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Other stuff and thinking of leaving GS Indefinitely (My last Blog)

I am helping Ani_manga200's union as Officer with leader transfer. My friend Ani_manga200 got banned yesterday by the mods. I don't have any details why they banned him.

The Everything Anime/Manga, Games and Art Union is nomore it is now All Gamers, Otaku and Design Union.

There is a saying you broke the camel's back or something.

I've been thinking I will leave GS indefinitely after the incident with JuniorPower and Pain9000000. This incident hurts me very badly and hurt my reputation as union leader of my first union. I sent JP an email from my ipod touch about this. I will create an alternate account with total access then I will transfer my leadership of my unions to that account when it reach level 6. This main account will disappear after everything is done at Anime Horror Union. I may pop-up time to time to check how things here are doing. It was fun and knowing you all. So this is my farewell to you like Azure_Valkyrie did before he left GS.

JuniorPower and Pain9000000 Good-bye guys take care yourself.

If you want to see me or talk to me, go to MSN (Windows Live Messager) or go to or Noobfeed website I will definitely there.

I only give out my new account to who ask me for it. Please comment here. I will PM you the new account username.

Good-bye all my friends please take care yourself. This is my last blog I write in this account.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Please vote for the Game of the Year!

I will be on for a few days next week. Dec. 23 - 25, 27 I will be offline so I will be with my family for the holidays.

P.S. JP calm down I already made a truce with you at EAMGAU. But the union will change it's name to AllGamers, Otakuand Design Union.

Got Tagged Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got tagged again this time by 007hawk25. I am not going to tell all of you about me instead I am going to list the top 10 animes I like.

Sorry I will not include the description of each animes. Start at number 10 to 1.

10. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

9. InuYasha (P.S. InuYasha Final Act is airing Japan now)

8. Trinity Blood

7. Chrono Crusade

6. Sailor Moon/R/SuperS/Stars

5. RaXephon

4. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/ Sollid State Society/2nd Gig

3. Bleach and Vampire Princess Miyu

2. Mobile Fighter G Gundam

1. Soul Eater

I tagged: rockbandlife :twisted:, Nightmare-_-, Ebbon_Valentia :evil:

I'm back from my break and other stuff

I'm back from my break. I thanks all my friends on my last blog understanding me.

Everything Anime/Manga, Games and Art Union is done with union restructuring. Now with new threads are popping more. New Officers: SilentShadow77 and Ebbon_Valentia have joined. (P.S. With some convincing on MSN by me :P ). If you like anime/manga or games, please join this union.

New Unions I joined:

The Soul Eater Union (Leader roto41): If you want to learn about the Soul Eater anime/manga, go to this union and join.

Anime Horror Union (Leader Ani_Manga200): If you like anime horror, go to this union and join.

Sometimes I am at MAL ( updating my anime list and going to the clubs that I joined. Maybe you can be my friend there. 8) Username: OutstandAce170

See you around the unions and MAL

TAGGED!!! and other stuff

I got taged by rockbandlife :evil: I get you for this.

10 things about me:

1. I like anime of all genre.

2. I will get rockbandlife for this

3. I watch anime online for free

4. I got $50 PSN Card to download Fate Unlimited Codes to my PSP

5. I have SMT: Personna and Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP

6. I will not tagged JuniorPower and Pain90000000 because they are my co-leaders of EAMGAU

7. My dog Jackie (Jack Terrier Mix female)sleeps on my lap with her head on my arm

8.I am leader of 4 unions (one is given to me by Azure_Valkyrie before he left GS ), Co-leader of 3, Officer of 2

9. I get bored eaisly.

10. I make my own DVDs on my PC.

I tag: daxter223, gerudoman320, Soniczero1993, and zinoalex :twisted: Ok guys start write blogs about yourself

Soul Eater is my new theme of my profile and why.

I choice Soul Eater as my new theme because I was watching all the episodes of Soul Eater online for free.

I, thank my friend JP who is my co-leader of my unions to help me out. I only did the blog header and avatar myself.

Since I joined the Soul Eater Union, I like anime with action with some comedy.

Other things I was busy doing since yesterday. Everythung Anime/Manga, Games and Art Union has a totally change banner now it is animated, avatar, and union header. But there is more to do at that union. I am in the process of reviving the union back to active again.

Plus, I record some anime online to make my own DVDs so I can watch them on my own time.