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Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch: First Impressions

Hello all today i am bringing you my first impression on Ni No Kuni, recently released on PS3. Now before i go on, those impressions are based off the first two bosses of the game, about 4 hours in so if you are also playing this game but is much further ahead then please refrain from spoiling.

The game center around Oliver, a young boy who just lost his mother after an accident occured. One day, as Oliver cry, his tears bring back to life a doll called Drippy who calls himself the lord of the faeries. He tells Oliver that he's from another world and that both world are connected to each others, like a parallel world. Each persons in Oliver's world have what we call a "soulmate" and Oliver's mom is the soulmate of a sage called Alicia in Drippy's world. But recently a dark djinn named Shadar trapped Alicia in what we call a Soulsnare and Drippy tells Oliver that it may be why his mother passed away and if Alicia is saved the connection between her and Oliver's mom might be restored thus bringing her back to life. From there Oliver sets on an adventure, to become the greatest wizard and defeat Shadar to save his mother.

That's pretty much the story...when summed up of course now next up is the battle system. Once you arrive in Drippy's world you're alone, Oliver isn't much of a fighter but as you progress in the game you'll earn new magic spell the first one being fireball. It deal decent damage early on especially on bug creatures. But do not worry, shortly after you reach the other world and enter the first dungeon you'll earn your very first familiar. Familiars are those creatures that you can summon and they will fight for you and get used to them because there's a LOT to be found as well as rare (Gold) version of them.

Familiars level up just like Ollie and gets stronger as well as learning new attacks. Familiars can learn up to 8 attack so if you want an old familiar to learn a new trick you might need to make them "forget" one of their current technique. For Pokemon players this system is quite familiar. (no pun intended) There's various species of familiar but seeing i only have two of those and they're story given i will focus on those instead.

The first familiar you get fight with a sword and a shield, he's balanced in power and defense but doesn't have much evasion. The second familiar is moreso strenght focused but he cannot use the defend command like the former familiar. But he can buff his own attack and as well as "Psyche Up" psyche up give him the command "Go wild" which is a series of multiple attack good damage wise, mix that with his attack buff and he can be a force to be reckoned with. Also you need to swap familiars at time, they each have a stamina bar that recover when off battle so keep a close eye on it. Also your familiar and Oliver share the same HP and MP bar so you might need to swap to Oliver and heal yourself from time to time.

Each familiars can be equipped with 3 pieces of equipment. The first one you get can equip swords, shields and his accessory are badges. The second familiar can equip fang, mantle, and collar. On top of that you can feed treats to your familiars, raising their familiarity and stats in the process.

Each treat boost a certain stats, like chocolate milk decently boost a familiar attack while something like flan boost magic defense. You can't feed them endlessly too because they can eventually get full so you gotta be careful not to dump every food on a familiar, simply focus on their key stats. See as you feed them they gain,permanent, extra stats as i mentionned and every time they gain a point in a stat (like atk +1) their familiarity raise of +1. In the beginning its familiarity 0/10 meaning they can only get 10 extra stat point BUT after that they gain a level in familiarity now they're at 10/20 familiarity allowing for an extra +10 in stats points. So yeah don't go wasting magic atk food on a strenght/defense centered familiar!

Lastly all 77 familiars have three evolutions (thats hundred of possibilities). Still talking about the first familiar at level 12 he'll evolve into something else and at level 33 he'll have two options, one being a more defense centric evolution or the being a more attack centric evolution. Mine haven't evolved yet and idk if there's something else beside the level required for an evolution, i'm guessing yes for the latter when you have 2 choices.

As you fight orbs are dropped around the area, green orb recover a tiny amount of HP while blue orb recover MP. In some rare case there will be a Gold orb. This one recover all your HP and MP and allow you to do a special attack called miracle move. Oliver cast a huge fireball (which dole about 140 damage on the first boss) and each familiars have their own miracle moves also. Be sure to get those when they drop as it can turn the tide of a fight in mere seconds.

Exploration wise you will not be disappointed, when you're not in a dungeon or a town you're freely roaming on a beautiful and vast overworld. I forgot to say but battle are NOT random, you can see the enemies as you walk around. On the overworld you can find glowy spot when you talk to those you get items. I heard later on that you can travel by boat or even on a dragon! In term of sidequests there's plenty of those, 138 to be exact. Ranging from finding items to help "brokenhearted" people. Basically some people in the game are lazy...or feel like good for nothing you know lacking enthusiasm! Well with a locket Oliver's receive he can find people (shown as green glowy dots on the minimap) with plenty of enthusiasm and with the spell "Take heart" you can "borrow" that bit of enthusiasm from said citizen and then once you go back to a brokenhearted person, you can use the spell "Give heart" to give them that piece of emotion stored in Oliver's locket. Its cute and fit well with theme and overall tone of the game.

Of course, there's also bounty to do, if some of played Final Fantasy XII its basically the same concept than those Marks you'd hunt. You grab the bounty, kill the monster and get a reward as well as merit stamps. Merit stamps are awarded after each sidequest, once you get 10 stamps you get 1 merit award and with that you can buy permanent upgrade using said merits award you have. Those upgrade range from faster walking speed on the overworld to more orbs dropped in battle and so on. Gives an even better reason to complete those sidequest!

Thats all for my impression, very lenghty i know but if you're still on the fence about the game i hope my impressions will help you make your mind about it. If you've got any questions feel free to ask!

Until next time!

Back to school...

Well not quite back yet but this week, after 7 years, i will be registering for school. Now the reasons as to why it took so long are personal but in a nutshell, things happened so i had to take time off to sort it all out. When i was 16 i tried signing up for college but i wasn't quite ready so i gave up a few months later.

Now, 7 years later i feel ready and this time i have goals in mind. While i don't have a straight idea for my career choice just yet my first goal, after i'm done, will be to learn a 3rd language, German most likely.

While all this is far off i feel ready, while i've been content with the way i've been living those past 7 years i feel it's time to turn my life around and make something out of me. Of course, i'm responsible enough already but i can't spend the rest of my life. (laughable end of the world in less than a week excluded)

What's coming ahead will not be easy, but my determination will pull through and i have to support of my family, friends and friends from here and PUSH if i feel like cracking. Thankfully i've changed a lot these past couple of years so i'm taking thing in a different manner and will respond to them in different manner as well so i have a feeling all will be fine.

That first time feeling

Hi all! Today i'll be writing about something i like to call the "first time" feeling. It's something i'm sure many of us have lived at least once.

Whether it's a game, a movie or even a song there's always this moment sometime in your life where you tell yourself: "I wish i could relive the first time i've played/watched/listened to this." In most case for me, this train of thoughts apply to games. Say you play an RPG, you complete it and come back to it about a year later. You just know it obviously won't be the same feeling than last time you played. This time around you know the dialogue, what to expect, where is what and so on. Of course the game is still very much enjoyable but it lacks this "first time" spark you had when you originally played it.

At first this feeling seem to be nostalgia related but it's not as it can apply even to games that came out a year ago, depending on who you are of course. This gen gave us some very enjoyable experiences, all varying from players to players. For example, Deadly Premonitions. It's one of those games i wasn't sure about at first, heck i hadn't heard about it until i saw it in store. Bought it for 25$, sat down and played it. I was glued at my screen and played it non-stop for days until i was done with the story and it's one of those games i wish i could relive because it was that good.

Another example would be Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. After spending hours upon hours raining chaos upon Vice City, San Andreas made my jaw drop for its sheer gigantic size. From the memorable Los Santo area to the vast expanse of its countryside with Mount Chiliad and grand desert San Andreas is also one of those games i wish i could relive my first time playing it.

Another obvious example for me would be DOOM. I've been playing it for 14 years now, there's no way i could relive that moment i first stepped into the very first level of the original Doom. :P

Movie wise only one that come to mind for me would be the first "Toy Story". I owned it on VHS years ago, watched it very often, it was "the" movie of my childhood.

There's a whole lot of examples but far too many to list here as this feeling can apply to so many things of life. That's about it for this blog, feel free to share what games/movies/tv shows/songs/etc you would like to relive that "first time" feeling.

Until next time! ;)

Now playing: Doom 3 BFG edition

Anyone who mildly know me, or at least knows DOOM very well will immediatly know by my username alone that i'm a big fan of DOOM. Been playing for 14+ years and still going, so buying the BFG edition was a no brainer for me. Now, i haven't really looked at any criticism of the sort aside maybe seeing one thread about it in the PC section of this very website. All i remember is PC gamers crying themselves to sleep about the limited setting in graphic or something, ya keep doing that i'll just shoot some hellspawn for the gazillionth time and anyway why would you get the BFG edition on PC when its most likely sure that modded Doom 3 > the remaster and the classic Doom titles and all their user made mod are also available. So unless you're a die hard ID fans or Doom fans then there's no reason to get the BFG edition on PC but thats just me.

Now i'm not here to bash PC gamers, not my style and its their choice so whatever, im here for the games itself. The package include a remastered Doom 3, Ultimate Doom and Doom II for the sum of 39,99$. Doom 3 comes with the expansion Resurrection of Evil and 8 brand new level called "The Lost Missions". Doom II comes with "No rest for the Living" a 9 level brand new chapter that was included in the XBL version of Doom II. I played the latter but not the former of those extras so i cannot comment on the "Lost Missions" yet.

Of course, i bought my copy for PS3 which is also the first time Doom is playable on PS3 this gen. (last time was on PSone) so the first change you see in Doom 3 is the game run at 60fps. Seems the brightness have been cranked up a bit but i can't remember clearly its been years i played Doom 3 on Xbox. The flashlight is now permanently attached to you so, sadly no more overkill flashlight that killed pinky demons in two attack like in the original, i wish they would have allowed us to choose but oh well. This time around the light seem to brighten whatever you're pointing at regardless of distance instead of lighting only a bit ahead of you like in the original. The co-op feature seem to have been removed, i remember the xbox version had some co-op missions with more enemies but thats all gone and is instead replaced by an unpopulated typical online mode with Deathmatch, Team deathmatch and etc. Both classic Doom still has Co-op though thankfully.

Surprisingly enough, to be shipped internationally Doom II had some change to it. Both wolfenstein secret levels have been stripped from their nazi symbolism and the Schutzstaffel have also been removed. Heck even both wolfenstein tracks have been swapped. I guess Doom still manage to spawn some controversy after almost 20 years of existance? :P

I find the package worth it, even though im kinda bias because its Doom but its in no way a bad package personally, what would've made it better for its 20 years anniversary would have been to include Final Doom (TNT and Plutonia) and Master Levels for Doom II which was included in the Doom 3 collector edition on Xbox but oh well.

You know, i used to dislike Doom 3 for being too different from its classic counterpart but after replaying it i find myself liking it, monster closet are still there in abundance (that means monster popping out from behind lowered wall, like in the original) and the gunplay is still fairly chaotic on Veteran.So, if you crave a no-brainer and total carnage, go ahead and buy Doom 3 BFG edition you'll get your money worth for it.

Special shoutout to my close friend Timmy00 to whom i bought a copy of the same game, buddy you'll have a blast when it gets over where you live!

Radiant Historia, my first impression

Hi all! Today i'll be sharing my first impression with the DS game Radiant Historia from Atlus. While shopping for a new game a few days ago i saw this game sitting on the shelf, brand new for 35$ and i remembered that it was once difficult to come across and also heard tons of good things about it so i had to buy it.

Now, i'm only about 4 hours into the game and that include some fighting, a bit of exploring and so on so i'm still very early in the game thus i won't mention the story at all and will instead give you my impression on the battle system.

The battle system is the traditional turn-based but instead of just choosing an attack and waiting for result there's a lot more depth to it which i'll explain next with the help of 2 pictures.


As you can see above the battle screen is your typical Attack/Skill/Item, etc, etc and above that shows who's going to attack next. For those of you who've played Final Fantasy X this will be familiar to you.


Here you see the enemies, they're on a 3x3 grid (i will use the terms back row, middle row and front row). The further they are from your party the less damage they'll deal to you and the less damage you'll deal to them. The closer they are, the stronger their attacks will be. Same apply to your party, the closer the enemies are to you the stronger your attacks will be. Now onto the strategic side of it.

Each characters have skills, skills you learn the more you level up. Stocke (the hero and my current avatar) start up with the skill Push Assault, if you use this skill on an enemy in the middle or front row it will send said enemy in the back row, thus reducing their damage but also the damage your other characters will do. Attacking enemies boost your combo counter. The higher the combo, the more exp you get at the end of a fight.

To increase a combo you must attack multiple times in a row. As seen in the 2nd screenshot Stocke and your two other party member will attack one after the other, this will do 3 hit combo depending on what you do (if you attack with stocke but heal with another character right after this will cancel a combo so you must do direct damage to an enemy to increase the combo counter)

Next up is the Change option. As you can see in the 1st screenshot, right after Stocke will attack the enemy will be attacking. What you can do is use the change option this allow you to swap turn with another party member or even an enemy. Still looking at the 1st screenshot you can see that after the enemy will attack you'll be able to execute three attack in a row, what you can do is swap your turn with the enemy turn in slot #6 this will give the enemy 2 turn in a row but this will allow you to execute 7 attacks in a row thus building a higher combo, so you see the strategic side of the battle system.

Of course swapping place is a double-edged blade, when you swap place with someone else your character turn red this is called the Baroque status, while in this status you'll take more damage but this last only until you take a turn with the character in said status. So you gotta think carefully before swapping turns.

I've been making my own combo so far, for example there's two enemies weak to say, Thunder and they're standing next to each others i wanna focus my damage on one but also attacking them both at once, here's a nice combo you can do with 4 attacks in a row.

- Grapple (one of your party member start with it, it brings enemies from the back/middle row to the front row)

- Left Assault (stocke learn it sometime, it forces an enemy to move one square to the left, there's also Right assault)

- Push Assault, will send the enemy in the back row but also on the same square than his other friend

- Thunder, thunder is self-explaining but because both enemies stand on the same square for the duration of the combo you'll be able to zap them both at the same time.

So, now you see why i say there's a strategic side to the battle system, this makes it engaging and really interesting you always come up with new combo as you level up and learn new skills. As i mentionned at the start of this blog i haven't made it far story wise but if my impression of the battle system interest you, do pick up this game and tell me what you think, i can't wait to go further in it and see what happens.

Until next time! ;)

Memorable video games music (Current gen)

It's been a while i haven't done anything like this. Last time i covered the sixth generation (which somehow ended up with a user posting like 12+ times in a row) choices were difficult and this time it's even harder to narrow down 5 or 10 choices so i'll just mention a few. There's just so many platforms and so many games i played.

Yakuza 3 - Clay Doll on the cradle

The Yakuza serie is outstanding, if it's not for the story the music itself is outstanding. This song particularily stuck with me, sadly you only hear it around the end of the game while you climb your way to the top of Millenium Tower for the final encounter.

NieR - Wretched Automatons

NieR is far from being a looker but it's one of those hidden gems that on the outside looks terrible but when you play it you'll be experiencing an amazing story with good characters and an amazing soundtrack. This song is played in the Junk Heap area, the place where you farm material to upgrade your weapons, so get used to hear this song because you'll spend a long time there but who cares when the song is so good.

Super Mario Galaxy - Good Egg Galaxy

I've owned a Wii for a short while but sadly my backlog made it gather dust over time but before it did i had the chance to experience Super Mario Galaxy (sadly not the 2nd one) i've never finished it but from the array of great songs heard, the very first galaxy you visit is the one that stuck with me. I can't really express how much i enjoy this song but i'll let the song speak for itself.

Radiant Historia - Blue Radiance

I picked up this game very recently, like maybe a week ago? Only played 3 hours so far but i immediatly loved the battle theme as soon as i heard it. Kinda remind me of older RPG songs it's epic and the transition from "calm" to "speedy" is well done.

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - An Empty Tome

Obligatory Castlevania song! This gen gave us some excellent Metroidvania and music in those games are rarely bad. There's so many good Castlevania songs just in Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin and Ecclesia that it could be it's own blog. I had to choose "An Empty Tome", when you save every villagers, dracula's castle pop out and its rather large considering the game had already 15-20 or so smaller maps and the song is one of the many you hear throughout your ascension to Dracula.

Deadly Premonition - The Wood and the Goddess

Deadly Premonition also "suffers" a case of NieR, it's ugly on the outside but when you sit down and play it you end up finding the game pleasantly good and a surprisingly awesome story with surprising twist, memorable cast and of course Francis York Morgan himself. From what i heard the composer is just some random dude SWERY knows and i gotta say he made some pretty good song for the game, and this one is my favorite and thankfully it plays quite a few times. I never tire of hearing it, what about you Zach?

Tales of Graces F - A town of dancing wind

Of course i had to include a Tales song in there. This time for a change though i'll mention a non-battle theme. I'll have to go with the theme heard in the town of Lhant, the very first town. I don't why but there's something charming about it, i really really love it. I always enjoy listening to it whenever i go back there.

Dark Souls - Ornstein & Smough

Oh hey, same composer who's behind the music from the Tales serie! (Legendia aside) Consider me interested and he deliver once more with Dark Souls. Ornstein and Smough are a well known duo, they easily provide the most epic encounter of the game. I kinda don't care if i'm dying, i mean in the end i just get to hear the song once more! I was torn between this song and the one played during taurus demon/firesage/asylum demon but ultimately went with O&S.

There you have it, i might end up adding more songs as weeks goes but for the time being those 8 songs will do! Hopefully you enjoy my selections, feel free to share some in the comments.

Until next time. ;)

Memorable video games music (Sixth Generation)

We're now at the Sixth generation, just like previous entries i'll try to link to various game genre i played, do not be surprised if you see more RPG though, it's what i played the most that gen. I'll be limiting myself to a Top 5.

1.Legend of Zelda The Windwaker - Great Sea

I've had lots of trouble choosing a theme for Wind waker, there's just so many great songs. Dragon roost, the main theme, windfall village, i just couldn't choose. Then i remembered, this Zelda is probably the one that gave the greatest adventurous feeling. You've had an open world, you never knew what the next island would be whether it be an empty island, a stranded cabin, a ravaged island there was always something to be found, the Great Sea was the perfect portrayal of said adventurous feeling. That song accompanied you throughout your adventures...that's until an annoying shark attack you and cut the music.

2. Timesplitters 2 - Mexican Mission

No other FPS is bursting with actions more than Timesplitters while not taking itself seriously at all. Want to shoot duck while using a Gingerbread man dual wielding tommy guns? Or how about a giant hand with a smile on it with matches for its legs and arms using a lasergun on a giant bear? Timesplitters got you covered! Tons of game modes, a vast amount of characters and the ability to create your maps made it the ideal FPS to play with friends. It's soundtrack is mind blowing hence why i had trouble choosing a song.

3. Tales of Symphonia - Beat the Angel

Tales of Symphonia was the very first Tales game i played and boy did it hooked me. Loveable character cast, amazing battle system and a superb soundtrack, once again a difficult choice but i'll have to go with beat the angel which only plays a few times in the game.

4. Tales of the Abyss - Finish The Promise

If you're currently playing Abyss then do not look at the comment of the video i'm fairly sure there will be spoilers! I've only played Abyss for the first time last year and i regret haven't done so sooner. Originally i wanted to choose the Meaning of Birth but as much as i love it i decided to choose the final theme.

5. Dragonquest VIII - To a Vast World

Dragonquest VIII will always be a clas5ic, mind you i've only played this DQ game so my opinion doesn't mean much, but it had a clas5ic turn-based battle system the possibility of boosting ability in certain type of weapons each characters can use as well as a vast overworld with tons of hidden treasures, monsters to capture, etc. This theme is the overworld theme, so soothing and gives me an adventurous feels. I love it.

There you have it, my top 5 for the Sixth Generation, i had a difficult time choosing, so many songs that could belong here but oh well.

Memorable video games music (Fifth Generation)

I like to call this generation the "RPG generation" because it's clearly what it was. Then again it gave us a fair amount of platformer too so once again i'm confronted with a difficult decision that 5 songs only couldn't satisfy. Here's to another 10 songs!

1. Super Mario 64 - Bob-Omb battlefield

Ahh yes, Super mario 64. Mario's transition to the 3D world was a brilliant one and we liked it! Going from world to world to fulfill various challenge in order to get the precious Stars would become some sort of staple that would be done once per console generation, or twice like in SMG's case. Bob-Omb field would be the first theme you'd hear in a world and damn is it catchy.

2. Majora's Mask - Clock Town Day 2

You totally expected an Ocarina of Time song huh? While i do love OoT i feel MM need more recognition, if not gameplay/story wise at least music wise. It's day two in Clock Town, its rainy and this happy tune plays. B-bu-but its raining, there should be a more sad song playing along! Yeah well, Clock town day 2 made rainy day badass, whenever its raining in your city, play this tune and you'll find yourself humming along with it.

3. Banjo Kazooie - Click Clock Wood (Spring)

The banjo serie on N64 is my favorite platforming games, who could think the idea of a bear wearing yellow shorts and carrying some bird in his blue backpack would be so brilliant? Just like Mario 64, the goal was to travel across world collecting jigsaw puzzles in order to unlock more world! What mario 64 did, banjo games perfected it.

4. Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Wood Carving Partita

The very first game adopting a metroid type of exploration which would become a staple for the serie in the future. It had flaws, but SoTN was brilliant, if the main castle wasn't confusing enough, guess what? You had the possibility to do it again but inverted! Gotta get that shiny Crissagreim/Valmanway. Michiru Yamane did a perfect job on the game's soundtrack and its one of the game's strongest point.

5. Syphon Filter - Washington Park (Danger Theme)

Syphon Filter was the best third person shooter trilogy on Playstation 1, while it had its frustrating moment it had solid missions, a robust weapon arsenal and some awesome music accompanying you during your missions. This following theme plays when you're under attack so you can't really hear it endlessly but it sure get the blood pumping while protecting those damn CBDC bomb squad.

6. Paper Mario - Koopa Bro's theme

This theme is brilliant, gotta be the best remix of the hammer bro's theme. These guys were battled in the first dungeon of the game and i used to just sit there and listen to the song instead of battling. These guys were totally dumb too but in a good way.

7. Breath of Fire III - The dragon and the angel

The Breath of Fire series was great, this game had the habit of throwing you a curve out of nowhere. Sometime you'd battle easy bosses, then suddenly "oh snap" a difficult boss that would wipe you out fairly easily. I've never finished any of them but III is the one i played the most.

8. Final Fantasy IX - Sword of Doubt

This song is emotionally intense, the first time you hear it is in a destroyed city under the rain. This theme is also considered the theme of Beatrix, whom you fought 3 times in the game and guess what? She kick YOU back in the kitchen those three times and live to tell the tales. Hardcore isn't it?

9. Chrono Cross - Dream of the Shore Near Another World

Another emotionally powerful song. It still send shivers down my spine when i hear it and very few songs does that to me. This music and "People imprisoned by destiny" are amongst the best track i've heard in an RPG. I cannot find the words so i will let the song speak for itself.

10. Quest 64 - Holy Plains

I'm probably one of the only person in the universe who played this game. Anyway, the first comment sums it up well, the song will be burned into your mind, either because you died or got lost. Regardless the song give you an adventurous feel, unaware of the dangers ahead on your journey.

These are my ten songs for this generation, it was difficult because i didn't wanted to focus only on final fantasy games, so i made sure to select a different series exception made for Mario. Share your songs from the fifth generation below.

Memorable video games music (Fourth Generation)

With my previous blog entry i mostly covered songs from obscure titles so maybe "memorable video games music" wasn't the most appropriate title for this, oh well. Now we're in the fourth generation and oh man is it difficult to make choices there. The large amount of quality songs found on both the SNES and Sega Genesis library, makes it a fairly complicated task. Now, if you know me you'll know i'm a big RPG fan so some choices here might be expected but i'll try to keep my list fairly "unexpected" for the most part and with it being the generation i played the longest i'll be having 10 songs instead of 5.

1. Final Fantasy VI - Terra's theme

Ignore the fact i mentionned i wanted to keep my list "unexpected" but i HAD to include one song of my favorite RPG of all time. I still remember owning the original box and cartridge of FFVI (or FFIII if you prefer) seeing the massive booklet describing each characters and what their abilities are, secret characters excluded. This game kept me company throughout my younger years. Everyday i'd come home from school and played it. I'll never get tired of this soundtrack, it manage to stay excellent everytime i play through it.

2.Lufia II Rise of the Sinistrals - Boss battle theme

To my knowledge, this game was fairly underrated and even unnoticed, unless i'm mistaken. I discovered it years ago and it managed to be one of my favorite RPG. The dungeons were a mix of Zelda with a turn-based battle system. This sound vague on paper but look up some gameplay and tracks from the game and give it a shot i assure you, you will not regret it.

3. Maximum Carnage - Streets of New York

Ah yes, beat 'em up despite the repetitive nature of the genre itself i always found that satisfying to beat up a bunch of thugs across 7 or 8 levels all the way to the final fight. Maximum Carnage was one of these but man was it difficult. I've never beat the game but believe me i tried a lot, if you did legitly on an actual SNES then lotsa cookies for you! One thing for sure it had a solid soundtrack and it even had a song based of a Black Sabbath song called, "The mob rules" awww yeaaah.

4. Doom - Hiding the Secret

While everyone was playing the obviously superior PC version of Doom, i was there staring at the bright red cartridge not knowing what to expect. Doom was my first experience with FPS and with the SNES port being quite inferior i wasn't quite good at it but i kept coming back to it because the soundtrack was amazing and still is to me. 14 years later, Doom remain one of my most played FPS i still play it nowaday but on PC and even though PC was superior to the SNES port the music wasn't.

5. Donkey Kong Country - Fear Factory

Damn you Blackout Basement, you made me rage years ago. That last cursed oil drum kept getting the best of me! Ahem...sorry for that! Good ol' Donkey Kong Country the best platforming serie the SNES offered us back when Rareware was making good games..or should i say games.

6. Donkey Kong Country 2 - Enchanted Wood

Often considered the best of the SNES trilogy, DK was back with even more content than before, minus DK himself. But hey we had Diddy Kong tagged up with Dixie who's pretty awesome with the spinning ponytails! One of the most commonly mentionned track is Bramble Blast but Enchanted Wood need more love.

7. Killer Instinct - Sabrewulf Theme

I'll be honest, i don't like fighting games. I've never been good at them and never really had any practice partner. But that didn't stop me from renting Killer Instinct once. It was a decent game, then one day i happened to fight in Sabrewulf stage and the music is the first thing i noticed. I was immediatly hooked, every once in a while i'd go in Training mode and restart until it would be Sabrewulf stage. So long as i heard that track i could fight on in an attempt to master combos. (which i never did)

8. Super Mario Kart - Rainbow Road

Good ol' mario kart! A serie still alive to this day but i've only ever played Super Mario Kart and Double Dash. SMK is home to the original Rainbow road, home to frustration, Thwomp and falling off the road too! Of course its pretty pale compared to all those new rainbow road but hey, a trip down memory lane sure doesn't hurt once in a while oh and that music.

9. Super Double Dragon - Mission 3 China Town

My favorite beat 'em up, i'm always having a blast when i'm playing it. There's a good amount of different moves Billy & Jimmy can do instead of the repetitive punches and kicks. The music is simply perfect for this game. I will let the link speak for itself, just imagine yourself beating up thugs to this rocking tune.

10. Beyond Oasis - Boundless Cliff

GIANTS EVERYWHERE! Anyway, i think it's only fair to add a song from a Genesis game thus is why i chose Beyond Oasis, or The Story of Thor if you prefer. This game used all of the Genesis power both graphically and sound wise and was some sort of answer to Zelda. Sadly it didn't caught on but i had the privilege of experiencing this wonderful game, so should you!

There you have it, that's my ten choices for this blog entry. Do know there's dozens and dozens more i could add there but i still got some generations to go through, maybe some other time i'll share more of my memorable video games music.

Memorable video games music (Third Generation)

What is this one aspect in video games, that tend to make you nostalgic? Music of course! Music have been around video games since the second generation of console, back on the Atari 2600 it is one of most defining factors when it come setting up the atmosphere of specific scenes, battles, etc. Every gamers have their own favorite songs. This series of blogs will cover 5 songs, along with a short description of each game and my personal view on them. from each generation of consoles, starting from the NES era all the way up to current gen. Avid video games music lovers, take a seat and let us enjoy some songs.

These are in no specific order, they are not my favorite songs unless mentionned.

1. Castlevania - Wicked Child­

Ah yes, Castlevania. A serie with amazing music. The NES trilogy was amongst one of the hardest to beat. We can all certainly remember frustrating moment such as getting hit by medusa head sending us to our death, or the room leading up to a tedious fight against Death if not properly prepared. Aside Vampire Killer, Wicked Child remain one of the most memorable song of the original Castlevania its also the only time where its been used if you exclude the remake on PSone called Castlevania Chronicles.

2. Silver Surfer - Stage 1

Now, i know what you're thinking "Silver surfer? Its a terrible game!" yes, yes i know it is but listen to this song! For NES standard this was pretty damn awesome back then. The only reason you'd probably keep on playing the first stage for, is to hear it.

3. Ninja Gaiden - Basilisk Mine Field (Act 4-2)

Ninja Gaiden, possibly the hardest games trilogy on NES. This game was mercyless. Ranging from enemies who endlessly respawn, to multiple aerial foes this game required lots of tries and errors and mastering it was worth bragging about back then. Frustrating-fast-paced action game but most importantly it had a superb soundtrack.

4. Getsufuu Maden - Overworld

This game never made it out of Japan and thats too bad too. It was a sidescrolling game, a mix of Zelda II and Castlevania with an overworld, shops and an arsenal including shurikens, some war drum shooting a chinese symbol, a ground bomb and a pulse blade who gets more powerful as bosses are defeated. The game's dungeon were in a third person perspective, very impressive back then. It doesn't have many song but that overworld theme will stick with you and you'll love it.

5. Journey to Silius - Stage 1

Every once in a while, when i try to dig up new music to enjoy i tend to wander into games i never played. It doesn't always pay off but this time it was an exception. I never played Journey to Silius but my jaw dropped when i heard this tune, for an 8-bit track this is certainly one of the best. From what i've read Sunsoft always had quality music in their games and after hearing this song, i have no trouble believing that.

Tune in next time as i cover the fourth generation with SNES/Genesis. Got any memorable 8-bit track you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!

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