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Internet censoring...

Check out this video which shows our government's latest ridiculous decisions.


The video simply shows two of the sites blocked by the new censoring system which is applied on all communication companies in the country. I think the video is not clear so I will clarify here.

The two sites shown in the video are

First of all I will explain why this system was applied. The real purpose of this censoring system is to block political sites that go against the government and to cover this the censoring system was used also to block porn, nude and any disrespectful sites. is an art community site that artists share their work on and some even sell their's on. So what is the problem then, it contains artistic nude thus it has been totally blocked :shock:, remember the great paintings I've been posting for a while, those all from this site. The strange thing is why google translate is being blocked, I was totally shocked to see that, seriously WTF. I don't know if it is a mistake otherwise I don't see any possible reason to block this site.

Here is an online petition that has been signed by more than 800 individuals at the moment and I will post it here for you to keep it up.

I just hope none of you is facing such nonsense in his country, for god's sake we are living in the 21th century :shock:.

- Ali -