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Studying for the SAT's

This weekend has been pretty boring so far. Studying for the SAT is my top priority this weekend as I'msitting for it next week. I'm confident that I can do well on the math section. However, I still think that I need some more practice on the Critical Reading parts. I'm also torn apart thinking about whether to apply for US colleges or just Canadian ones. I need to start filling up my college applications but I don't feel like doing the tedious work rigth now.

On the other hand, TV's fall season is here and I can't wait to get a daily fix of my favortie shows. My favorite serial killer Dexter is finally back and I can't wait for Dexter's new, dark adventures. Also, Greys Anatomy is back aftera dissapointing third season and House remains one of the best shows currently on air.

Mourinho exits Chelsea FC

As much as I hate the guts of this man, I can't help but acknowledge his impact on Chelsea these past three years. He won the premier league for Chelsea for the first time since 1955 which is a remarkable task in itself. I wonder who Abrahomvich is now going to get to replace Mourinho as manager. With Chelsea facing Manchester United this Sunday, it's going to be difficult for the team to play well, especially with many major players being injured.

New Fall Shows that I'm looking forward to watch.

Top 5 shows on my must see list for this year's fall tv shows:

  1. Pushing Daisies: I've heard much about this show from everyone and I'm looking forward to watching it.
  2. Aliens In America: I find the CW's new comedy show hilarious from the previews I saw and I can't wait for more. Looking at the show's page on this website reveals to me that several people are not willing to give this show a chance for its 'racism'....
  3. Reaper: I don't know why, but this show looks much more interesting to me than 'Chuck'.
  4. Dirty Sexy Money: I'll tune in to check out this show since it has the potential.
  5. Private Practice: I didn't like the last year's episode that introduced Kate Walsh's new show but I have faith in Shonda to make this another great show.