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Monthly Blog (October 09 Edition)...

Hello everyone and welcome again to my monthly blog. I'm very happy for the positive feedback from the previous monthly blog and I hope I'd be up to your expectations this month too ;)

I would like to apologize for not commenting on many posts due to my laptop malfunctioning which prevented me from surfing the internet at work. I'm going to buy a new laptop soon and I will hopfully be active again.

This month's picture is a very funny joke combining two important subjects, Halloween and swine flu :lol:



- Funny People
Score: 8
- Drag me to Hell
Score: 7
- Angels & Demons
Score: 7
- Reservoir Dogs
Score: 8
- king of Kongs
Score: 6.5
- Match Point
Score: 7.5
- Gosford Park
Score: 7.5


Reservoir Dogs


Honorable Mention

Funny People




Total trophies earned: 28

- all 14 from Critter Crunch
- 2 from MotorStorm Pacific Rift
- 7 from Batman Arkham Asylum
- 5 from Wipeout HD.

Side note: Wipeout HD has the hardest trophies of all PS3 games, the 5 I obtained are just the easy ones.

- Here is my latest PSN trophy card:

King of the Jungle (Gold Trophy): A hard and very enjoyable trophy to obtain. Requires completing the adventure mode with very hard levels at the end of it and completing 99 puzzles increasing in difficulty with the last 20 being very hard and very satisfying to complete.

Played (Total of 71 hours):

- Final Fantasy VI (GBA, 2 hour)
- Rock Band 2 (PS3, 3 hours)
- Guitar Hero Metallica (PS3, 12 hours)
- MotorStorm Pacific Rift (PS3, 27 hours)
- Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3, 4 hours)
- Critter Crunch (PSN, 19 hours)
- Wipeout HD (PS3, 4 hours)


- Critter Crunch (PSN)
My Score: 8.5


Critter Crunch

Garlic: from Critter Crunch
A great item that will make Biggs burps and push the creatures back one line.

Biggs from Critter Crunch: This cuddly cute creature is without a doubt the hero of the month ;)

Terra from Final Fantasy VI: for her bravery in defending the world

Joker from Batman Arkham Asylum:Although I didn't finish the game yet, the Joker can be selected as your villian of the month from the moment you begin playing the game




A big collection this month too:

- Prototype (PS3)
- Call of Duty 4(PS3)
- Wolfenstein (PS3)
- Disgaea 3 (PS3)
- Wipeout HD Fury (PS3)
Trine (PSN)
Critter Crunch (PSN)
- iPhone 3GS



A funny variations of Biggs resembling various gaming characters
Click for a larger version

How was Halloween?

Samus Aran
Author: =transfuse

Scientist from Critter Crunch :lol::lol:

This month was actually full of surprises and here is a list of them:

- PSN cards finally arriving in my country.
- Super Street Fighter IV
- Final Fantasy VIII to the PS3
- Bayonetta getting a full 40 from Famitsu

NOT having a Xbox360
Because of that I can't play one of the best expansions for GTA IV :(

DSi XL: I was surprised with this annoucement and happy because I didn't rush into buying a DSi.

Cliffs Of Dover: One of my favorite songs from Guitar Hero III

My first fishing trip
Of course this isn't the picture of our boat, just a random one from the internet. I finally got the chance to go into a real fishing trip in the boat of a teacher at school. It was very scary the first time but I got used to it later on. Sadly I don't have any pictures for that trip but I will try to take some if I go again.



October's summary:

It is almost identical to the previous pie charts except that the hobbies section has increased tremendously because of the many fishing trips I had this month. A special note for you Thomas_Crown: I promise that you will see a totally different chart next month :P

Have a great November guys ;)


- Ali -