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Ode to Gamespots Tom McShea

Ode to GameSpot's Tom McShea

Gamespot's ignorant Tom McShea,
Zelda Skyward Sword he tried to play.

He claimed the controls were bad,
And made the Zelda community mad.

Not because they can't handle his score,
But because he played with errors galore.

"Do not waggle" we were all knowing,
But Mr McShea made no such showing.

He pointed his remote at the screen,
Motion Plus usage he could not glean.

Like it was Twilight Princess he would play,
Never once thinking that he'd lost his way.

He wrongly criticized Skyward Sword,
Unaware the controls deserve an award.

Publicity perhaps was the trick up his sleeve,
But now no review from Tom can we believe.

So a reviewer who knows not a game's worth,
Shall be called a "McShea" from this day forth.

i dont take credit for this, i just wanted to share it with you guys, i thought it was kinda funny ;)

Skyward Sword is just awesome

im absolutly loving this game right now. ive played for a few hours and i just beat the first temple. the temple was very interesting because of all the puzzles that use the sword and items. the boss fight was brilliant and fun, because of the awesome sword control. i like how they are making great use of the motion control of the wii, it makes me sad for all of the games that didnt use it early on in the wiis life.

the story is also intresting, it leaves me longing to discover more. the game also surprised me because it isnt following the traditional zelda formula as much, it actually feels different. i also feel the need to explore now, and i havent felt that for a long time in a zelda game.

of course im still early in the game so i cant say much other than that. but i can tell you if you have doubts about getting this game, push them aside because the first few hours already have me hooked.

What do you mean the controls have issues...

they are just fine and very responsive (in skyward sword).

i dont understand why tom bashed them because they are working extremly well for me. every sword slice is precise, even the bird flying is tight and fun. what was tom thinking?

DA DA DA DAAAAA!!! you just got...


its finally been released, i cant believe i actually have it in my hands. the case and the remote look beautiful.

thats all i have to say for now, im going to play the game!!!

Its TIme to Relax About Video Game Reviews

to those who read my previous blog, and saw the insanity that is the comments on the zelda SS review.

i remember the days when i was a new gamer. when i didnt give a flying monkey for reviews or what not. i used to look at the covers of games in the store, see what interested me, and buy it. 90% of the time i would end up making a great choice, like when i chose donkey kong country and zelda allttp back in the snes days.

nowadays, im roaming all over the internet to find reviews, mostly review scores i have to admit. if a game im really hyped for doesnt get above a 9, then i feel dissapointed, and i cant deny it. half the time some of us dont even bother reading/watching the review itself. and thats wrong.

we have also reached the point where if a game does not get a 9+, no, i should say 9.5+ its not worth playing, or its time to get our rage on. an 8 is no longer a great score. back then a 9 was something hard to achieve, and when a game like OoT got a 10 my mind blew up. these days 9's and 10's are handed out like they are the "norm" and are expected.

now of course im going to relate this to zelda SS reviews. ive been excited about this game so much since it was announced. i couldnt help but feel that this game deserved a 9.5 at the least even though i havent even touched the game yet. reviews rolled in and wow, i was happy, it was getting 10's and 9.5's all over the place. then came the 7.5 from gamespot, and everyone went "FLOP" and started to rage.

i really feel bad for tom, he is probably the most hated reviewer at the current time. why, because he posted his opinion on a game that he just experienced. so he didnt like the game as much as everyone else, and he found problems that stood out only to him. thats ok, its his opinion after all right? no, everyone started to swear at him for no good reason.

my apologies to tom because even though i didnt swear at him or anything, i felt some hate as soon as i saw the score alone, without even reading his review. of course i read it afterwards but i still felt some hate.

i think its time for me to stay away from reviews, im going to try deciding on a game by myself. also a suggestion from me is to stop including scores in reviews, just list what the game did right and what it didnt. tracking down reviews for zelda SS has completly ruined my anticipation for skyward sword, and i regret it greatly.

sorry about this rant but i had to get it out. ill be back with some impressions on zelda SS once i get the chance of playing it. peace

Im Downright Confused With Gamespot Right Now...

at first, during the 6th gen of gaming, i used to stick with gamespots reviews because i thought they were the most reliable. then when this gen started, the 7th gen, reviews started to get a little strange. i started to feel like gamespot was alit more harsh than they should be.

now usually this review problem is with nintendo games, and only a few ps3/360 games. i come on today and all of a sudden i see zelda with a 7.5. i literally freaked out. i said ok let me see what he said about the game, so i read the review.

now i have to say, even though everyone has there own opinions on each game, tom's review was downright strange. one of the highlights i read were how the game had poor control. now i could make a bet on this for any nintendo game, i would give away my whole gaming collection if nintendo ever released a game with poor control. nintendo has never done this with any of their games, every single one ive played had great control. i especially find it strange when nintendo has worked for 5 years on this and NO WAY would they release it with bad controls. every other review out there praised the controls and called them revolutionary.i mean nintendo is all about the gameplay right?

another highlight was how the game was practically the same as the previous zelda's. really? cause all the trailers certainly looked alot different. every single review said it redefined zelda and brought in many fresh ideas. i just dont get what tom meant by saying that. it just doesnt compute with my mind.

i dunno if tom just has different opinions in gaming (like his infmaous 2 review) but even without playing the game i already disagree with him on some points.

sorry i had to get all of that rant out, but it was just too surising to me. i think gamespot has a problem with zelda games since their reviews on them are always lower than the crowd. ive been waiting patiently for 4 years, ive preordered the special edition bundle months ago, the game has too much praise besides gamespot, so nothing will stop me from getting this game this weekend.

why the 360 pwns my ps3

this is a very insightful video that will tell you why the 360 is so much better than the ps3:

note: i dont mean to make fun of the 360 or anything by sharing this vid (which isnt mine). the 360 is a great system, this video is just a joke :P

VERY Surprising Move by my Mom (gaming related)

before i start, i just wanted to say that ive been bashing COD since MW2, and that ive never purchased a COD game ever. reason being is not because its not a good game, its just they never improve it and release the same thing every year without many improvments. also im largly a single player gamer so an online game doesnt interest me much.

so today my mom came up to me looking very exited. she pulled out a brand new game and gave it to me. surprise surpise it was COD MW3! my jaw dropped. how did my mom know about COD? especially when i never purchased one before?

she was looking at me and i guess she was anticipating my face to light up with happiness but it didnt. i asked "how much did it cost?" she said it cost around 70 with tax! i just hugged her and said that i appreciate it, but i might have to reconsider since i might be able to get a better game with that cash.

the copy is still here, yet i regret my reaction to her gift. i guess i might have dissapointed her alittle. its kinda ironic that i ended up buying a MW3 copy when i bashed it so much lol.

i might end up accepting it just to make up for my bad response. i guess it couldnt hurt to have one COD game in my library...

so what do you guys think?

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Just picked up ICO and Shadow of the Colossus collection today from Future Shop. I had a 25 dollar gift card and decided "hey, why not". ive never played these games before but ive always heard that they were great especially SotC. i could have purchased UC3, or R3, or B:AC, but i was just too curious about this collection and had to get it. ive played SotC more so far and i love it, only got up to the 3rd boss/colossus. i played abit of ICO and it seems like a nice puzzle game that i would enjoy for awhile.

anyways, hopefully this will keep me busy until Zelda Skyward Sword comes out. later guys.

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