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Tagged the musical edition!

So bangell99 tagged me so here we go in no particular order:

Alter Bridge - Ties That Bind

Alter Bridge - Metalingus

As I Lay Dying - Confined

Fallout Boy - Beat It (I don't know why but I really like this cover)

Metallica - Devil's Dance (Random vid!)

Metallica - And Justice For All

Mastadon - Colony of Birchmen

And there you have it! Comment to let me know what you think! I tag GordanFreeman04, DISCOSTEW360, DoomBringer2010, ferrari2001, lord_ofoblivion, PredatorPT and SLICKViP!

Union Video


Put this together for the Unreal / Epic Games Union which GordanFreeman04 created! I thinks its k! Not bad considering I had to use MovieMaker to create it!

Exams over!!!

At last I have finished my exams! Locked up for 6 weeks was not fun at all! I couldn't care less how I did in them either! To celebrate I bought Bioshock and the Orange Box for my PC (cheaper to get both games on PC than either 1 individually for my 360!) and I was not disappointed at all! Get my Xbox Live subscription soon then its gaming non-stop!

Finally HD gaming!

Finally got my 24" Monitor today! It is amazing! At last I get to game in full HD! Unfortunately I still have to revise for my exams next week! Then I'm gonna be gaming non-stop especially when I get my Xbox Live subscription!

Army of Two

I really like this game and on reading the reviews I was quite shocked that it got such low scores. I mean the graphics are great, the story line is good and it doesn't make fun of a big issue, if that was the case then so does COD4. Also the co-op element, which is the entire game, is amazing with complete control over ur patner and using the environment to ur advantage. I thought this game was brilliant and will write a review of it shortly once I've played a bit online.

Rambo 4

Saw this movie and my jaw hit the floor! Couldn't believe how violent it was! Found a couple of scenes quite horrific eg. the attack on the village. Really enjoyed - rmours of Rambo 5 too!

Gears of War 2

Got the possiblity to be one of the best games around! will it? i hope so i LOVE i mean seriously LOVE everything about the 1st game! whats not to like? chainsaw bayonet, Rambo's expoding arrows and enough blood n guts for a Rob Zombie movie! from what ive seen of GDS n how they presentated Unreal Engine with GOW it looks as if its going to surpass the original! id like to see more variety of weapons, destructable environment and get to kill that annoying guy who talks at the end of the game! who is he anyway? well roll on november!!!

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