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Finally finished!!!

Well finally finished my third year at uni this week! Had to do a presentation which was a bit scary but at least its done.

On the games front playing through Battlefield 1943, Secret of Monkey Island: SE (on a arcade binge at the moment) and Wolverine: Xmen Origins! Battlefield 1943 is awesome and cos its on the hard drive you can just jump in anytime you feel like without swapping discs! With Monkey Island I'm having a great time with it, having never played a point and click adventure game before its all new and a bit confusing but the hint system makes things a bit easier. I see why everyone goes on about this game now. Wolverine is just stupid fun and very gory!

In other news watching Prison Break Season 4 and its amazing! Haven't really enjoyed Prison Break since season 1 but now I think its back to that level! Also reading the Halo books and finding them very good although its weird to have more than one Spartan! Its making my want Halo: Reach so might have to get ODST to get access to the beta!

Looking forward to Batman, Watchmen Blu-ray (although probably going to import the American version to get the Directors Cut), Splosion Man, Trials HD and Shadow Complex!

inFamous and other games....

Well finally finished inFamous yesterday as the good guy and what a brilliant ending it was. I enjoyed the comic style of presenting the story but everything that happened until the end i could see coming. The end however totally took me by surprise and now I can't wait to go and play as an evil character.

Also finished Uncharted as well. only picked it up last week and found it absolutely brilliant. The graphics and gameplay were amazing and coupled with a good story and great lead character meant that I had to take breaks of inFamous. Can't wait for the second one now!

Currently also cranking through Street Fighter 4, although I suck at it, and also Little Big Planet which is brilliant. On the 360 also playing the amazing GH: Metallica and Left 4 Dead which are both awesome.

In news other than games went to see Terminator Salvation on the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. As an action film it was great with great action scenes and a good story which surprised me! Was it worth waiting 20 years to finally see the epic future battle, probably not but as a film in its own right I thought it was a very entertaining film.

E3 2009 - My thoughts

Well after the 3 big press conferences I have to say Microsoft and Sony absolutely hammered Nintendo! I mean don't get me from I know the new Mario Galaxy will outsell everything Sony and Miscrosoft will put out but it seems they are resting on their back catalogue.

I think it was a draw between Sony and Microsoft as the exclusives cancel each other out. MAG, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 were my favourites for Sony and for MS Halo: Reach, Splinter Cell Conviction and L4D 2. I have both consoles so I'm glad I don't have to pick and choose between them. Natal and Sony's motion sensor were both great for different reasons; Natal will be awesome for fun 'games' and to browse the dashboard but I can't see it working with FPS or RPGs. Sony's motion sensor is cool and will be fun to play with FPS and would be amazing to play Legolas in a new LOTR game! Plus seeing the genius Hideo Kojima was awesome. MGS for the 360 and PSP = awesome!!!

Overall seeing Assassin's Creed 2 was the highlight of the conferences closely followed by the reinvented Splinter Cell Conviction.

Killzone 2 Demo

Well just finished the demo and I'm slightly disappointed! The graphics looked GREAT really GREAT! I love the blood hitting the screen when you get shot! However even with the controller sensitivity turned all the way up I still found it too slow! This is just personal preference and its not a shot at the game because its obviously a design choice! For me I look my shooters fast and furious like COD and Halo and I've struggled at the slower paced shooters like Rainbow 6! I'll probably pick it up anyway when it drops in price!

FEAR 2 at the end of week! Very excited by that!360 or PC?

Resident Evil 5 and other things....

Played the RE5 demo yesterday and I have to say it was pretty poor. I thought the graphics were very good but the gameplay was horrible! The constant switching of weapons was annoying and the fact you can't run with the knife equipped was just plain stupid. Also the AI was extremely stupid I mean I know they are zombies but still they run to where you just were and just stop and take an age to swing whatever they have armed themselves with! I'm quite disappointed because I was REALLY looking forward to tis game!

In other news I just bought the first FEAR game cos it was only 5 quid as well as the 2 expansion packs! I bought it because I downloaded the FEAR 2 demo and really enjoyed it! Really enjoying the FEAR game just that little girl creeps me right out.

I have also been on a bit of a Rockband 2 binge recently and got some more songs including Warzone by Rob Zombie and I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy which are really fun!

Anyone else excited for Killzone 2?

New Blog!

Its been a while since I last posted a blog due to uni! On placement since September so up at 6 home at 7 but now I'm back!

Managed to finish Far Cry 2 yesterday and was a bit disappointed -gameplay was amazing especially when I got some decent guns but thestory was a bit flat.

In other news GOW2 and GH:WT are out tomorrow and I can't wait! Pre-ordered them so I'm gonna have a long, fun weekend!

Unreal Tournament 3

Well I just thought I'd say how amazing this game is! Been playing non-stop for about 2 days now!

The multiplayer and Instant Action modes are amazing especially with low gravity and speed mutators. I never thought that a multiplayer could compare to COD4 or Halo 3, in my opinion, but I honestly think UT3 is better than both of them. However, the campaign is not as good as the those games though, its pretty decent but is just a warm up for the other modes.

Also, got a couple of Mods running as well which brings Master Chief and Marcus Fenix to the PS3! Also got the Action Cam mod to make it a 3rd person shooter.

All in all I think its an amazing game!!!

Rockband pedal!

Finally this week I had enough of the RB stock pedal! Playing Welcome Home on expert and the pedal was saying I was missing hits I know I was hitting! If you own the game you will understand what I mean!

So today I finally finished converting my real bass pedal into a RB pedal! My scores have gone up and my legs no longer hurts after playing. It was surprisingly easy to do! You can pull the sensor and magnet out of your stock pedal and do it that way but I was too scared to pull my old pedal apart! You can also make your own sensor but I'm rubbish at soldering and stuff so I gave that a miss! Instead I opted for the button pedal and just stuck it under my real pedal! Simple as! The button pedal thing is on ebay!

Lets hope RB2 deals with this issue!

Xbox Live Friends

I am in need of some friends on Xbox Live, I know its sad but there we go! I play the following games:

- Call of Duty 4

- Gears of War

- Halo 3

- BF: Bad Company

GT: alterbridge9

So if you feel like adding me then I thank you in advance! All I request is that you say when you add me that you know through GameSpot! Thank you! Cya online!

My PS3

Got my PS3 wooooooo! Well got it about 2 weeks ago now but haven't been online for a while as a consequence! Got GTA4 and MGS4 so far so its all downhill from here lol! I don't like the controller but it is a massive improvement from the PS2 controllers! I LOVE the free gaming online with the in built wireless reciever! Its a brilliant console but I say the +'s and -'s equal the +'s and -'s of the 360 so they are just as good as each other. It's just a question of which exclusives you want so I decided to get both to not feel left out!
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