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I bought the game a while ago and I've been fighting it for a while. The game refuses to validate the disk despite the fact that it is the correct and original one. How do I fix this? Also, I bought the stand-alone, un-expanded, game of the year version of Company of Heroes. At least, I thought I did. When I patched the game the updater did not stop at 2.1 (which is the max for the normal game) but continued on to 2.602 (which is for the expansions). Also, when I put the disk in the drive my computer recognizes the disk as Tales of Valor. However, when I tried to access all of the stuff for the expansions it prompted me for a CD key. I put mine in and it said that I had already used that code. So, which version do I have? And if I have the expansions, how do I get to them?