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anamnawshad Blog

new blog after 3 years!!

Hello friends! (wonder if anyone remembers me :P)

I didn't come to GS as I used to, for a long time...

Just got an Xbox 360 Elite about 2 weeks ago.

So I'm gonna come here more often now that I'm a next/current gen gamer! :P

Game on friends! :)

The long awaited blog!! (With pics!)

Hello friends! (I'm not dead!!:lol: )

My apologies to u my friends and unions.....

My PC got a virus last week, so I gave it to service center. They re-installed Windows XP and cleaned some viruses....
I brought back the PC after 2-3 days. I installed some programs and made back-up of important stuff like save games, pics, songs etc. and went to bed.
Teh same virus attacked again next morning! :o This virus erases something from windows so the PC can't boot.....
I asked the people at the service center to break partitions of HDD and install XP then. I got my PC back 3-4 days later and it's been working fine since then :).

I came back from Nepal on 12th January but I've been too busy and lazy to post a new blog with pics :P
Anyways, I had a great time in Nepal! I climbed the Stupa mountain, went to the underground Mahindra cave, watched sunrise up from mountain, got drunk! and did a lot of other fun things…..:)

I've uploaded 18 pics selected from the 500+ pictures I took during my stay in Nepal. I wanted to arrange them serially but that'd take more time and I didn't want to make a new blog without the pics....:)


Pls let me now if the link is working. If u are asked for password then type anamnawshad85

From Nepal!

Well it's cold like hell and I'm a bit drunk :P :o (I'm not used to this stuff :lol: )
I'm safe and sound. My relatives had a lot of guests so the laptop was taken upstairs and there is no net connection upstairs....
I've been playing games and visiting some great places here....

Sorry for not posting blogs/pics cause this net connection is like ****!
I'll post pics when I'll be back in Bangladesh.
Happy New Year everyone! (Late) :)

Pokhara, Nepal

Going abroad

What's up friends? :)
I haven't made a blog in a long time....:P
I'm going to Nepal tomorrow...Inshallah
It'll be my first trip abroad. Well I lived in India for one year because of my father's job. But I was only a 1-2 year old kid back then :P

My mother's younger sister (she's like my sister! She used to be a member of my family before getting married....) and her family lives in Nepal....My uncle has a great laptop (compared to my desktop :P) So I'll be playing some strategy games on it :D
I won't be able to come to GS for 2-3 days (Maybe less...)
I'll try to post from Nepal with some pics of mine :)

I'm sorry for not posting in friend's blogs and unions....been busy lately....
Hope everyone is having a good time.
Oh, and
Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!In advance :P :)

I'm out of 'Hell'!!

I'm in level-21 now! :D
I reached level-20 on August 17th!!
Level-20 is the Hell of GS!
I was 99.78% of level-20 for 2 days! Now I'm 5% of level-21 :)
Feels good to be out of Hell :lol:

On other news my country is going through a bad time. 20+ people got killed during 3-4 days of political violence :(
This is the latest news.
Now the situation can get even worse or it can get better.
Word on the street is that the Army will be deployed!
I hope everything will get better soon.....:?

I'm back! After 5 days!

Sorry friends and unions, my net connection was blocked by teh ISP (Internet Service Provider) :evil:
They said our PC was uploading viruses :o

So I re-installed Windows XP. But still they took 2-3 more days to give out connection back :x
I missed GS and y'all alot! :oops:

I've been playing Empire Battle for Dune (PC) these days :P
It's an old RTS from Westwood. Tell me if u've played it.
My bro has been playing Scarface. It looks hella fun! So much profanity!! :lol::P

Now that I'm back I'll try to be active again :)
Also thanks to the union leaders for not demoting me to Recruit status :)

Attention! (If u want an MK emblem!)

Hello friends!
If u don't know yet about the GS Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Scream it Contest u must check it out!
GS is giving a cool MK emblem which u can see I have :D
All u have to do is vote for ur favorite video here

I love getting emblems :)
If u are emblem lovers like me then u'll thank me later ;)
Hurry up time is limited! :P

Do u want a free 360?

I'd like to have one :D
Check out this
If lucky enough u might get it........
This is my first blog from This is a test! :P

Check my previous GS blogs if u haven't ;)

Back from Suspention!

Sep 6, 2006 9:34 pm GMT +6
Subject: Forums priveleges suspended for TOS violation.

Your forums privileges have been temporarily Suspended for one or more major terms of service violations.

Reason for moderation: Not completely obscuring offensive/banned words

Action Taken: Delete Msg - Your suspension will be rescinded in 2 day(s).

That's why I was unable to post in unions, blogs, PMs etc.....:(

I think I didn't deserve this punishment. I've seen many users violating TOS in far worse way.....If I knew this would happen then I woudn't have made that post.....This is the 1st time I've been suspended.......:( I'll be careful now......

Sorry friends and unions if u missed me :P:)

PS: How many times did y'all got banned/suspended? :P

OMG I'm Metal Slime!

At last I've reached teh infamous Level-20! I don't know if this is good or bad:roll:

Well at least I'm a GS Elite now:D (Bow down N00bs:P)

As u can see I made my GS account at August 9th, 2003.
But I became an active GS member just November last year.
Ahh. If I were active 3 years back then I'd be lvl-30 now! :o
Ooh. I have 100 friends now! And 2335+ posts (Tiny amount compared to Billnye69's post count!:o)

Thanks to all my great GS friends :)

I've had a great time in GS, and I hope to be an active member for the coming days........:D

PS: If someone with good Photoshop skill can make me a banner I'll be grateful to him/her:)
The banner should have Master Chief from Halo:CE/Halo-2 and Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. At the mid part of the banner u should write Nawshad's profile. U may write ur name at the lower right corner of the banner.........I'll be waiting:)

Thanks again everyone:)
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