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Lengend of Zelda looks like garbage! Why Nintendo?!

So i got my first glances at LOZ BOTW yesterday and today and all i can say is OMG UGLY HORRIBLE GRAPHICS! Here I thought they could do no worse than down syndrome powerpuff girl link in windwanker. Apparently I was wrong. Zelda looks like a smudged watercolor painting mixed with anime. It looks atrotious. Why would they forego great detailed graphics for this muck? It looks in massive need of gamma correction, nevermind frame rate issues or the empty detailess open space, nevermind link is basically a cave man at the start and oh yeah no dungeons. Omg every single treasured franchise literally destroyed in the last two years. Bluck! Im so glad i did not get a Switch.

Why not just make him faceless and have him ride on a giant pixel blob. And btw Zelda looks AWEFULL! and whats with all the glary hazy whiteness? I wish theyd stop making these artsy fartsy crum graphics. Zelda could have been awesome but its just another imposter the fan boys love for no reason.

Resident Evil 7-The death of a Franchise

So, I had the misfortune of sitting through a broadcast of Resident Evil 7. While I enjoyed the time with my friend I immediately felt annoyed at how horribly NOT Resident Evil, Resident Evil 7 actually is. The story was confusing and hokie, with hokie farmer-like red neck enemies. The puzzles were weak and uninteresting. The entire thing takes place in a an ugly crummy garbage dump of a house. ONE LOCATION! BOOO! So as if the forced first person wasn't stupid enough, what with seeing only his gun and hand bouncing around, and being unable to get a grip on depth perception with the extremely unrealistic first person view, I had to survive the lack of any connection what so ever to Resident Evil's previous titles. No co-op play, no online modes, no use for ps plus once again. FACE PALM! Terrible. In every way possible, except graphics. If you didn't tell me the title was RE7 I would have guessed it was Outlast 3. This game is literally the death of Resident Evil. I feel like I need to go back and give ORC a better score because it is now my second least favorite Re titled after Re7. So this game is basically a hybrid of Outlast and Silent Hill but not in a good way. Capcom clearly can't figure out the formula to it's own franchise and clearly would rather use what it thinks are "popular" formulas" of game-play like when it turned RE into COD with ORC. BLAH. Capcom please don't make any other games ever again. Please sell me the rights to RE so I can make a game the fans actually want. If you are a real RE fan do NOT buy this game.

Game Consoles Mind Numbing Lack of Original Content

Ok so as I search in the game spot news section for new games posts I see there has been literally nothing new made by any of the game devs for any of the consoles. UGH! Old is new, new is old, old is old. It's all the same crap! If I see one more FFI or Assassins Creed, or Call of Duty, or Mario Game I'm going to vomit. Can't anyone make an original title? What is this obsession with militaristic games and fps shooters? I wish it would go away. Is there anything that isn't geared directly to male gamers? Yes I said it again! There is nothing geared towards families or women and as usual Sony and Xbox have no kids games to note. Nintendo as usual is drowning us with the same old characters that are so overused I' almost can't stand to look at them anymore. Oh but they are selling an old ugly game with bad graphics for the new DS. Who cares? I don't buy these systems to play cruddy old graphics. It was sucky enough when they first came out and I couldn't make out my character's face back in the day but we let it go because it's all we had then. This lack of originality is mind numbing. All they do now is release old game "remakes" of games I've already bought. Blahhhhh. These companies have gone mad. Gaming has become stale. I can't stomach anymore military battle shooter games. God I hope someone makes a new console. PC gaming is even worse, dumb hidden object puzzle games and games that look like they are all made for babies. Ugh. Where is Tomb Raider for PS has it been released yet? Or is it militarized too now? If so forget it. Also wth is going on with RE7? do they even know what they are doing? Forced 3rd person, a demo that has nothing to do with the game, begging for pre orders to a game that hasn't even been made yet? Ugh Capcom make a game already. I just can't see gaming going well in the future. All the fun games are gone. Nothing new.

The Epic Fail, that is Playstation 4

As a veteran gamer, the ps4 is, in my opinion, the biggest epic fail of Sony to date. Now it's important to keep in mind that I am, or perhaps the better way to say it is, I was the biggest Playstation fan once upon a time. Until the Playstation 4 happened. The ps4 is both ahead of it's time, yet as behind as it can be all at the same time. Let us count the ways the ps4 fails...

First off the ps4 is so ahead of itself it can't even deliver the majority of it's features and services well, if at all. That's because the devs failed to remember that most internet connections are below 20gb/ps in the U.S. So frankly the features that rely on the "cloud" and fast internet connections just plain won't work for most players. Even for those who do have large and in charge internet connections, at least half or more of those gamers have a maximum bandwidth usage cap or they get charged extra or throttled to a point where it's faster to watch paint dry than download anything. This means some gamers won't be doing updates or if they do they will take days, even possibly months to download. Now I realize that millions of isp monopolies that exist in American counties that sell crappy speeds at obnoxious prices aren't Sony's fault, but Sony does have to remember that they have to sell a product for their main target customers in the USA. Japan and even China has by far better speeds at better prices than the USA.

Let's be real most are kids or young adults who live at home with parents who pay for the internet. If they are lucky enough to get a good connection at a good price, that's great but most local counties have horrible over priced internet packages that can't deliver the speed and consistency needed for such huge online aspirations as the "share play" feature. Even something as simple as downloading a game update has become a two-day task at the fastest. This brings me to the next reason ps4 is an epic are waaaaay too big and so are the updates. In fact the games have gotten so large that the ps4's hard drive can barely hold a single RPG MMO and it's updates without being completely full. This wouldn't be a problem IF the games were stored on the discs they came on, and updates or downloadable games were stored and played directly from "the cloud" but of course they are not. So let's weed whack through this in two parts. The fact that I own a disc of Elder Scrolls and yet the entire game has downloaded to my hard drive is inexcusable, this business model will not last long. The games are to large to be stored on individual hard drives unless Sony is prepared to offer affordable 500 TB hard drives in the new models. Sony is never going to beat the second hand market forcing people to download the entire disc to storage. As far as download versions and updates, I ask myself exactly what is the point of my PS Plus membership?? Why is the game and updates not store-able on the cloud? Oh yeah Sony is cheap. Now to be honest even if they did store it all on their servers the slow internet speed of the US would make most games crash, if they even started in the first place. So actually in the future discs are actually Sonys only realistic option to sell and delivery these ginormous games, as soon as they get a ps5 that actually doesn't store the entire game on the hard drive, and cheap 500 TB hard drives. Otherwise gaming in the US my be dead in the water.

So aside from those enormous issues we could talk about the fact the ps4 was unfinished when it came out, now a couple of those issues were finally fixed, like the ability to use a theme and change your profile picture. Meh seriously? Or we can talk about the horrible battery life of the ps4 dual-shock controller with it's bedazzling lights draining power all day. Or we can talk about the horror that is the mic that came with the system and the fact until recently there were no Bluetooth mics available for the system and the mics offered now are terrible as usual. We can go over how the system can't even download an update in rest mode unless you PAY for plus, so now our system itself is locked to upgrades and premium fees, BOOOOOOOO!!!!! We can go on an on about how crummy ps Plus is and how all it's free games are junk no one wants, or how the discounts mean nothing since I can get the games for half the price of what's listed in the PS Store, new at Walmart. I could have a roast at their expense of the broken chat system and how all I want is a delete ALL messages button!!! But I digress, I'm sure there is more important things to mention like it's intentional lack of backwards compatibility. Did they actually think I would buy that game a second time??? So at this point all in all, the ps4 is too big for it's breeches and incapable of delivering the desired services and features it intended to. It is basically a hunk of almost useless junk that can work and has decent graphics when it does but won't last long with this delivery and business model, oh and nobody actually likes micro-transactions, they are old news and wont sustain these games, the episodic and subscription based model won't hold on either, it's too expensive and people hate it.

Now the saddest fail of all is Sony's inability to get good variety of games and genres on it's system, lack of decent kids games, and the lack of multiplayer story modes that aren't only split-screen, and also lack of split screen enabled games has just made all these expensive "interactive online social" gaming features, totally useless! Ugh. Step up the game Sony or my next machine will be a Steam machine.

So there you have it the epic fail that is the ps4.

Ratchet and Clank FFA Split-Screen Stupidity!

So I let my three year old try Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault today. He's always trying to play games that are too complicated for him, but he usually learns eventually how to play. So I figured I'd help him by playing too. Low and behold when I tried to press x to join the game a crappy message came up saying something like "you can't play split-screen at this resolution" (that was not verbatim). I was like WTF? Seriously? This is a brand new game. Why would they make a game that's incapable of supporting 1020 DPI? I don't really know how to change the resolution because; first it doesn't give any instructions on what resolution it requires, nor does it give any instructions on how to change the resolution, but even if it did, is there really any excuse for this in a new game? I think not. So needless to say I already didn't like this game to start with so I like it even less today and gave this game a very low score on my review.

Mass Effect 3 Demo

Ok so I played the ME3 Demo, I liked it ok, but to be honest the multi-player mode is too tough to play unless you have all four players. What ME3 does not do, is what games such as Borderlands do, which is, adjust the difficulty level of the enemies in accordance with the umber of players. That I think is going to be a downfall of the multi-player feature. I for one don't particularly like to play with people I don't know, because as with RE5 it takes about 12 players to find one you can stand playing with, who doesn't irritate you, doesn't cuss or act stupid, or doesn't attempt to boss you around when you don't need or want their leadership. So most of the time in these types of games, with the exception of RE5 I don't play with anyone except my room mate. We found the enemies in even wave one, to be almost impossible to kill on our own. Since I haven't had a chance to play the full game I won't rate this game. In addition the Story mode seems interesting even if it is just another military shooter game. I will have to rate the multi-player option of the demo as a 4.0 for difficulty, lack of intuitive adjustment and frankly for making us stand and "hack" for no apparent reason during waves.

Alice Madness Returns Another Frustrating PS3 Game

So I wrote a review for Alice Madness Returns today, because I am frustrated and sick of ps3 games being more frustrating and difficult than entertaining and enjoyable. First I have had it with the plethora of annoying clone first person shooter games. Second I am angry that the few games which are not clone first person shooters, are being ruined by shoty graphics, shoty game-play controls or by being too difficult and frustrating. Alice Madness Returns is just yet another example of games gone bad.