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    Wii U HATE

    There is this really cool trend of absolutely hating the Wii U. whether it is for being under-powered or being something that people know nothing about and are confused about.But if People hate on the...

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    Gaming is dying,or at least it is becoming something completely new.

    Today I decided to write a blog, just so I could could get some thoughts out there onto the inter webs, hoping that some people will both agree and understand. If you don't understand and don't agree ...

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    The death of Quality.

    If you're a fan of Nintendo and really care about Mario games or just Games in general it would be nice of you to read this. I would also like to start off by saying I know the majority of people will...

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    The Wii U is not what's good, The games are.

    Yes, the Wii U. Such differing thoughts and opinions come to the minds of the people who hear the word. There is a rather cloud of Hate,Love,confusion,disappointment and down right awkwardness surroun...

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    Everyone wants the death of consoles and an always digital future.

    NO! I will not stand for this is a gamer! Though My opinion doesn't matter to those in charge of the industry, who will find every and any way to nickle and dime me with every chance they get,I will ...

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    The lovely Donkey Kong country: tropical freeze.

    There is something in this world that people need to know, and they need to know now! There is a game out there that is better than all the "next gen" launch titles combined. A game that challenges yo...

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