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Leveling up very slowly

I've been Level 30 for a while, I had like 10 submissions accepted plus 2 reviews and I've only went from 35%-45%.

Leveling up is so slow for this site.

Remember me?

I'm was busy with life that i coulden't come to this site!

Remember me? :)

And wow I got 109 messages. :?

Youtube is suspending everyone! *Please read if you have a account in youtube*

I have just noticed that the user georgepraetorian (famous from all his DBZ clips/ anime clips) has just had his account banned today

If you have a youtube account and have anime clips and dont want your account banned please say this

"I DO NOT own this clip. No copyright infringement intended"

Maybe with this your video wont get deleted with that on.

Hope "Adamdudeman1" is not gonna get banned :( getting on my nerves. But its a free country. you can call this a rant

Im getting real pissed at this site so is ALOT of people.

First off i cant do no curse in my rants for reasons i dont know why. I was in the middle of my rant and i keep getting crap that sayed that the words are censored. im not calling people the damn words. wow i just cursed call the cops! CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP

Second i cant even WRITE harly no reviews anymore without getting one of those stupid TOS warnings. ITS A FREE COUNTRY I CAN TELL THE WORLD WHAT I THINK OF A SHOW! you know what im gonna tell the world what i think of spongebob

ITs a piece of CRAP. the sponge is an annoying piece of crap that dosent know how to get a life. He hates girls like sandy. Which looks like a boy. and patrick. I bet he likes boys like spongebob gaypants. What a loser. I hope he gets killed. I wish i had a Death Note. if i had one ill kill him like this. At 6:20 AM he gets up in the morning goes to the street gets hit by a 1,000 pound oil truck, killing him and 100 people standing next to him. the fire starts blows up that bikini bottom.

let me guess now im going to get a TOS warnings for the rant i did on spongebob. WOW. thats just sad.

These mods gotta stop acting like heros.

And these mods better not give me a tos warning cause of this blog Because i dont see anywhere in the stupid rules about giving your OWN opinions in a damn blog.

Death Note: Currently my favorite anime. for alot of reasons

For along time i wanted to see an anime that wasn't bad. Alot of them failed, All of them had so much fillers and some stuff. as for Dragonball, it will remain my 2nd best anime ever because of Harley no fillers and great action. probably my favorite Action/adventure anime of all time.


death note is my favorite.

you know why?

NO ****ING FILLERS!!!!! :D :D :D

And of course more reasons

All the episodes are entertaining. No lame soundtrack, and will keep you wanting to watch the next episode.

And the awesome theme songs! well.. there's only 2.. but the 2nd one is a 10/10 the way the subtitles aren't real)

Well if you watch the series i bet you will agree with me :)


The TFS Dragonball z abridged episode 2 is up. i saw episode 1 but i havent seen ep 2. heres the link

All the animes you have ever knowed and liked/ hate

Whats the animes you known in your life and liked? which one you hate?

the ones i like:

Hamtaro (yes i liked it when i was small its probably one of the first animes ive ever saw)

Dragonball/z/gt (Yes i liked DBGT alittle bit even though people it hate i dont care)

Bleach (dont like the fillers that much though)


Death note (love it)

One piece (Only around the middle of the series but i still love it)

FLCL (Its very confusing but i still like it even though it has 6 episodes)

Zatch bell (Havent watch the whole series, not planning to for a while)

Pokemon (50/50, i liked the beggining of the series, the rest i dident like)

Immortal grand prix (IGPX)

spongebob (:lol: jk lol)


the animes i hate:

Inyusha (hate it tried it dont like it)

Zoids (i wonder if this is an anime. if it is i hate it)

how about you guys? you dont have to name all of it just the ones you hate or like