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Fable 3 Can't Wait!!!!

I just saw.... They have finally announced the Fable 3 collector's edition, the fable series, which is one of my favorites. I just can't wait till the holidays:D

"Time to break the piggy bank" lolz:P

New Pokemon Games Already, Pokemon Black & White Versions

Wow this is a both exciting and annoying topic. The big reason this is an exciting game is because I grew up on pokemon and figuring out that there is going to be new kinds of pokemon (5th Generation). But the main reason this news is really annoying is almost every year they pretty much convince you in to buying a new version every year.:roll:

Halo: Reach Beta

The halo reach beta is awesome but there is one thing that sucks about it..... the change class screen when you respawn, only because some people only end up changing their class without noticing it, which not only screws up your plans but can also get yo killed.:?