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Been too long

lets see where to start (thinking..........:?:|:question::roll::idea: i got it!)

well i've been doing alot of things here and there i went to back to school but kinda had to drop out because of some health issues. idk i kinda have like a phobia at 1at it was really bad i couldn't go outside and when i went to school i couldn't make it 1 block away from my house my heart would beat so fast that i felt like a heart attack and felt like i would blackout it got so bad to the point that i took taxis's from the trainstation to my school which was like 2 blocks away. so i on sept i just gave up because i knew it's all stress. but now i'm like 72% better i try to force myself to go out more or atleast 2 times a week. and alot of other things have happened that were bad but i'm trying to control myself from over thinking to unstress myself. but i'm hoping if i can by summer i'll return to school if i'm feeling better.

on the good side i kinda been seeing someone new now shes an amazing girl i mean she sweet and beautiful abit naive but as long i'm happy and she is then thats all that matters. shes from london also shes studying at a uni right now so we chat alot and everything. and also i'm an uncle my sister's kid is like 3 yrs old now i haven't seen him yet but hopely one day i'll go see him. what else is new? well i painted my house and did a make over to it. and right now i'm admin at a anime website so i would like to invite everyone to come to it. it's really cool and everything we talk about more then animes we also do games and movies and tv shows also so if you do just check it out and if you like what you see come and join up we got some pretty good gfx artists also so please stop by anytime.

ok now that we got some of the what you been up to things out the way. man what did you guys think of mass effect 2 and bayonetta and darksiders. man is been one great game after another i mean whoa idk but dante's inferno is going to be epic then i'm sorry god of war 3 but come on theres 3 great games that do the same as you so you are the weakiest link (goodbye). so also i kinda wrote a new poem since it's been a while i know my work is never great to start with but i wrote it for my anniversary to my gf so i hope you guys enjoy it. and hope those of you come visit the site since thats where i mostly spend my days hope to see some old friends or new ones there.

theres a pic of my sister and her husband and their son.

my poem

"Only You"

Theres been many paths I've would chose but none would've brought me to you.

I've searched for so long and trying to find something so pure so right. That can be so perfect like you.

Now in that I've landed and fell into your world so completely right filled with your warm glow and scent. There is nothing like you.

I'm the happiness being to have grace your warmth and embraced you. So soft and gentle like you.

When I look deep into you I see everything so perfect past, present and future all so serene fusion itself to no longer becoming unstable and become one future. To be you.

Then can't be anyone nor anything that I lost myself and feel for something so right so wonderful that can permeate my heart so deeply and fully that I can't think of nothing else but you and your sweetness. Innocent like you.

When you speak I listen and hear a wonderful song with each word so smooth sounding that makes me as calm as a leaf gliding through the wind. Meaningful like you.

If there would be a place where I would die it would be here with you laying on you looking into your soul watching it and protecting as it was no other in this world like it yet there isn't any like this feeling and I'm glad I've finally found the true path. To find you because there isn't no other love more perfect then yours and I'm glad I've found only you.

By: walter quinonez

whats new in 08! and what will never change

For those of you who know or don't know alot has happen to me last year some good some bad.My grandmother had a tumor removed from her head and also i'm a uncle now. and a ton of other things i've tried real hard to help some of my friends who are young and more my age get on the right path in life. meaning some of them have made the step to go to college and plan out there futures so i said to myself "self why the h3ll don't you do it to go back to college?" so i now i'm in one of the best colleges in NYC for law yup thats right i'm in John Jay pretty isn't it lol O_O trust me it took alot of work to get into this college man the things i went through to get here. 1st i applied to it around august 7th but i didn't get accepted till november 17th (why the long fr3aking wait for!) but no that wasn't the half of it i then was forced to do a orietation which was a waste of time and scary. (i'll explain that part in a little bit why it was scary) So after i did that i had to register online and then i found out i was limited to 5 cl@sses and they want me to take cl@sses for preparation for what they call a CPE test so i have to take those cl@sses plus other cl@sses for my major which by the way is International Criminal Justice. ok fine i got my cl@sses. btw at this time it's around dec ok i got my cl@ssesnow guess what i wanted to know if i got any book money or whenc an i get the books which they told me i have to wait 2 weeks before the semister starts which for me i start jan 28th. so today i finally found out i'm get $350 dollars for books and $1240as a refund check. also i went and made a visit to the registar office and asked about being able to take a 6th or 7th cl@sses and guess what i got it so i got my 6th cl@ss so instead of me finishing in 2 and somewhat years i'll be done but 2 years or less. also i was thin king of studying abroad for a few semisters.

(ok the scary part)

idk if anyone here is a big DEATH NOTE fan like me because that anime was freaking great. If anyone remembers episode 11 or 10 i think it is? that my man light went in a suit and tie to his college orietation and as he did his speech and he went to sit down he met L and who sat next to him and told him he was L. ok i went to my orietation in a suit and tie and i was sitting out in the front of the whole thing there was about 40-60 ppl there so ok in that whole row there was only me and a guy skinny guy who offered me some cookies (which i don't know this guy from a hole in the wall. and if you remember L loves sweets) ok i say no and through the whole night he was looking at me so i pay no mind to him. i get home head to myspace boom guess what i get a message from L who knows me by thats freaky.

(what else is new)

well now that i got into college and told you already of my new favorite anime i'm thinking real hard about buying a psp to mod it or a 360 to flash it since i know mod it will let microsoft know that you did it and they bump you off from XBL. so if you flash the system that can't happen. so i'm thinking about getting either one since with psp i can flash or mod it and put emulators, any animes i want, and now put windows vista. what more do you want. also i bought myself a new cell for my birthday last year yup that right i bought me this sexy thing. i said to myself if i'm going to be a lawyer or work for the FBI,CIA,INTERPOL,US CUSTOMS,UNITED NATIONS (yup with the degree i'm getting i'll be able to get a job with these types of places) i need a sexy beast phone to show my professionalism. other thing thats new is that i grew my hair longer i might give it more time if it snows i might braid my hair. oh yeah remeber i said i was a uncle heres a pic of mylil sister's son and this my grandmother who had the tumor holding him.

(what else can be new!!!!!)

i never thought in my life i live to see the day when a woman trying to be president of the United States and a african american both trying to be president at the sametime Barack Obama yup but you know whats the sad part that white people no matter what will not let any of these 2 become president no matter how many votes they get it won't happen as much i would like to see hilary win because i want to see a woman in office for once.

(now that which will never change)



There are moments in peoples lives when one can feel they regret not doing something small to change what maybe the greatest possible experience or one time they can freeze and absorb let that brief moment spread what maybe the most important part of their lives. there are so many i wished i could go back and experienced differently like one i remember i and my beloved ex-girlfriend once were in this restaurant and i remember ordering steak or was it ribs with fries and soda and she ordered pasta i think and she wanted to order wine or some type liquor and i told her i didn't want her drinking because i didn't what our experience being with each other to be influenced but this not the moment i wished to have changed because i didn't say as a form of control no i stated it as a form of concern or perhaps for us to enjoy one other and let that be our drug. anyways no there was this moment when she got her food and i told her that i dislike pasta and cheese but she didn't believe it and we smiled about it and she wanted me to try it and dip her fork into the pasta and at this moment which i could've done the most romantic thing and just eat the pasta enjoy this critcal part of one of the happinest moments of my life. but no i didn't stood there saying no because the smell and how it look disgust me.

now i was the type of person who waited his whole life for death for reasons that i loath my very existence because i came from horrible family tree and even worse the one thing i wanted was death and was denied even that even though i was expected to have died at the age of 1 or 10 and here i am at the age of 28 now but during the time as i was hoping for death i wished for love mostly because i believed in the power of love more then the power of god also i said if i was supposed to die fine but i wanted to be experiencing love before anything.for years i search yerned for it, seeking for one to love me for me and not for how i looked how much or little i made in life but that the value of my life meant more to that person. More then any of superfical traits that people in these day of age have become enslaved to. and who would've thought i would find such a rare woman she was everything i wanted kind, a bit naive, very well spoken and was very well as geeky person as i am. but what attracted me the most of this brilliant womanwashow positve she was because she understood me and saw great things in me even i never saw it. ironicly i who would've never thought that this woman would be my savior of my soul and it took five little words to do it "I Don't Love You Anymore." now one might say what how did that make things better for you? well it gave me the power to go where i never taught i'll go i went to "God" who i once loath but not only him no i loath also lusfer and jesus because i was a beiiever in free will and i didn't want to be control by god or the devil because if they controlled what i've done or know already where i would end up then is my willreally free?

but i did searched for god's help not only to help me become the man this woman wanted but to be the man i wanted to be because i want my life to be happy and i guess in a way i wanted to not end my life but wanted to get to the end of my life for like that i would know what my purpose was and now i do but not only for this woman but for the life i want to build with her i don't her to see me as this pittfull @$$hole as elegantly as she put i want her to see me for the new enlighten person i became because of her and not for the person i was i would like her to see me through different eyes but sense that i am that person she onced loved. eventhough i knew i was the man she loved and cared for i just wasn't spiritually or mentally ready to embrace her and in the endwhat i loved and cherished about her i destroyed by being that who i was a dark person who still had the state of mind of death coming but couldn't see what was in front of him. not only love but life the type of life he yarned for his whole life. a woman who can connect with him in a level then anyone could.

life is about moments one's we can change and one's we regret and even though i have moments i wished i can change because i wanted to change them to make them happier moments and the unhappy moments i don't want to change because they made me stronger.i've became stronger mentally and spiritually but emotionally i'm still weak because even though i lost this woman this great savior of mine i still wished she'll let me try to show her that i've changed and let me show her and let me show her the gift that she enbedded in me the power of second chances because if god can forgive me why can't she? even though she has forgive mefor the sadness i've enflicked upon her but i want her to forgive me for not seeing what was in front of me love that was greater then anything possible that this world couldve seen i'm sorry for me being too late for noticing this fact but if her heart can try to see what we had and remember it well then i'll be here waiting and showing her how much stronger and wiser i can become if shes willing to see it. to my saint sonji goodman thank you for saving my soul hoping you doing ok. because eventhough my heart is weak is because i am still a true believer in the power of love and although i have god's wisdom and my strong sense of justice and freedom if you remember my last blog without love your love i have no home because you my dear are they only family i need hope we can try to ament for our mistakes and try to start anew as friends. although i'm not saying i'm perfect or that calming you still have feelings for me no what i'm trying to say is that i would like just talk and hope we can get past what happen because those things we can't change but we can try to change what we learned about each other felt about each other and since we been apart for so long we might be able to share our new experiences apart and reflect it back to each other and see if we can grow together as we did before knowing things new things about us that we never knew was there.

HOME (my newiest poem)

One might say that a home is a place for one to rest. Some may say a home is something that one might feel warmth and happiness a place to escape the harsh reality of the world. not I a home to me was a woman a place I longed for years a place to return to and share my life a place that I would die to protect and place I would've worshiped like I was supposed to. No a home isn't hollow bricks or soft wood or the things one places to feel welcomed. No is who you are welcomed by and with whom embraces their loving arms on to you. Because there in those arms is warmth far hotter then any wildfire, that heat will leave you with nice and warm then any gases can give. Gentleness softer then any feather, with each touch will leave your worries as they were never there to begin with.

A woman isn't a home no they are just things for our own pleasure and entertiment. most men would say they lost their visions of love and threw away of weak feelings of passion, happiness bath themselves in raw sexual conquest because what they believed as children of sugar coated dreams of love was burned barren and in the mist of it all they seen was lies. not I, I've kept believing in true love because of this world will forever see themselves as idol gods and the quest for power and riches will forever blind them. I cherished this feeling of love never resenting it .flow deep into my core of my heart. Women are not things they wore created with god's power and were infused with respect by his imagine because it is their power and honor strong will that give us men strength to be protectors of our families. As such I've always have respected my love because without respect one's home with crumble down as such an empire would because love, trust, respect are the keys to the lock of a home.

But I lost that home and now forever homeless because of fear. After so many years searching for a place to experience love. Out of fear and blinded ignorance I became lost into the darkness I lived with even though I have embraced the light of love, felt the pleasures of happiness. But the droplet of doubt and fear grew of losing one's home after finding it was hard and the more I felt lost decent from that palace of pure bliss. I still remember the times we've spent laughing and crying together and the stronger our passion became fruition but alas as this once pillar of great peace and love has fell due to my fears these doors will not open for me no, because I brought fear and mistrust also hate.

At a time like this what would a man with such weaken heart do? Begin a path to get stronger with faith that one day the path to rebuild the love and peace of that home with the wisdom and honor of god but also with the woman he hopes to gain her trust and friendship in time hopefully it'll re-spark the flame of passion and then one can truly say "I'm home." But till then I most walk on these cold frigid streets feeling the icy shards of tears of pain I caused. Reminded of your cries that covers me from darkled city sky. Feeling the hard concrete floors that quake for every scene that replays how happy you were and how quick it all fall by my hands. But I'll try my best to build a new home for us. And I know replaying how I changed or repent for my actions won't work but like every man knows one can't recreate a home without tools so for now I hang this on my wall "home sweet home"

BY: Walter Quiñonez J.r.

i wrote this as i was writing it based on someexperiences i've been through these passed few months but i wanted i wrote this notonly to tell someone how i feel but also to teach people that women are not just things that lay there next to you as a pleasure toy like most man out here think i wanted state that is hard finding someone worth caring for and yes i know i can't say i'm better then most but i lost my love because i feared losing her to someone and i ended up losing her to myself. but will find away to show her that i have changed even if it takes years or even if she never wants to speak to me i will let her see the progress for herself as i needed to trust her for herself so i hope she sees the growth and changes i went through and don't not worry i'llalways have you in my heart as well in my prayers my beloved hope we can be friends. (BTW Tell me Transformers wasn't hot come on i was mad happy it would've been better if you was next to me in threaters you know since we both waited for this day for sooo long!!!)

wow it's been a while well i wanted to send you guys some of my old poems


Ahh the happy times when the innocence of child and strong bond of father were what seemed to be pure but as time flows the unforgiving truth begins to show. The love of a father was nothing more of an illusionary dream. The child can no longer feel the warmth and affection of a father. It such a deep excruciating lonesome feeling as if it was a cold rusted knife slicing into the beginning of a broken heart. Friendship is the corner stone of one’s life when trust and loyalty, honor come into play.

Like night and day friends are nothing more but things that come and go but I have never met one who stayed and never judge nor betray. Yes there are friends I’ve grown up with but where are they now? If they would bump into me out in the street they look at me as I’m just a beggar or they forget the childhood memories that we shared which means we’re nothing but time wasted. Just as my life is a disappointment so is my belief in friendship all those who I trusted or inspired confirmed my greatest fear’s the fact of never being remembered or acknowledged by the world. This darkness and bubbling pain of spilled blood from this scar that I inflicted into my heart is one the most sad memories I choke on day in and out. I’m started wonder what’s the point to my life about?

What dismay to never found gentle mother that I longed for, only an ignorant and terrible excuse of wasted flesh and soul of a mother to whom I am the child to. Oh how I long for the love of a real mother one who I can talk to each day. Not this whore or lazy useless garbage that makes me feel that I should just kill myself and hope reincarnation is true to see if I get another shot at a good life like it was a roll of a die. How deep this scar bleeds numbing my body as it loses the right to breath. as I go on to cry into a shadowy dream of never living another day’s light.

True love was something I always looked forward to. It was my sole reason to believing in a happy ending to my miserable life. The end of my wrath and loneliness, it was going to be the whole point of my life of making sense out of it. It was everything I wanted it to be sweet and loving I was happy as I thought she was to. But atlas it wasn’t true she felt love for me at some point and some she didn’t but like a blind fool I never knew that she wasn’t happy. I still love her, like a lover would, I treasure her, painted a future that we both drew walking down hand and hand with a house also a boy or girl maybe even two. “Sigh” But now I’m confused when and which were the times that she loved me and when she hasn’t. How can I believe her now if she said she still loves me now? For how long has this been going? What caused it was it me? My mind is full of questions but no answers.

“Sign” Where did I go wrong? Was there another that filled her needs where I couldn’t? This uneasiness it’s what makes me feel as I’m drowning in my own blood and tears and makes me feel scarred for life. But one thing is true this pain has been the most painful that even the rejection from my past loves has left me bruised this broiling cruel icy experience will be forever be part of me, but things will not be the same unless she tells me the truth. Because my heart is broken not only by her but the disappointments of my life all which seem like a black hole swirling with no end. As a consequence it makes me feel better not looking forward to life anymore, since I have nothing to live for? no father, no friends, no mother, no one to love or care for. These aching scars will stay with me forever more. I mean what is the point of life if you can’t find love in any form. I hope the fates are fair that my existence will be taken away when I shut my eyes and look forward to that I will never see the light of day.

By: Walter Quiñonez Jr

my very last 2 english 102 essays

compare and contrast

In this paper, I’ll be comparing my past relationships with my present relationship with my loving girlfriend and soon to be wife. I’ll explain what I went through trying to be with these other women and what I did or didn’t do with my girlfriend compared to what I did with the other women. I will also mention the results on what I learned from each one and what I knew I wanted in a mate.

When I was younger I was deeply sprung by Sandra Racines. She was the very first person I ever fell in love with at the young age of 16. She was gorgeous. She had men problems just like every other 16 year old female did, but I used to think that I was the one that could make her happy so I started writing love letters and drown them in cologne. Each letter I wrote was pure heartfelt desire for her, but sadly she didn’t feel the same towards me because of my height and my young-looking face even though we were the very same age. But Sonji (my present girlfriend), as compared to Sandra, is just as gorgeous but the biggest difference between them is that Sonji loves me for me and doesn’t care how I look and isn’t as superficial as Sandra. Because of this experience I learned to look for someone who would love me for who I was.

Then 2 years later came Johanna. Granted, she was in a wheel chair and she was a bit on the talkative side but after what I learned from Sandra, I needed to look for someone wasn’t as superficial as she was. If I wanted someone that would love me for me I thought I would have to look for someone more in tune with her spiritual side. And I felt that Johanna was that one. She was poet and a singer. Even though she was challenged she had a soul of angel. I tried so hard that I did the same; I looked deep into my soul and became a writer and singer not for her but for myself to help search for what I wanted.

I wrote many poems and songs to her but alas, the way to her heart wasn’t from how much you love her is how much you willing to give her. Although now I know what wanted out of Sonji: she loves me not because I’m rich or handsome like a supermodel but because she loves me for me and is willing to be there for me if poor or rich or in the streets. That is what I call devotion and love.

Mil was a very attractive woman. I met her at the age of 22. She was very intelligent and spontaneous; she was the type that the moment you see her as you drive around she would stop traffic. She had the most enchanting eyes and personality. We went everywhere together and were inseparable. She was the only one that felt the same way I did but there was one issue that she never told me about. The reason we couldn’t be together was because her family had already began setting her up for an arranged marriage. And she only lived with me for a month I really didn’t do much with Mil. We met through her brother, who was my mother’s ex-boyfriend. She was from South Africa. But what I learned from this little set back was that I was on the right path on the type of woman I longed for. I know now I found that same enchanting feeling of love and sweetness with Sonji. She is as amazing as Mil was and more because I know she went through the same loneliness as I have.

Next was Ronica. Even though I never met her face to face, she was my first online love. She taught me many things about being an inner child yet at the same time being a dark gothic writer. She suffered many hardships as I did; she was beaten and raped and her family committed suicide when she was younger and she grew up with weight issue. I guess I felt the reason I loved her was because I knew where she was coming from and I felt the same thing as I did with Sandra: I wanted to be the one that would save her and give her a happy life that she never had. I wanted to show her that there was something to love. But as time past, we both become very dark and we both promised one other if we weren’t happy by the age of 30 that we would commit suicide and never be unhappy ever again. But our friendship grew apart and sadly I still worry about her but I can’t look back in my life. I want to break that promise. I need to do what’s necessary in order for me to be happy. And I know that with both Sonji and school I’ll be happy for the rest of my life. I know I will be loved and be successful not only as a paralegal but as human being for finding his purpose in life. What I’ve learned from Ronica is that you need to remember the things that make you suffer and depressed in order for you to realize what you want out of life and love. You have to learn what sacrifices you are willing to make to go and erase everything you’ve known for a life you never had.

Now to my beloved Sonji. We also met online. She is everything I ever searched for: not superficial or materialistic; she’s playful, understanding, and very positive; she’s very in tune with her spiritual side. Being around her has made me a changed man. I can’t ever think of my life without her. She has become my beacon of light.

In conclusion even in my youth I knew I wanted love and what type of mate I wanted. I thought any woman would be enough, but I guess after meeting these women it gave me more of an insight as to what my ideal woman or soul mate would be like and I’m glad that I finally found her.


In this paper I’ll be talking about the cause and effects of depression from my point of view. From my childhood through manhood, I’ll describe how it affected me and what was the cause of my depression, as well as what I did to break away from it.

I grow up in Brooklyn NY. My depression started when I was 4. Usually at this age a child has no reason to be depressed. But I did: there I was watching Care Bears, a family-friendly show, until I looked backed and saw my mother shooting needles into herself. Right there and then I grew to be afraid of needles. I knew what she was doing: she was shooting drugs and I learned a few years later that she did every drug that was created even before I was born and this was because of my real father Walter Quiñonez or better known as “Wally”. He was a drug dealer and user and he showed that life to my mother at the age of ten. My mother was such a fiend for drugs that she would beat and steal from me even at the age of 4 because she could never control herself. Luckily for me, my father died in jail of Aids when I was 9 years old. Even though I never recovered from this I channeled this depression and turned it into pure hate towards my mother and the rest of my family who led their life the same way.

Well ironically around the time my father and mother broke up or was away, my mother had another husband that my father never knew about. His name was Lefty and he was also a user and my mother spawned another child, my little sister Christina Matos Perez. Now my sister didn’t come out with any illness like I did. But at the age of 3, my mother abandoned my sister and gave her up to my grandmother. And her father died in prison the very same way my father did.

Because I now lived without any father figures, had a drug user as a mother, and was without a sister I grew with another depression: Loneliness. I never had a real family and I felt left out whenever I saw kids with their moms and dads out in the parks or on TV shows being happy. I grew up not knowing what love from a real family was like. As much as I learned, I had to understand that life was not fair. And that started the chain reaction of me wanting to die. I had nothing to live for, no real mom or dad or sister.

I would never know what being happy was until I met my new stepfather Hector Anaya. Of course, I treated him the same way I would anyone else: I hated him because I thought he was the same as the others that came before him, nothing but a useless drug user. But luckily I was wrong. He became the real father I never had. He showed me how to be a real son and kid. He taught me things about baseball and many things about music and how to have a sense of humor. But my mother’s ignorance changed all that 16 years later. My father left and abandoned us. I was 17 and again fatherless.

Then came the one person in the world that I hate: Anthony Castro. This scum came and ruined my life. Not only was he doing drugs but he also was supplying my mother with it and selling out to my friend. The first day we met we fought. Then my own mother came and joined in beating me with this guy; choking me and hitting me with bats and throwing me around. After that I began having rage and wanted to take anything and stab myself. Trust me, depression was a huge factor in my life but at this stage I choose to lay in my bed and let death come to me. I began stopping and had seizures on a daily basis but I didn’t care. I wanted to die. I mean, why live when everything is so unfair? I had no father. I had to worry about being beaten or robbed or my mother dying from overdosing which sadly I was hoping for at my age.

The thing that kept adding to the depression created by my home life was my social life. I had no social life. I had a bunch of friends that were doing drugs themselves and having sex with anything that moves. But the only true friend I ever had was Derek Andreas he was handicapped. He had brain damage and he couldn’t walk right so he had to use a walker. We were blood brothers: no matter how people judged him I would defend him. 4 years later on my 2nd to 3rd year in high school I found out my friend Derek was murdered by his own father in a drunken rage. And here I was again lonely and depressed. This time I started to say “the hell with it”. I started going the same path as my mother. I did a little bit of weed and started drinking. I felt I had every right to let my mind be at ease even if it would turn me into a hypocrite. As always my common sense kicked in and I left drugs and drinking a month later.

So I began looking for another way out of this depression by looking deep into my soul and search for my dreams. I began writing poems and singing and dancing and now I found a reason to live; to struggle in this life and then abandon it and create a better future and forget my past. But I’ll never forget what I learned from it. I became reason for those who never knew what hope was and I learned through wisdom that “Before anything can get better things most always be worse” and vice versa. That’s my cause and effect of my life.

Unlimited Graphics

well i guess is high time that start telling ppl about the new greatest forum i can't keep it a secret anymore (since everyone is pushing me to ad this place lol) well our good friend and worlds greatest sig maker (next to mooboo) SHADOWLINEX yes thats right he has his own forum which consumes of many wonderful tuts for photoshop and othe imagine products and also we talk about games and animes there and many others things. but beware spammers me and redlion11206 are global mods there. but it is a very interesting place to relax and find new ways to become a great sig maker and helps your artistic eyes become more wide open.