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Monthly Blog (August 09 Edition)...

Hello every one, sadly the summer holiday is almost over for some and already over for others. I hope it was a pleasant one for all of you :D

My holiday is 2 weeks from over and I will be back to teaching :( :lol:. Anyways, for us Muslims, it is the 10th day from Ramadan, a month in which we have to fast from dawn till sunset. To all Muslims out there "Ramadan Mubarak". Celebratng this holy month I will post this nice image by author ~SAEED-ART

With no further delay, lets start my August 2009 blog.


My monthly blog card.


- 17 Again
Score: 7
- Platoon
Score: 7
- Let the Right One In
Score: 7.5

- Goodfellas
Score: 8.5
- The Last Sin Eater
Score: 6.5
- Dumb & Dumber
Score: 6
- Police Academy
Score: 7
- Big Fish
Score: 8


- Garden of Sinners (Part 1)
Score: 6




Honorable Mention

Big Fish



This month's trophies were scattered over many games

Total of 18 NEW trophies:

- MotorStorm Pacific Rift: 5 trophies
- The Last Guy: 1 Trophy
- Shatter: 10 Trophies
- ZEN Pinball: 2 Trophies

- Here is my latest PSN trophy card :)


- Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES, 12 hours).
- Final Fantasy VI (GBA, 14 hours)
- Rock Band 2 (PS3, 25 hours)
Earthworm Jim (GEN, 4 hours)
- Super Smash Brawl (Wii, 9 hours)
- Guitar Hero Metallica (PS3, 12 hours)
- Little BIG Planet (PS3, 2 hours)
- MotorStorm Pacific Rift (PS3, 5 hours)
- Portal (PC, 3 hours)


- Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
My Score: 8

- Earthworm Jim (GEN)
My Score: 8

- Portal (PC)
My Score: 9



Portal-Gun: from Portal
One of the most innovative uses of guns

Jim: from Earthworm Jim "Groooooovy" :lol::lol:

Chell: A true silent female heroine

????: from Portal. I don't want to spoil anything about this incredible game. Play it and see for yourselves :)

Batman Arkham Asylum: I was really surprised about how positive the reviews were, the game even had a new record of being the best superhero game.




- Texas Flood Pack (Rock Band 2) (PS3)
- Star Wars The Force Unleashed (PS3)
- Killzone 2 (PS3)
- FAT Princess (PSN)
- The Last Guy (PSN)



Very funny joke

What is the next game you are planning to buy?

Princess What's her Name, from Earthworm Jim

From Videogame "Earthworm Jim"

Little BIG Planet: The annoucement of real WATER to be added, I even submited my name for beta testing :D

Super Mario Bros. 3
I hated how hard the 8th world was as much as how much I loved the game during the previous 7 worlds. The extreme difficulty was a real letdown to this great game

God of War Collection: Putting both Gow I & II in a single Blu-ray disc, adding 720p support and TROPHIES, I don't think that can be topped by anything else this month :D

Crotch: I encountered this word two times this month, once in a movie and the second in screwattack top ten ladies of gaming and it was very fuuny :D

Still Alive: The best song I've heard this month, from videogame "Portal"

"Son of a Sandworm": Said by Kefka, from "Final Fantasy VI" :lol:

Without a doubt Portal is the best thing happened to me this month



August's summary:

Excercising decreased a lot this month because I was very ill and now because Ramadan "Fasting month" started, I don't feel like excercising at all. Organizing has taken a lot this month because we're moving stuff from my room to re-arrange it. Gaming was a major thing too since it is a summer holiday :D
I'm watching a great Kuwaiti series on TV too.

Overall, my monthly activity hasn't changed from previous months a lot.

August's blog posts:

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Videogame Nerds:
Retrogaming still and will always shine!, by dark_Massenger
- VGN Countdown: Final Fantasy Logos, by me and dark_Massenger


- Ali -