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Two Blogs In One Day


A second blog appears. On the same day too!

Anyways, seeing as I'm bored, I was wondering what some of the changes have occurred since my last appearance, just so I can be up to speed with everything going on.

Also, I feel like submitting more shows again, but I forgot how to do so.... yeah. The curse of not being here in forever takes its toll on me.

Dunno if I'll continue updating Hetalia: Axis Powers here, I might leave that to someone else.

Shows I'm planning on adding in:
Hetalia - World Series
Beelzebub (for some reason, it's there, but it's apparently a dead link)
Tiger & Bunny
Black Butler II (not sure to make it separate, or with the original)
Strike Witches
(Essentially any anime series that isn't present on at the moment)

EDIT 9/21/2011: Never mind about the submission part. Found it through the "Help" tab.

Anything Good To Read?

Tomorrow I'm actually going to my public library to get some books mainly for some classes that I'm taking right now in college.

Two of the books that I need are for an English class and a Spanish class. However, I want one for myself because I haven't truly read anything interesting in a while.

Any suggestions?

I would mainly like to read something science fiction or fantasy-based, and it doesn't have to be a manga.

Yesterday Was "That Day, Five Years Ago..."

It's been now five years since I've first joined this site.
And it's now been five years since I've used the internet for social media purposes.

While my activity here has been very dead-like, and promises that I've made haven't been done, there's much left for me to do here.

I do wish to blog and post like I used to, just like the good old days, but also to feel closer to those who I've met here on

My biggest regret now is that for the people that I met here, I haven't gotten close to you guys, unlike how I'm close to my friends on YouTube.

In addition, my tastes are evolving and expanding. I now have a PS3, and I use Steam. I still have my trusty Wii which I will proudly have for four years come my birthday next month.

It's hard to believe that five years have gone by so fast as well. I remember that I made some noobish mistakes back then, that I regret even now, but still, those were the old days.

I'm hoping everyone else is doing fine. It's been cloudy and cold, and fall is slowly creeping closer towards us.


So What Happened?

Yes. I didn't keep up my promise like I expected.

HOWEVER, stuff is still going to be in the works.

Currently I will be continuing on one guide that I'm working on, and then I shall start a new one.

Project(s) as of now:
-Hetalia: Axis Powers-

Albeit that I've made a minor mistake in the official titling (the first "a" is accidentally and "e"), this is currently the only guide I'm working on right now. Hetalia follows the story of Italy and his friends through the many misadventures that have through world history, starting from WWII, while having segments that flashback to past events of the cast.

Unlike most of the anime that Funimation has acquired, it's possibly one of the lesser known shows for:

1) It WAS supposed to be on T.V., but due to Korea having issues with it, it was removed from it's T.V. time slot, and made only available on the internet.

2) It's a more recent anime, since it only came out in 2009.

Despite this, it's grown quite popular here in the US. And the entire "Axis Powers" series, which consists of 51 episodes in 2 seasons is available to own on DVD.

Another project I might start on for adding more guides here would be "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt", but this will be on hold until I'm up to date with Hetalia related stuff.

Till some other time!

Grand Return!?

Okay, so I know that my activity here has been ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. However...

I'm making a grand return this time. The reason being is that I will submit more shows to's Database, and contribute more, as well as become an editor or TC for some shows.

Because of that, I'm likely to be more active again, for if I'm the editor for these shows, I'd have to check the Editor Queue. Which means, you'll be likely seeing me on here more!

So yeah, just to make a minor note that I'm not dead yet! :)

Also, I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!


BlazBlue = DO WANT

Based on my recent icon change to Carl Clover (a character in the series BlazBlue), I've had a desire to play/get BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger & Continuum Shift for either PS3 or 360.

Sadly, I don't have either of those consoles, though I wish to get a PS3 for my 19th birthday this year.

Also, I think BlazBlue would work well as an anime based on it's style.

Misc. Info: BlazBlue is the spiritual successor to the Guilty Gear series, in case you didn't know.

Other Misc. Info: What If...'s will make a comeback. #122 will come out eventually.


I Fail At Checking Up On Things

Seven months passed since I've last posted something already? Well, that's a fail on my part, but anyways...

I know that I no longer post on ANY show forum anymore. I've kinda gotten tired of the forum stuff a while ago, and it is very slim that I will post in any topic again. I've been busy for a while, so yeah.

Anyways, I might link my facebook to this account because I can, and IDK why I like blogging on here rather than other sites like blogspot or tumblr, might be because this is one of the first few sites I've been a part of.

Also, my fourth year anniversary on is coming next week, so yay. :)



After some thinking, I feel that it's come to this:
I will not close my account, but I will no longer be doing stuff on

I will instead work on my level on Gamespot as well as do reviews, normal blogs, and other stuff there.

You don't need to friend me there, as Gamespot is linked to and Movie Tome.