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Well I know its been a WHILE since I was here, but alot has happened to me in my life so far, most of it is life changing...this may be my last blog here on GameSpot for a while. The reason I say that is that on November 15th of this year, I will be leaving for Air Force Basic Training in San Antonio. I don't know where this will take me afterwards, but I just wanna take this opportunity to say that its been pretty awesome to be a member here. And to all the friends I made here, I wish to hear from you anytime before I go to hear what you have to say. Again, thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon.

A Lot of Explaining In a Short Amount of Time

Hey there guys,

Sorry I havent been on in like oh I dunno...FOREVER:o, but im back and badder than ever so to speak lol. Anyways, alot has happened to me in the past few months, i bought modern warfare 2the day it cameout.6 hours of waiting wellworth waiting for the momentI held the game in my hand and played itnonstop at home lol.Well its been one heck of a roller coaster ride, but I made it through with flying colors (YAY!!!lol:P). Anyways, I would sure love to hear how everyone else has been during my hiatus. So as its been in the past, stop by and drop me a message and im sure things will be a lot better now that im back. Thanks for reading and its good to be back here on good ol' gamespot n_n


By the way, this is the logo for the nWo. If there are any fans,please dont hesitate to come forward

The Return of The Gamer!!

Hey hey hey people of gamespot:D! How are ya so far this year? Sorry I havent been on in like forever but I have been very busy lately:P. I already graduated last month and i going to work this monday. Im just letting y'all know that, yes, im ok and I'll be able to keep up as much as i can:). Hope to hear from you guys soon.:)

Hellooo down there!!^_^

Hey there people of Gamespot!! How goes everything so far? Im alright, a little shaky so to speak:?, but I am doing really well:D. Well to recap, last week I entered in a Street Fighter IV tournament at Gamestop and made it to the top 16 as number 5, totally awesome for me:D:P. So because of that, I'm eligible to enter in the quarterfinals for nationals and to the winner, he/she gets a limited edition Street Fighter IV arcade machine! How awesome would that look in my room:P? And I am about finished playing F.E.A.R 2: Project Orgins; it took me about 3 days to beat even though it is 9 levels, but because its sooooooo scary at some parts:?, it feels a whole lot longer:P. Well, thats all i have to say for now but I look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S.: and to Primo, thanks for caring man:). If your wondering, I feel a whole lot better now:D

If your wondering, this is Slash from Guns N' Roses. He's the inspiration I got for starting to play the electirc guitar.

My College Days Are Here Today!!!

Well hey there people of Gamespot!! How have y'all been so far in the New Year? I've been ok, not great, but ok...until today!!! I got a letter sent to me from Francis Marion University (My top college of choice)....and I got ACCEPTED:D!!!!! Yeah, finally after all those tests I took-_-, and all the tension of waiting, I'm finally accepted to college. So as of right now, I am a FMU Patriot (mascot name). Well, I hope to hear from you guys and gals soon.

Merry Christmas To All, and To all A Good Night^_^

Well everyone, the time draws near as the big day approaches. And as a show of good faith to myself:D, I have compiled my top 5 things that i have been thankful for this year:

5. Finally becoming a senior in high school!!!

4. Getting a 1100 on my SAT's!!!!

3. Finally having my car...with my license too^_^

2. Getting to know great people here like Primo295 and SoaringEagle88:)

1. And finally....having the love of my life still with me after 6 months of dating. Woo hoo:D

Well, there's my list for ya. I know you all have plenty to be thankful for yourselves, but I'll be more than happy to hear from y'all soon^_^

What'$ Up?

Hey hey people of Gamespot! What's happeining? Nothing much here, just doing the same old same old here:P. Also...i'm writting my very first story, I know it may not sound impressive from most of you, but if you want Chapters 1-8, message me, your email address would also be acceptable, and I'll email you the chapters so you can read for yourself^_^. Well thats all I have to say for right now, but I look forward to hearing from y'all soon. Peace:D!

(And yes, the image above is Siegfried from the Soul Caliber series ^_^)

Anonther Crazy Week Gone By

Well dudes and dude-etes of Gamespot, another crazy week passed with laffs, sighs, and relief knowing that its the weekend. Right now I'm about finished with Dead Space and its getting better by each level. Totally recommend it to anyone looking for a good scare:P. Also, looking forward to getting Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2...but enough about that for now. Anything new going on, something, anything at all??? You know where to go and I'll look forward to hearing from y'all real soon:D

Just Another Blog

Hey people of Gamespot, how's it hanging:P? Im doing pretty good here, just relaxing and dreading the week coming till the weekend8). Lot of stuff for me this week, my SAT scores come in and I celebrate my 4 month anniversary with my other half^_^. Finally I also bought Dead Space this week and its getting real good, so be sure to at least try it out:D. Hope to hear from ya soon!!!

EA's Dead Space Screenshot and Logo

And also special props to my close friends Primo295 and SoaringEagle88, you guys are good friends to me and I appreicate it:)

Just out of Curiosity.....

Just wondering if y'all saw my latest pic on my album. If you didnt, well check it might be surprised on what you find (and no it aint anything slack or else I wouldnt be on Gamespot anymore). So go check it out and tell me whatcha think of it. Thanks a lot^_^!!!
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