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The E3 coverage Had flaws and more call of duty.

Well this has been one interesting week, E3 was bigger than last year, Nintendo wii is coming in black, microsoft has some scifi camera and sony has some... interesting looking motion controllers or should i say toys.

Gamespots live coverage of the conferences was bleak in some ways like getting stuck at the countdown page, telling people not to refresh the page because it will do it automatically but it never does. E3 coveage keeps freezing probolly caused by the governor freeze gun in california.

Microsoft picked the wrong screen to have a xbox logo behind their speakers.

Ubisoft conference lagged right through, could only see 3 seconds at a time then don't see 3 seconds as well.

Activision, sony and nintendo coferences went well.

The E3 live coverage listings got changed around near the end.

The E3 coverage from the gamespot crew, like to point the camera at steel beam alot.

overall good show


In other news i will be uploading a whole bunch more user videos, when i am done editing them all.

They will showcase call of duty 5 world at war for the wii, all the levels and will not be filmed by a camera but something better.

The big E309

The big E309 confernace starts tommorrow hopefully gamespot will be airing some coverage of it monday till firday.

hopefully i will get some more emblems and view whats at the nintendo, microsoft and sony stage area's since i can't afford to go to Los angleas califorina.

Maybe nintendo tells everyone they made a pikmin 3.

Maybe microsoft ripped off an idea from nintendo.

And maybe sony did nothing at all.

Tagging system operational

It seems the tagging system is operational again and it seems that some other gamespot members were having the same problem.

This may of have been resolved early in the morning.

This is good since i don't have to write over 800 tags again.

It took gamespot long enough to notice.

(i just took a seond look at it and still seems to be glitched as it went back down again)

I hate cursed glitches.

tagging system out of order

Gamespot's tagging system seems to be out of order since all my tags for everything has been reset to zero.

Maybe it was a glitch or something worse all i know it has been set to zero and somehow im a tagger king too today?

Anyways i know the emblem system is bugy, so maybe i'll wait a few days and see what happens.

Who knows maybe gamespot got rid of the tagging system because it was being over used.

Too bad since it helps friendly users navigate this site.

uploading videos!

I just happened to beat majora's mask on the virtual console in one week.

during that time i had the chance to record the final boss scene in the game, it might be posted under boss fight, but the middle parts might go under the speed run, just because it went fast.

the majora's mask is in 4 parts since there is a cap on the size here.

I'm also uploaded a video containg what is on wii

I hope next week?

I hope that next week thatnintendo on it's virtual console, release the long over due Majora's Mask.

Because the only thing i have been playing right now is battlefield heroes over and over again, which is quite boring me to death.

Plus if they release it next week i can get all the dust off my wii since i haven't played with it since almost month.

Nintendo get up and breath the freshair and start releasing more than one vc game per week too. (try about 5-10).

I see the bonus

I think gamespot is handing out their bonus level points out, to members who voted for them for a webby.

Since earlier today my percentage towards the next level was about 7 and flew up to 16 out of nowhere.

The gamespot should of gave us a headups about this.

It seems to be they won a webby

It seems that gamespot has won a Webby award, since they didn't talk about it on the home page.

I had to learn about it from getting a new emblem, which is pretty nice.

On the webby awards site it makes it look like that gamespot came in second place, with a peoples choice award and that game magizine site came out in first somehow?

Finally back up to level 20

Finally got back up to level 20 on my profile today.

I used to be level 20 only a couple months ago, but gamespot started to pay attention to the leveling up system and my level went down, to make things even for them.

Metal Slime ilike being that again.

Hopefully gamespot might win the webby's awards and might get a new emblem and some bonus points to level up some more.

battlefield heroes beta is 50/50


So i stated playing EA beta of battlefield heroes not too long ago and i found the controls to bereally simple, but the one thing i hate about it, their is no function or control to make your character like run faster since it takes alot of time to get around some differentmapssometimes. Some other problems i have with this game is that some uber noobs have already started putting their money into it in order to get new weapons and clothing, which is stupid to do.


Some of thethings i like about battlefield heroesis that in order to get more ponits to level up there are missions, in which you might put on by the client character selection screen and with each level earned and mission done you are able to unlock some bonus stuff for your character like burning bullets, better health kits and gernades. I also like that if your close to one of your allies while both hurt you may heal yourself and your allie by using your own health kit.

Overall battlefield heroes is an alright free game to play and lets see how good it will become once it's out of the beta testing.