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Finally finished!!!

Well finally finished my third year at uni this week! Had to do a presentation which was a bit scary but at least its done.

On the games front playing through Battlefield 1943, Secret of Monkey Island: SE (on a arcade binge at the moment) and Wolverine: Xmen Origins! Battlefield 1943 is awesome and cos its on the hard drive you can just jump in anytime you feel like without swapping discs! With Monkey Island I'm having a great time with it, having never played a point and click adventure game before its all new and a bit confusing but the hint system makes things a bit easier. I see why everyone goes on about this game now. Wolverine is just stupid fun and very gory!

In other news watching Prison Break Season 4 and its amazing! Haven't really enjoyed Prison Break since season 1 but now I think its back to that level! Also reading the Halo books and finding them very good although its weird to have more than one Spartan! Its making my want Halo: Reach so might have to get ODST to get access to the beta!

Looking forward to Batman, Watchmen Blu-ray (although probably going to import the American version to get the Directors Cut), Splosion Man, Trials HD and Shadow Complex!