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Scavenger Hunt!

Alright, here they are:

Clue 1: Van Nguyen

Clue 2: Jody Robinson(hardest to find:P)

Clue 3: Guy Cocker

Clue 4: Matthew Gravish

Clue 5: Chris Watters

Clue 6: Kevin Vanord

Clue 7: Aaron Sampson

Clue 8: Alex Sassoon

Clue 9: Wernher Goff

Clue 10: Jan Heir

Clue 11: Randolph Ramsey

Clue 12: Andrew Park

Clue 13: Mark Walton

Clue 14: Justin Calvert

Clue 15: Sophia Tong

Clue 16: Kurtis Seid

Clue 17: Giancarlo Varanini

Clue 18: Justin Porter

Clue 19: Ryan MacDonald

Clue 20: Tyler Winegarner

Clue 21: Maxwell Mcgee

Clue 22: James Kozanecki

Clue 23: Frank Adams

Clue 24: Sarju Shah

Clue 25: Shaun Mcinnis

Clue 26: Ricardo Torres

Clue 27: Tom Magrino

Clue 28: Dan Chiappini

Clue 29: Homer Rabara

Clue 30: Takeshi Hiraoka

Clue 31: Tor Thorsen

Clue 32: Jim Maybury

Clue 33: Carolyn Petit

Clue 34: Tom Mcshea

Clue 35: Dan Mihoerck

Clue 36: Jane Douglas

Clue 37: Brendan Sinclair

Clue 38: Laura Parker

How I found Gamespot.

Just a while ago I was just remembering how I found this website. As I recall, I think I was looking for a Final Fantasy Tactics Advance forum. I had a few questions on how in the world you get the chocobo knight, Cid. However, I never thought I woud spend that much time here.
Now, I am here everyday talking to friends. I wonder how that happened? One day I was just looking for a walkthrough, and then, next thing I know I am posting actively on gamespot's OT forum. Not much later, I find my first friend on here, Xorital. As the time passess, I find more and more people I like.
Right now, I still go to OT, have many friends, some of them I really do talk to alot. Some of them are like moonlightcharm, cheesyjon, warownslife, and just about everyone from the non-ontopic union. I spend most of my time on that union now. Well, I guess thats I all I have to say.
I guess I should be celebrating my one year anniversery on this website. Yay! I only have 2000, posts though...

Just finished watching the anime Naruto! Here are opinions on the show.

After a long time of having to watch one episode at a time, I am finally finished with it. Now, here are my thoughts about Naruo.

Graphics: 7/10 The grapics were decent to good. During some fights, the graphics were excellent. I admit that if you payed attention some things were very repetitive in the backround. For example, when someone is running through a forest, they keep reapeating the same trees.

Story: 8/10 I liked the story very much. One of my personal favorites. I did, however have many questions on the story. I guess thats why there is a Naruto shippuden.

Music: 9/10 The music was good and original. It gave you the impression of whatever feeling there was on the show. It really could tell you whether the scene was sad, victorious, casual, etc. I especially loved some of the opening songs in this anime.

Characters: 8/10 The characters were really good in this anime. Although some may not really have a deep backround, the main ones do have a good history. Unfortunately, a lot of their history is only in shippuden, but you can get a good picture of what the characters are like. One big flaw I saw was that the character Sasuke was rather vipolar. One episode he was likes Naruto and admires him, the next he hates him and wants to kill him. There is something wrong with that.

Summary: 8/10 I would reccomend watching this anime if you like anything to do with cartoons, good stories, or even music.

Well, now I have to finish Naruto Shippuden. This may take some time...

Been a long day...

Beena long day. Had track meet and just got home. In fact this is actually early compared to what I normally get out at. Today I just happened to do more since some friends quit. Thats about it. Now for dinner...

Golf. Good or Bad?

On friday at P.E., I had to take a golf exam even though I barely know anything about golf. What is wrong with my P.E teacher!!!! The written exam didn't go well I think. Don't really know much about golf, except basic stuff like what is a bogey or birdie or par. The skill test went decent. We had to hit very easy shots. For example, chips and putts. I at least have enough coordination to be able to hit a ball in front of me. This guy next to me looked as if he was going to die. He kept missing the ball on his chip shots!!!! When he hit putts, the ball rolled away in a completey different direction than the hole. It turns out my P.E. teacher made us take the tests 2 classes early. He was looking at the wrong week on his schedule!! What an idiot!!!! We were supposed to take notes about golf while watching a movie and practice the swings BEFORE the test, not after. We are just going to take it nest week instead. (Thank goodness) Mini golf is fun, but ordinary golf, not so fun. Thats all I really have to say. As always, if anyone reads this, put me in your friends list. Send a message to arad96. Catch you later. I'm at home and have a nice date with two little ladies called mop and broom.:cry::cry::cry:

Has anyone wondered what the point was for making that new harry potter book?

I was going to the library, and I see this harry potter book. A few days ago I saw it at the bookstore and wondered what it was. It was the tales of beetle the bard. The book has some short good stories, but I still don't understand what is the point of writing a book like that. Did J.K. Rowling expect to make a lot of money with that book? Only little kids would like those stories. Well, maybe not all of them. In one of them there is some guy who takes his heart out so he won't have the apperant "weakness" of loving like all his friends. He thinks everyone envys him, until he hears one of his servants say they pitied him for not loving. He finds the best looking girl in town,and wants to marry.

She sees that he didn't love her at all and asks where is his heart. He then puts his heart back in him thinking this will please her. He then grabs a knife, overcome with lust, and takes the girls heart out. He then tries to take his heart out and put his into her. His heart doesn't let itself come out with magic, so he grabs the knife and takes it out by hand. At that moment people rush in. They see him with a triumphant look in his eye as he dies with a heart in each hand. He falls into his wife, both dead.

What I don't understand is why is this book in my libraries's kid section right next to books like Jack and the beanstock or cinderalla. Seems kind of inappropriate. Well, for whoever reads this, sorry to have bored you with such a uneventful story.

END 8)

A pure luck shot in basketball.

Today I had a game. We were kind of neck to neck during the whole game. At 4th quarter, all of the benchwarmers still haven't gotten in since the game is so close. It turns out we go into overtime. During overtime, They make 2 points, then we make 2 points. I shoot and get fouled, but make the shot anyways. I make the free-throw. We are up by 3 points with about 10 seconds left. They have the ball. We steal a pass, but then it turned into a jump ball. They got the ball. At this point there is 4 seconds left at their side of the field. They sprint in, their best shooter is about to shoot, but gets rejected. The ball gets into the hands of their teams worst shooter on the field. There is about1 second left. He shoots the ball before he even looks up at the basket. Then, the lucky kid makes the 3 pointer. I couldn't believe it. In the end we won anyways by 3 points. (This time they didn't get as lucky.) This was the most interesting game I ever had. The crowd was all wild. They were very distracting. That is what happened to me today. END.