theft!!.. But I digress. Say we like both Thousand Foot Krutch and RED. Bands you haven't heard of? Look them up they are AWESOME! But don't pirate their music. You know who you are! I digress... once again... If we like both of these bands, but we only have 10$, and we want a whole CD. We have to wiegh which one we are going to buy. Does this mean we have to preach to the world why we made our decision? Or we have to get into online arguements with people we will never meet, over the pro's and con's of a comparitively non-controversial, non-important issue. If you haven't picked it up from the tone of the sentence, the answer is NO. We don't have to become what is known as "Fan boys" or "Trolls." I bring this up over a specific clash of games. The games Call of Duty: Modern warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. We even saw sentiments from Call of Duty executives that they don't want to compete, that they can work the market for both games. But Battlefield responded back harshly, saying they have their sights on Call of Duty. This is fine for the companies. Such a competetive spirit makes better games for us, just like a competitive music market makes better music. My point stands though. I personally love both of these franchises, I think they both bring alot to the table. Even if you don't necessarily like both of these games, I would respectfully as for your... respect. Realize, these games don't hate each other. You don't need to dislike Battlefield players, or Call of Duty players. Coexist? Yes. exactly. We play games because we love them. Don't let your hate of another franchise get in the way of what we all enjoy. Thanks.

Gaming in a recession

We all know what its like. I want that game, but do I want to spend that much money on it? Should I go and spend 60$ on that game, or is there another way. Well this is your guide to getting games for less.

There are several options if you are like me and broke. The first is the most obvious, look for the free ones. If you have an even slightly updated computer system, there are plenty of free games to download safely. When you play free games, you really should check out the game first. Don't throw hours of bad gaming down the drain when a little research could lead to a better gaming experience. For FPS check out battlefield play4free, or battlefield heroes. If you want something that is already established, maybe check out combat arms or AVA. All these games have proven their metal (except for battlefield play4free, its not out yet.). For RPG check out the asian ones, they are good at combining action and rpg's. What not to do is play a click and watch game, there are better options than that. Just do some research and you may be able to get hours of fun entertainment for nothing at all.

The second idea for gaming on a budget, play the bargain bin. What I mean by that is somewhat self-explanatory. Check for the older games that are still popular. You can often get a bargain on these at places like gamestop, walmart, bestbuy, etc. Playing those games you can get for 15-20 dollars provide the thrill of well developed games, without breaking the bank. Once again I stress, if you don't want to waste your money, do your research. Check the reviews here on Game Spot, watch gameplay videos on youtube, check the customer ratings on The key to not wasting you money, and time, is find the game that is right for you.

The final idea for gamin on a budget is for those people who love the mainstream. You don't want to buy those old games from the bargain bin? Those free games lame? The key to avoiding full price on the new and most popular titles is to wait. Not for a year, or even months. Wait a few weeks, then check 2 things. Has the retail price gone down yet? Depending on the popularity of the title, often the full retail price is cut buy as much as 1/3 of the retail price. This is 15-20$ of saving by only waiting a few weeks. The other thing to check is or These websites often sell new or used copies for as low as 1/2 the retail price within only a couple of months! I got a game that was 60$ when it came out for only 29$ on ebay, new. With websites such as this you must be careful though. They often have high shipping, so look for the free shipping, and always try to buy new.

There you go. 3 ways to game inside a recession. No rhetoric, no round abouts, straight to the point gaming. Save money and still have fun. Peace.

Rolling the Dice. Battlefield and things.

DICE has possibly been the most famous name in FPS throughout the years. They jumped onto the scene many years ago with the release of arcade shooter Battle Field 1942. This games immense success due mainly to its great game play and its innovation in the genre of shooters lead to Battlefield 2. Battlefield 2 remains today, arguably, the most popular FPS ever. With its amazing vehicle design, and fantastic game play, battlefield 2 launched DICE to the top of the gaming world.

They had us eating out of their hands, this was when something went wrong. In an attempt to continue their success they released battlefield 2142. Despite its interesting premise, 2142 was a step back in the series. DICE really didn't try to improve, nor did they improve. This release created to a hit or miss character for DICE. This was the last thing they wanted, no video game company wants to be known as inconsistent. This character would be maintained for a few years as they released a free to play game, battlefield heroes. The majority of Battlefield fans continued to play BF2.

Then came an announcement. DICE would be releasing a whole new game, with a whole new engine! Bad Company. The new engine added several innovations in the gaming world. The most important of these innovations, Destructibility. But was this innovation enough to continue DICE as a company and market leader? Well, yes and no. On one hand DICE emerged as an industry leader in modern game engines. But on the other hand, many Battlefield fans were disappointed with the new product. Their classic battlefield just wasn't there, it was a truly new game. The release of bad company 2 only strengthened the distaste for some fans. But there was also a new set of fans. The fans who jumped on this bad company. DICE now has a split market. The new and the old to please. This creates an interesting predicament which DICE must solve. How to make battlefield 3 good for both crowds.

Medal of Honor was an outside effort which has created another controversy. Can games go to far into realism? Some love medal of honor, myself included. Others can't stand its realistic atmosphere. This is another problem for DICE to resolved. But it will all come out with Battle field 3.

With all these factors considered. I Don't hesitate to say that Battlefield 3 is rolling the Dice, I sure hope, with some luck, it will land right side up.

Battlefield 3

Okay, I'm an old Battlefield fan. These are my thoughts in what I want to see in battle field 3.

The first thing I want to see In battle-Field 3, is playability. What I mean in this instance is Average computer specs. Don't make me get a new computer for it, if you know what I mean. Take your engine and make it compatible with a broad spectrum of systems, not just the latest. Take a hint from Star craft, allowing us to play that on an average machine that may be a couple years old. Don't follow activision and homefront into the idea that you can just increase specs like that.

The second thing I want is to see classic game play. Bad company games were alright, but bring back classic gameplay. Bring back prone, and the ability to do fricken crazy crap in those vehicles and as infantry. Go back to bf2 and update everything, but keep the essential elements the same. Bring back the old class system, and let us choose how we play. Don't make assumptions based on a gun, that we don't want c4.

The third thing I want to see is innovation. Now this sounds counter to what I was just saying about classic gameplay. But it really isn't; let me explain. I want the essential gameplay to be classic battlefield. But how the dressings go, I want something new. not game changing, but something that is clever and enhances my gameplay. Give me an incentive system that makes me feel instantly gratified for what I just did, whether it be kill and enemy or complete an objective. Beta test your game to the public. Let us get some input. Its our game after all.

Rant against Companies who don't know jack about PC.

Activision, you know who you are. I HATE YOU! So, I go out and buy black ops. I have a up to date computer, I can't run your crappy game! You know why? Because apparently activision thinks everyone buys a new computer every 2 weeks. You idiots! Take a hint from Starcraft 2, make us be able to run it on average systems. I want to play your game, but I can't. So, forget you! EA here I come.

This isn't just targeted at Activision. There other companies out there, you know who you are. I know no one will ever read this, but I thought I would put this out there. I don't mind pushing technology. But forcing the highest technology available only drives me away. My computer is only a year old and was on top of specs a year ago. If I can't run this game, very few can. All you PC companies out there, think before you release. We love our games, if we can't play them it makes us really mad.

In conclusion, I suggest that you lower your specs to mw2 level. Its the same engine for cryin' out loud. I will not buy Activision games until I can run them on my PC. You are comin' to me now.

Free FPS

Hey All,

The free gaming industry is booming right now. There are 15 free fps that I could name off the top of my head, and more are coming. With this truth being known, how are we to respond? We are gamers. Naturally we have inclination towards that word, free. I have played free fps, tps, rts, and rpg games. All of them have their pros and their cons.

The Pros: isn't it obvious? They are free! Free games bank upon the lack of cost. They often have lower level graphics, causing them to depend on gameplay. This isn't always true though. AVA, a free fps, has top of the line graphics. So why should we play these games? Other than the cost, they often have large online communities, and rarely will you find it difficult to jump into a game. they are almost always fast paced, and small maps. You can play different ones, but in the end they all are simply copying each others huds, modes, guns, and paces.

The Cons: The games are low quality. If you have spare time, you might want to check these games out. If you are a hacker you might want to check these games out. There is so much cheating going on, the balance of the gameplay is always wrecked by both cheaters and boosters (the people who pay to get better weapons). These things alone destroy the value of many of these games. The graphics are par at best, and the modes are rehashes from old games. There is nothing new, or valuable in the majority of these games.

If you do choose to play free fps, research it. Watch some gameplay videos. Find the right one. Or better yet, go buy a decent game, they aren't that expensive. what is expensive is my time, don't waste it.

Single-player... why hath thou deserted me.

My first game system was the NES. I was 6 and my mom gave it to me, it used to be her brothers when it first came out. I had blast with it, and played it until it broke. Once it did break, my parents bought my brother and I a Nintento 64. We were at the height of gaming! Mario, Donkey Kong, any Nintendo 64 game we could get our hands on we played and we beat. These games were all about gameplay, they didn't have much graphics to speak of, nor great talented writers. The other thing about these games. They were single player.

Yes. Single-Player games. You remember them right? It wasn't that long ago, only a few years ago, that we played games because of their fantastic stories and gameplay. Thats why we played them! They were fun. Now... well... now you have to have internet service and multi-player to play a decent game. Sure, most games come with a campaign that is single=player, but thats not all I want. Battle-Field games, I remember when you could play them offline against bots. But now you can only play online. Well, believe it or not, internet isn't unlimited for me. I want the ability to play against bots, I want a GOOD single-player campaign with some replay value. Stop stressing your multi-player, stop stressing your graphics and your story. All those things are important, but the reason I played video games and continue to play video games is because of the Game-play. Bring that back. Bring back the 20+ hour campaign, bring back the tons of features, give the single-player people some bots to shoot at in a single-player battle, that is like multi-player.

My first games brought me to your industry, what made them special is slowly being lost. Keep that, grasp it with strength, give us our gameplay.

EA gaming studio

EA gaming studios... I despise you. You make fantastic games, which naturally I go out and buy, then you pull stunts like shutting down multi-player. You know what i'm talking about, lord of the rings: conquest. You shut down my multi-player, 2 weeks after I got the game no less! That is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! You think you have a right to shut down a promised service? Really? Just because you make good games, doesn't mean you can just slide past. You need 2 sides to a coin, the game and the service. Give me the service which you haven't been providing. Bring back those servers, or I will boycott your games.

PC games

Come on Gaming studios. We PC gamers are left in the dust every year, year after year after year! The funnest games out there go to the consoles, but they forget us! Please studios send us games like vanquish, god of war, halo: reach. We don't want consoles because our computers happen to be better. We won't buy consoles, so don't try to entice us over to them. Just give us what we want and you can make the money you care about so dearly. I love games, you love games, lets work together. you make the games, I'll play the games, you'll play the games, I just want to play it on PC. I don't want to be disappointed anymore by seeing a great game that I can't play.

That is all. Thank you.. and good bye