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Some great new forums!

All rigth since Gamespot's like so slow and boring I joined some new places. These are great places with funny people. I also have an animated series I make there and post. It's called Dudes of Destruction!

Also another place is called Spriting Zone! Another great place! I reccomend you joining these places! They are awesome! Also when you join make sure you introduce youreselves! You guys will find these places hilarious!

New Drawing sig.

i drew the drawing of Link and tell me how it is? I know it is very plain but that is how drawing sigs are like.:D

omfg, I got ff7 !!!!!!!!!

I got Final Fantasy 7 today ! I am so happy but I can't play on weekdays! >_< Damn, I will have to wait until friday. So I read the manual and heard about the ATB battle system and it is timed! That kinda got me sad becuase I only like games that pasue when It is your turn. Does anyone know if that will keep me from enjoying this game?

Lvl 14!!

After like 5 or 4 months I have achieved level fourteen! Ring King....meh , I really don't like it. Anyway congratulate me!

wtf !!!!!

I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but some of my emblem have been removed or something.(yea, I know I just realized<_> Especially my popular emblem!!!!!If anyone can tell me the problem I will thank you.

PS: Toonami will be showing Naruto on September 10!!! WOOT!^_^