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Monthly Blog (July 09 Edition)...

I spent hours and hours playing Little BIG Planet this past month trying to obtain the platinum trophy. For now I obtained all the trophies except for couple of trophies related to creating your own levels. It is very hard to get them because first of all you have to create a really very good level and second because even if you did so, your level might be buried under the huge pile of user created content because a new level is published almost every 20 seconds. Some people go for a trick called H4H "Heart for Heart" :lol: in which you heart them and they heart you back, I'm not desperate enough yet to go for this trick :lol:.

I was searching for some pictures in the deviantart site and I found this cute picture for someone trying to get some hearts :lol: the user is LexxClark
If anyone of you guys have LBP why not heart him for such a cute picture and why not heart me for posting it here :D :lol:

Enough of that, let me start my July monthly blog ;)


My monthly blog card.


- Push
Score: 5.5
- Coraline
Score: 8
- Toy Story
Score: 9
- Watchmen
Score: 9
- Mall Cop
Score: 7
- Righteous Kill
Score: 7.5

Transformers 2
Score: 8
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Score: 7

- Pet Sematary
Score: 6





Cinema Movie of the month

Transformers 2


Honorable Mention

Toy Story



This month is not about quantity but QUALITY :D

Total of 27 NEW trophies:
- 25 of them from Little Big Planet
- 2 of them from Rock Band 2 (Gold + Platinum) :D

Here is my latest PSN trophy card :)


- Rock Band (PS2, 1 hour).
- Little BIG Planet (PS3, 63 hours)
- Rock Band 2 (PS3, 10 hours)


- Little BIG Planet (PS3)
My Score: 9.5

- Street Fighter IV (PS3) (Just a rating, didn't play it this month)
My Score: 9.5

- Noby Noby Boy (PSN) (Just a rating, didn't play it this month)
My Score: 6


Little BIG Planet

Paintball Gun: from Little BIG Planet
Same as last month, couldn't find a better one :lol:

Snake Sackboy edition : from Little BIG Planet :lol:

Metal Gear Rex: From Little BIG Planet MGS Pack

Complete Discography (Platinum Trophy) - Rock Band 2 -




- Condemned 2 (PS3)
- Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3)
- Dark Sector (PS3)
- Super Mario Bros. 3 (VC - NES)
- Super Mario World (VC - SNES)
- Little BIG Planet - Monster Pack expansion (PS3)
- Little BIG Planet - MGS Pack expansion (PS3)
- Shatter (PSN)
Advent Children Complete (Blu-ray movie)



I reviewed 2 albums this month

-Scott Joplin - Greatest Hits (Score: B+)
- Little BIG Planet unofficial Soundtrack (Score: B)


The Entertainer, Scott Joplin
Tapha Niang, LBP
Party Ghouls, LBP

The Winner is

Tapha Niang

Runner up

Party Ghouls



White Dress
Author: =einlee

What do you think of the latest videogame delays?

Random babe from DeviantArt
Author: =chatgr

From pixar's movie "Toy Story"

Dragon Quest IX: For getting a full 40/40 in famitsu :shock:
White Knight Chronicles: For annoucing a sequel while a localized version wasn't released yet :shock:

Yakuza 3
Won't make it to the US:cry:

Braid (On PS3): I already played this game on the PC but I will definitely play it if it gets trophy support :D
Castle Crashers:
Coming to the PS3 too

Flea's can jump 130 times higher than their own height. In human terms this is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. into the air.

Little BIG Planet
One of the best and rewarding games I've ever played



July's summary:

As you can see this month was filled by gaming and internet surfing mostly then comes organizing because I had many stuff on my PC that needed backing up. Thankfully I'm exercising everyday and maintaining my weight. And I've seen a bunch of good movies too.
I still need to concentrate on more stuff such as playing the piano and reading.

July's blog posts:

gamespot blog:
-Poll No.28 + Picture of the Day + announcement...

oln1 blog (My personal blog):
- no update

Videogame Nerds:
- The Nerds


- Ali -