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Please read this, it is important.

It has been awhile since I have made a blog post or posted a review. Well I have some news for you all, a really good chance that I am leaving Gamespot for good, I am just doing so many other things to even get on Gamespot. I am sorry about this but I am just done here and I am moving on. Oh and one more thing about the friend codes, just forget about adding me, my Wifi is just messed up for good and I am going to have to get another Wifi Connector, I am sorry, I wish I could play you all online on SSBB or Mario Kart Wii but my Wifi is really not working much now. But, before I go, I made 2 more reviews so, please, check them out. I might be back on to maybe to post anything about my Wifi, to look at who has reccommended my reviews, look and see who has made a comment to this blog, and thats it, after I see that noone is making comments on this anymore, I am leaving for good. I ask all of you one thing, please remember me for all the reviews I have made and please check them out and reccommend or unreccomed, I know that there has been people who have made so many more reviews than me, but for the average person, it's not bad. I had a good time on Gamespot, and met so many good people, and goodbye everyone.

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Possible Leaving Date: May 15, 2008

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Last chance, anyone want my SSBB FC?

ill post this one more time, if you want my SSBB FC here it is:


If you want my Nintendo Wii FC, its on my profile. Either leave a comment of PM me your code and ill add you as soon as possible

i got wifi back for good....hopefully [my SSBB friend code]

I have been trying to get my wifi to work for awhile, and it eventually started to work again. I tried it on SSBB and it worked out just fine. So, if anyone wants to add me to SSBB here is my FC:


I dont really know if you would need my Wii FC but if you do, its on my profile, so you can take a look on that. So if you wanna add me, there is my SSBB FC, i wont be able to battle ALL THE TIME because i go to school and sometimes i do other things than play SSBB. Hopefully my connection is back for good, most of the time, it has been working, but sometimes it doesnt. So, leave a commet if you added me or just PM me, and ill add you.

im back + some important news

I know it has been a very long while since i have logged onto gamespot, but i got some news here. Ok i did get SSBB the day it came out, i just beat the Subspace Emissary, ok for FC, if you want to add me, something is up with my Wifi connection, if you want my friend code, you may have to wait cause my wifi is kinda messed up so ill see about that. Oh, and one last thing, im going to stop reviewing games, i have came very far and i think its time to take my reviewing stories walking. But, i will review one more game and that will be it, and i bet you all will know what that is. I will review games that i think that i have a very strong opinion about and/or new games that will be released [I.E. Mario Kart WII]. So thats mainly all i gotta say. And for all of you who are disappointed about me stop reviewing, im sorry, im running out of games, and im just going to stop, and i know about 141 games [including this one im going to make] is a lot, but i gotta stop after this unless its a brand new game that came out and i have a strong opinion on it.

1 year at Gamespot

I signed up for Gamespot exactly 1 year ago today, and I gotta say, it has been a pretty good year. I didnt really start getting to be on Gamespot until around May of '07 when I made my first review "Mario Golf Toadstool Tour". During the Summer, I was in the unions and things like that, but I kinda seemed to wore off from that a long time ago. For the past month or so, I haven't really been on for quite sometime. In the past year, I made up to 140 reviews, which isnt that bad. It's been a pretty good year here at Gamespot.

going to be less active

I havent really been logging on as much as i used to, and my reviewing average went down quite a bit. Im going to be a less active here, I starting to have many more things to do and I just dont have the time to get on. So just telling you all, im not leaving, im just being a little less active.

video game addiction

This is about video game addiction. Some people play games up to 12-16 hours a day and that can really affect the family and your social, and emotional health. The first game that comes into my mind when it comes to video game addiction is.........well if you wanna see, there is a video all about it [note, there are some innapropriate language, but its mostly bleeped out]

i think im going to quit Maple Story

As if you may have known, I started to play Maple Story. Well, I gotta stop playing it, I just dont have the patience to keep on playing it. Its a good game in all, but it just doesnt have the qualities to keep me playing. I like World of Warcraft a lot more and that just shatters Maple Story into the ground in my opinion. So, I THINK im going to quit, but im not so sure. Ill say about an 95% chance I will quit.

my first review in 10 days

I was in one of those phases where i dont write reviews for about a week or so, so i typed a review so i was bored. I reviewed Rock Band, so you can check that out if you want, im up to 136 reviews on Gamespot, so im not doing too bad i suppose with my number of reviews. Please reccommend or unrecommend.

staring to play Maple Story

Today, I was at school and one of my friends asked "you should play maple story" it took me awhile to think about it if i want to play it or not, so i decided "ok, ill give it a try" so i came home today and i downloaded it, and when it got done, i verified my username and password and then chose my pin number and i was on my way. Before i review it im just going to say a summarized thought on the game.

"its not too bad, the graphics are really colorful, the scenery is really colorful, the music is nice, the fps is really good even if it is on high quality graphics, the quests are generally fun".

That is my summarized opinion on it, I will review it in the near future.