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inFamous and other games....

Well finally finished inFamous yesterday as the good guy and what a brilliant ending it was. I enjoyed the comic style of presenting the story but everything that happened until the end i could see coming. The end however totally took me by surprise and now I can't wait to go and play as an evil character.

Also finished Uncharted as well. only picked it up last week and found it absolutely brilliant. The graphics and gameplay were amazing and coupled with a good story and great lead character meant that I had to take breaks of inFamous. Can't wait for the second one now!

Currently also cranking through Street Fighter 4, although I suck at it, and also Little Big Planet which is brilliant. On the 360 also playing the amazing GH: Metallica and Left 4 Dead which are both awesome.

In news other than games went to see Terminator Salvation on the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. As an action film it was great with great action scenes and a good story which surprised me! Was it worth waiting 20 years to finally see the epic future battle, probably not but as a film in its own right I thought it was a very entertaining film.