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Poll No.30 + picture of the day + other news...

Sorry for the so long delay of unveiling last poll's results and posting a new one.

Just to remind you, the question of the last poll was "How often do you play retro games (NES, SNES, Genesis)?" and here is the result

I can see from the results that people are more fond of current generation of consoles but never away from the old time Clasics specially after making them available through current consoles.

Anyways, it is time to move on onto a new poll and here is the question
"Poll No.30: Do you buy second hand games?"


For Final Fantasy fans, Here is picture of the day.
Author: *meru-chan


I once posted some interesting articles about videogames, well here are some more but I warn you, they are long :P

- Super Mario World

- Super Mario Galaxy

- Metal Gear Solid 3

- Metal Gear Solid

- Final Fantasy XII


I once showed you my two new blogs "oln1" and "game-nerds". I spent sometime on them the last week to redesign them and make'em more attractive and easy to navigate. If you please can have a look and give me your feedback, I will be greatful.

Thanks for reading,

- Ali -