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After been a while, I'm bakkk!! With PS3

It's been a while since I stop my activities in GS. God I miss so much to you guys!!

1st - I'm back, but I've seen less activity nowadays :|

2nd - Finally got my PS3!! :D I heard PS4 will soon announce? WHO CARES! :P

3rd - Since I move out from my hometown, I've decide to give my Bravia 40to my parents :) SO I'm planning to get new Dell Monitor.

Actually I have keep an eye on this :

4th - I will post more update about my new PS3 :D :D :D

Gamespot! Help me!! :(

Am I the only one got this prob?

Cuz everytime I want to post on the forum, once I click submit button, It'll show a blank page, then, I go back to previous page and refresh, I saw my post, but my post count didn't come up and, if I post in new thread, it's not show the "pencil" icon which is actually should be cuz I alread post there. Do you guys got the same prob?

If do, I think it's GS prob, but if not, then something wrong with my account.

10K. w00t?

Oh yeah, I'm suxx, after almost 5 years, then I got 10K meh.

If you were thinking how long do I take to achieve 100K, it would probably after I'm 90 years old lol.

second thing is, I've just resigned my self from my fav union, the Fun Cub as the Leader.

It's because, I'm too busy with my own life right now, and nothing have much time to taking care with GS union.

I'm so sorry :(

but congratz to Cheesyjon btw :)

Pay the bills, got new LCD and BD Player + Slower GS :|

I've pay the internet bills (as I mention on the last blog :P) and the internet connection now is back as usual (more faster! :D) BUT! I dunno why Gamespot is become more's like goes idle for like an hour before it's loading the page...I dunno, it's only happen on Forum only...

++++I got new Sony Bravia 40' LCD TV :D:D:D + Bluray Player from Sony as a free gift for this Christmas :D Now maybe I'll thinking to buy PS3 soon :).

Will coming back in few days

Hi guys, Sorry for being un-active since I have financing prob so I didn't pay the internet bill (:P) So, they cut my internet line so I can't be here as always. So I'll come back in few days after the bills settle, sorry guys! :P

Reducing activity.

1st - I just started job back again after accident.

2nd - I'm doing researching to set up an own small business

3rd - Gamespot seems very slow recently once they GS Asia launched.

All of it are the reason why I'm reducing my activity here at GS :P

Just got into a motorbike accident.

at 3/11/2010 I ride a bike with my friends and suddenly another bike came in another direction, So I just got into accident, (ouch! it's really damn hurt!) but, Just got minor injured with blood....So I'll be in-active for a while....