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E3 2009 - My thoughts

Well after the 3 big press conferences I have to say Microsoft and Sony absolutely hammered Nintendo! I mean don't get me from I know the new Mario Galaxy will outsell everything Sony and Miscrosoft will put out but it seems they are resting on their back catalogue.

I think it was a draw between Sony and Microsoft as the exclusives cancel each other out. MAG, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 were my favourites for Sony and for MS Halo: Reach, Splinter Cell Conviction and L4D 2. I have both consoles so I'm glad I don't have to pick and choose between them. Natal and Sony's motion sensor were both great for different reasons; Natal will be awesome for fun 'games' and to browse the dashboard but I can't see it working with FPS or RPGs. Sony's motion sensor is cool and will be fun to play with FPS and would be amazing to play Legolas in a new LOTR game! Plus seeing the genius Hideo Kojima was awesome. MGS for the 360 and PSP = awesome!!!

Overall seeing Assassin's Creed 2 was the highlight of the conferences closely followed by the reinvented Splinter Cell Conviction.