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Passive gamer...

Passive smoking is the act of inhaling cigarette smoke by none smoking persons which is scientifically approved very harmful and can even cause more damage on non-smokers than somkers themselves but do the same concept apply on gaming:?

In my personal point of view I define passive gaming as the act of "inhaling" :lol: an amount of gaming without actually playing the game and that of course will be only by watching someone playing a videogame. I'm pretty sure most of you are active gamers but there has to be some moments where you've turned into a passive one.

As for me, I thought of this blog because that happens to me almost all the time because me and my brother live in the same room and most of our gaming activities are within this room, so whenever I play a videogame it is possible for him to be the passive gamer and vice-versa. As we know in case of passive smoking it is considered dangerous and has zero advantages but how about passive gaming?

healthwise, gaming will have the same effect on both and probably less effect on the passive gamer but what is more important is gaming wise, isn't it? Lets see about that, What are the advantages and disadvantages of passive gaming?

A: If you are passively playing a game you already finished before you will find it very fun watching and observing the person playing the game, for example in my case, these days I've been passively playing both "MGS4" and "GTA IV" which I already finished before. In case of MGS4 it was fun watching the cutscenes again and having a more understanding of the game's story and even discovering things that I haven't done on my playthrough. While in case of GTA IV I had the same fun of watching the hilarious cutscenes again and in addition I've been enjoying my brother's very different

playing method which is very violence and funny to watch.

D: On the other hand if you are watching a game you didn't play then you are going to be exposed to spoilers that will lessen the fun factor of playing that game later on which is happening to me right now while I'm writing this blog because my brother is playing ICO and I've seen some puzzle solutions. Even in some cases seeing a lot of that game might make you hesitant to play it later on.

A: A passive gamer that intends not to play the game you are playing can be a very good help and sometimes could be a better observer than you are. My friend for example plays Zack and Wiki with his passive friend gamer who helps him with the puzzles and enjoys it too.

D: There are games that you shouldn't play in front of your friends because they might take your full attention and won't entertain them at all and if you play them in front of your girlfriend they might disturb your relationship :lol:. I think first person shooters are the main culprit in this situation as they don't require anything from people watching you, but there might be some exceptions if the game made them laugh :D

There must be more advantages and disadvantages but those were the ones I thought of from my latest passive gaming experience. I will be happy to hear about yours in the comment section and what you think about it.

Finally just a cute picture

That is our cat passively gaming :lol::lol::lol:


- Ali -