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got black ops at midnight last night!

So my little brother decided he wanted to get black ops and we went out and got it at midnight at our local gamestop. Friggin madness out there! hahahaah a DJ, a huge van with all the games, just redic. Never went to a midnight gmaing thing like that, pretty legit for sure. Played it a bit last night online, def a sweet game. Can't wait to dive into single player today after work! I am friggin tired... lol

Put up some reviews and almost the weekend!

Put up some new reviews of some old games I haven't reviewed yet. Trying to get back i nto review writing so I can make sure the dead space one is a good one!

The weekend is almost here! Work this week has been boring but easy. Been taking a lot of mid day naps for some reason though. hahahaha Heading up to San Francisco for the weekend which will be awesome after a concert tomorrow night. Seeing "Enter Shikari." Go check em out for sure! Also saw a show on tuesday witht he band "Tides of Man." Anyways, let me know what you think of the reviews and hopefully I'll write one well enough where I know I can tackle dead space with a really good review.


Got Brutal Legend and Star Wars: TFU

Picked up two games at best buy yesterday with a coupon I had. They are both for sure pretty fun! I am a huge star wars nut, so I like the game for the story for sure. The gameplay is pretty good but I've definitely had some frustrations with the targeting. Still a great game though. Brutal Legend is just funny! So intensely metal, I love it! hahahaha Anyways, I will try and have my Dead Space review up soon as well as any random blurbs i think of.

Take care all!

Beat Dead Space!

That game was so legit! hahaha Seriously freaky, but a great story too and pretty dang good visuals. Can't wait for dead space 2! Going to put a review up soon I am sure. I also just recently got GTA Episodes from Liberty City. I played a bit of GTA 4 but don't own it. These expansions however I have heard were great so I can't wait to get into those soon!

In other news, not really doing too much for halloween. Trying to go out tonight but people really like to not come through. hahahaha Well, don't really have much more to post here... just so stoked that I beat Dead Space! Seriously, if you are into survivor horror titles, this one is pretty amazing! Check it out for sure! May have to pre-order the special edition of Dead Space 2 because they have some awesome extras for sure!

Bye for now.

Haven't posted a blog in awhile but I've been up to some good gaming and life!

How is everyone doing out there in the GS world? I've been up to quite a lot of things! hahaha

First off, I graduated college in June. Definitely felt like a great ending to a wonderful experience. I already miss it! hahaah I joined the US Navy as a submarine warfare officer, so I have been training for that. Spent the summer training with the marines for 12 weeks, working a desk job now, but then off to graduate school in december. Pretty exciting for me to really get my life rolling and being able to see all sorts of places around the US! really can't wait to get out to sea and start traveling!

On the gaming side of things, been kicking it with my PS3. Still love this system to death. Been going nuts with dead space and I love that game! Pretty nuts and freaky at times but the story is just amazing and I got sucked into this world quickly! If you're into survival horror, definitely check it out. Also, before I finished school, beat FF XIII. That was one amazing game, and while I haven't beat it 100% with all the hunts you can do, it was a great Final Fanatsy game! I was very much so emotionally attached to the characters even more so than in older games. A different direction for the series to move as a whole, and even RPG's in general, but I enjoyed every bit of it and it always kept me playing just for one more scene to further the story and understand the plight of all of the charcters involved.

Other than that, been playing some new iPhone games which are great on the go! Games I am really looking forward to playing soon include the GTA expansions which look way fun, and Enslaved. Can't wait for the holiday season and hopefully school doesn't bog me down too much where I get to play some game son the weekends still! So long for now~!

if you have a ps3, you need to play infamous!

If you have a ps3, you need to at least play infamous through once! that game literally took me by suprise. i could not put it down! it is a mix of grand theft auto, fable, and spiderman all in one! it is so much fun. i played through as an evil guy (i always play as a good guy, so this was really fun for me). this game is the best game for the ps3 so far this year! can't wait for more greeat games this year!!

got rid of some games and random update

sold back some old games as well as some games i am just no longer interested in. Got rid of star ocean: till the end of time. Just didn't like thisgame at all, played the first few hours. i think that i dont like star ocean games in general besides the second one i played on the ps1, that was hella fun! sold back shadow hearts. i almost beat the game, but really didn't need to finish it. i don't think i will continue that series. Definitely not a bad series, but not amazing by an standards in story and game play. sold back the darkness. didn't really get into that game, just didn't gel with me. also sold back fallout 3. i thought i would really like this game, but i guess i dont. i now know that i dont like super open ended games. i bought elder scrolls 3 back in the day and just couldnt get into it, so maybe i should have known. oh well...

for the update on my life i guess. did really well in school next quarter. should have my bachelors by june of 2010. stupid budget cuts and crappy economy! Christmas is almost uopn us, so merry christmas to all. hanukkah is gaining speed for all my fellow freinds, so mazel toff to all! and the new year will be here soon!!!!! can't believe it. had my 21st bday recently. went out and had a drink with my mom. bought some beer for my younger bros at midnight and we got to play beer pong in my garage. that was pretty entertaining hahahah Anyways, i am out for now. oh yeah, i also got resistance 2. that game is legit!!

peace and love!!!!

video game awards on spike!!!!

pretty funny.... all the acting and stuff is funny to watch. goota love it though. video games are taking over! hahaha go uncharted 2 bababy!!!! Terminator: Salvation looks interesting too... good times

new gs look...

eh... not so good in my opinion. seems harder to naviaget everything and find what i need. maybe it just needs some getting used to... only a couple more weeks of summer school! been playin a lot of resistance online... wanna get good for when the 2nd one comes out! yeah boi! hhahaha peace all

my lil bro got a wii!

i went home for the weekend and played! some awesome games! mario and sonic atthe olympics, wii sports, and brawl!!!!! awesome system