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    I don't understand how they can give No Mans Sky a 7 and not give Wildlands a better score than this. My score was an 8.

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    User Rating 8
    Good game, vast open world.

    This isn't Witcher 3, I didn't expect that. It's a cross between The Division, open world of GTA, and Far Cry 4. It's a great game that will keep you busy for a long time. Busy, not captivated ...

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    I like the new artistic world, compare to Elite Dangerous. I love the soothing soundtrack. It has a more Alice in Wonderland feel on the planets, at least the one I am visiting now with mushroom tree...

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    While I was skiing this winter here in Utah, I pretty much ignored this game. I was wrapped up in Destiny and getting ready for The Division. I had also bought Far Cry 4 on the PS4, it was on sale, ch...

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    I have been too busy lately with vmware certification study and just the 9-5 grind and skiing on the weekends. I also workout after work during the week. But I put in a 12 hour day yesterday. Just...

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    User Rating 10
    Criminal giving this game a 6.6

    Almost criminal that is.... What a sequel to the best Action Strategy game every made, stunning graphics for its day, creative storyline with two paths you can take, weapons, ships, and some excellent...