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New level!

I'm a Superfriend!
And umm...that's it...
Number of the Day: 116
Letter of the Day: A
Word of the Day: Amnesia
Quote of the Day: YAY HYPER,EVIL,RANDOMNESS!!!~Me after a fudge browie blast from Sonic
Picutre of the Day:

Orhtodonist appointment!

Number of the Day: 38
Letter of the Day: T
Word of the Day: Indigestion! :D
Quote of the Day:
You're the most sane insane person that's ever been sanely insane!
Picture of the Day:
HTML is evil again....
So....,where's the splat?

Well,I gotta go to the stupid orthodonist....get my teeth checked and get all my records for the year done. :( I'll tell you all how it goes when I get back....
Okay! I'm back!!!
Okay,I had to get x-rays of my mouth,get a teeth mold,and find out the date of my braces.The mold thing made me gag many times...oh and in exactly 22 days I have to get braces! Yay. :( Well if anyone has any ideas or inspirational words to help me go through these oh so troubled times(aka my braces) then please leave a comment! Wish me luck on August 22nd!

*yawn* bored....

Number of the Day: 24
Letter of the Day: I
Word of the Day: ....Platypus!
Quote of the Day:
Friends are like French Fries, they're nice but be careful, to many and you might get indigestion.~DPOF
Picture of the Day:

*Note,the pic of the day is by ME but it's pretty bad because all I have is standerd paint,no photoshop or anything.I made it because I was REALLY bored.*
Sooooooooo bored.....................*yawn* must resist urge to fall asleep out of boredom...

Awesome story!

Well it's still today soo....
Number of the Day: 98
Letter of the Day: U
Word of the Day: Vollyball!
Quote of the Day:If at first you don't succeed,you're not me. ~Mandy,The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Picture of the Day:

Okay,there's a DP fanfic called Well,This is Awkward and everyone should read it! Danny and Sam switch bodies! A little girly stuff but hilarious nonetheless! click here! You have to read it! The person who wrote it is making a sequel where they switch bodies AGAIN! If you want the link to teh first chap of the sequel,just ask. :D  This switch body one is actually written pretty good!
Oh and you should read this one too! It's a really good story by my friend CassyG!

Nothing new... Again

Number of the Day: 98
Letter of the Day: U
Word of the Day: Vollyball!
Quote of the Day:If at first you don't succeed,you're not me. ~Mandy,The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Picture of the Day:

Well like I said,nothing new. If I think of another skit thingy I'll write another one but I got no ideas. If you want to you can give me some ideas.

Bored again and a vote...

First off like I said I'm bored.....This is for tomorrow....Oh and I'm lvl 7-a talk show host!
Number of the Day: 59
Letter of the Day: Y
Word of the Day: Spagetti!
Quote of the Day: Do you me we as in we the people,we as in we three,or my favorite- WEEEEEE!!!!~Cosmo,Fairly Oddparents
Picture of the Day:

Don't ask.

Okay,I can't decide on which I should use for my personal image,pick one!:3 WINS!!!!







Which one should it be-you decide!

Oh and the final chapter of the Danny saga...aka the last chapter of the lovey dovey D/S convo....oh and the love emotion isn't taking Danny over anymore,this is normal Danny... Oh and don't read if you don't like D/S!
Danny: *flies back to Sam at 3:21 AM* Hi Sam!

Sam: *wakes up* AHH!! Danny it's 3:21 in the morning,what are you doing in my house?!?!!?

Danny: *turns human then sits on her bed* I couldn't sleep....I had to see you Sam....

Sam: *starts backing away* Uh.. well now that you
ve seen me you can go home right?

Danny: *starts getting closer* No,Sam...I came for you....

Sam: Danny are you okay?

Danny: Yes,I'm okay as long as I'm with you....

Sam:.....What are you going to do?

Danny:Something I've wanted to do for a long time.... *goes ghost and picks up Sam*

Sam: Where are you taking me?

Danny: Somewhere special....*flies to the top of the biggest hill and sits her down then turns human and looks at Sam*

Sam: *looking at the stars and the full moon* Why Danny it's beautiful.....

Danny: So are you....

Sam: *turns around* What?

Danny: *rubs back of neck sheepishly* Well I
ve been wanting to tell you something Sam....

Sam: Yes? (thinking: Is he finally going to say it?)

Danny: Well I uh.. sorta well... *starts phasing through ground by accident*

Sam: *pulls Danny up and stares into his eyes*

Danny: *looking into Sam's eyes* Well I um...

Sam: *kisses Danny on the lips* :oops:

Danny: I love you.....

Sam: * Danny grabs Sam by the waist and flies her to her house and sits her down on her bed*

Sam: .....I love you too....

Danny: *kisses Sam softly then flies off*Good night..... :)

The last chapter was requested by CassyG3 and if you want me to write another Chapter just ask,but if no one wants me to I won't. ^_^


Number of the Day: 83
Letter of the Day: P
Word of the Day: Salami
Quote of the Day: I smell it,their sweat,their fear,and.....beans? One of them has had a burrito!~Skulker,Danny Phantom
Picture of the Day:

Like I said,i'm bored and have nothing to do so here's the continued of Danny and his conscience! ^_^
Danny: *in longing puppy dog look/voice* Hi Sam....

Sam: Danny? Are you okay?

Danny: I'm okay as long as I'm near you....

Sam: Umm... I better go back to my house..I think my parents are calling me...

Danny: No! Sam stay here with me....

Sam: Um bye? *leaves*

Danny: *sits there*

Sam: What is wrong with him?One moment we're watching TV,the next moment he's staring at me like he does Paulina.....*shrugs* Oh well,what ever it is it should be gone tomorow morning.*goes to room*

Danny: *flies to Sam's house and floats outside of her window staring at her*

Sam: *sees Danny* AAHH!! What are you doing here Danny?

Danny: I couldn't stand being away from you so I flew here to see you....

Sam: Danny! Snap out of it! Go back to your house and get a good night sleep!

Danny: Okay...anything for you Sammy....*flies back to house*
I'm still bored.

Nothing new and a convorsation with Danny and his conscience! ^_^

Number of the Day: 47
Letter of the Day: F
Word of the Day: Snickerdoodle!
Quote of the Day: If who I am is what I have and what I have is lost,then who am I?~My 6th grade Social Studies teacher
Picture of the Day:

Well,like I said,nothing new but I leave you with this one-sided convorsation that DPhomegurl and bloo_herriman might recognize by Danny and his conscience.ENJOY!!
Danny: *after seeing Vlad in a bikini* AHHHHHH!!!!!!MY EYES!!!!! *goes into fetal postition*AHHHHH!!!!!!!

Danny's conscience: AHHHH!!!!!!!IT BURNS!!! *covers eyes then gets into fetal postition *

Danny: When did you get here?

Danny's conscience: Oh,I'm always here.I'm your conscience.

Danny: Uh huh..well I've officially gone crazy.

Danny's conscience: What took so long?

Danny: O_o Well I better go get in line for the looney bin.

Danny's conscience: NOOO!!!! Don't go!!!

Danny:Grrr... Okay I'l stay-wait a minute,if you said you're always with me,then how would I leave?

Danny's conscience.:Umm... I lied? Anyways the loony bin people block out your conscience.

Danny: Okay.....Well I'll stay because I'm bored!

Danny's conscience: YAY!!! So who do you think'll win?

Danny: Win what?

Danny's conscience: Who do you think'll win the poker in your head tonight?

Danny: What?

Danny's conscience: I thought you knew,me and your emotions get together to play poker every Wednsday night!

Danny: O_o Okayy...

Danny's conscience: Have you ever wondered why you like Sam so much every Thursday?

Danny: Uhh... yeah?

Danny's conscience: It's because whoever wins gets main control of your emotions and stuff,and just your luck,your love emotion always wins!

Danny: Okayyyyy.... I'm leaving....

Danny's conscience: Okay have fun! Be ready tomorrow,I'll tell you who wins!

Danny: Wait wanna bet that my love won't win tomorrow?

Danny's conscience: Sure! I get control of you the day after tomorrw if he wins okay?

Danny: Deal *shakes hands with conscience*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next day~~~~~~~~~~
Danny: So who won?

Danny's conscience: HA!! IN YOUR FACE!!!

Danny: Let me love emotion win didn't it?

Danny's conscience: Yep! And it will take over in 3...2...1....

Danny: NOO!!!!

Danny: *staring at Sam wiht longing puppy dog look* Hi Sam......
~~~~continued in next blog~~~~~~

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