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Poll No.13 + Picture of the day...

It has been a while since my last poll post, I'm back now with the results of poll no.12 and with the new poll.13.

I expected dogs to be the most popular choice but apparently people love cats more.

Anyway, here is a link to poll no.13


As for picture of the day, this is a drawing by deviantArt member *nebezial

For a magnified version click on the picture.


- Ali -

Playstation Network Card !!!

I'm hearing these days that Playstation Network Card should start appearing at Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Rite-Aid. Anyone has seen them yet, they are the only solution left for me to buy games because PSN isn't supported in my country yet so I can't use my credit card to buy games.

And if they are available there, anyone knows the possibility of them being sold at, at least by other sellers. I actually found them at eBay but unfortunately I can't even buy them from eBay and at the moment there are two sellers at amazon selling them for 35$:shock: so if they started appearing in major retailers such as Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Rite-Aid the priceses should drop down at, I guess :(

Top Games List (Special edition - 80 - 71)...


Tekken 5 (PS2, Score: 84)


Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (PSX, Score: 84)


Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube, Score: 84)


Toy Story 2 (PSX, Score: 85)

I frankly don't agree with Toy Story's position at all but that score is what I ended up with :P


Worms 2 (PC, Score: 85)


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GameCube, Score: 85)


Escape from Monkey Island (PC, Score: 85)


Ape Escape (PSX, Score: 85)


F-Zero GX (GameCube, Score: 85)


Pikmin (GameCube, Score: 86)

Take care

- Ali -

Dog of Flanders (Anime movie)...

I just finished watching this great movie and I really don't know if it is really such an emotional, touching and hearbreaking movie or is it me being soft lately :P

Anyone seen this movie?

Top Games List (Special edition - 90 - 81)...


Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny (PS2, Score: 82)


Final Fantasy III (NDS, Score: 82)


Bully (PS2, Score: 83)


Ape Escape 3 (PS2, Score: 83)


Super Monkey Ball 2 (GameCube, Score: 83)


Final Fantasy XI (PC, Score: 84)


Gran Turismo 2 (PSX, Score: 84)


WarioWare: Touched (NDS, Score: 84)


Meteos (NDS, Score: 84)


Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PSX, Score: 84)

take care

- Ali -

Top Games List (Special edition - 100 - 91)...

After posting several top lists for different consoles, this time I want to put them all together in a 100 top list but this one is going to be a little different.

When someone posts a top games list, a regular order will be according to his/her preference and personal taste but to make things more interesting I will change this rule in this special edition top 100 list.

Do you remember the 5 criterias that gamespot used to check the game against before changing their review system, they were gameplay, grahpics, sound, value and tilt. I actually have those and some more that I check my game against and then I come up with a score out of 100 which I round up to make it compatible with gamespot's reviews BUT in thise case I won't round up, I will keep the exact review without change AND I won't change the order of games according to my preference, meaning: I will just keep them sorted by score.

For example, lets say that Final Fantasy VII is my best game ever which should make it as No.1 but according to my review system lets say the game got a score of 93 and there are other games that got higher scores then according to this top list rules I won't move Final Fantasy VII to the top and I will keep it where it is. So basically, I got an excel sheet with my reviews sorted from highest to lowest which I will post here in 10 posts. Lastly, if there are games with the same review, then those I will order according to my preference ;)

This list is going to be speechless too as I won't write anything about the games :lol: except the name, console and score

enough talk and lets begin :D


Final Fantasy Origins (PSX, Score: 81)


The Sims (PC, Score: 81)


Kirby Canvas Curse (NDS, Score: 81)


Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PSX, Score: 81)


Excite Truck (Nintendo Wii, Score: 81)


Tetris DS (NDS, Score: 81)


WarioWare Smooth Moves (Nintendo Wii, Score: 81)


LocoRoco (PSP, Score: 82)


Planet Puzzle league (NDS, Score: 82)


Metroid Prime Pinball (NDS, Score: 82)

until then, take care ;)

- Ali -

Disaster ... can't buy games from PSN O.O

The first time I wanted to download a demo from PSN I discovered that PSN is not available in my country at all so I created a US account and everything went just fine until....

This time I wanted to buy games from PSN so I put in my credit card information and was surprised that the transaction won't suceed, so I thought maybe I put in some wrong info. I double checked my info and there is nothing wrong so what the heck?

After some internet browsing it appeared that I can only use a US credit card but luckily there is a work around using a site called that issues a virtual credit card which ignores the address so I started my registration and everything went smoothly, I put in some funds and rushed into PSN to buy Super Stardust HD but guess what, it isn't working :shock: and again searched the internet and found out that I was writing my real name while I should have written my user name so I was really happy and went to try it again ... OH MY GOD, the same error message again and again and again, I finally gave up and decided that the only solution is going to be the Playstation Network Cards which should come out soon as claimed by Sony.

Anyone has the same experience could help me please :cry:

Top Games List (Wii edition)...

In the last top list I said my next post will be my top PC games but I changed my mind and will do the Wii this time while the next is going to be the PC top list.

I really didn't play a lot of games on the Nintendo Wii so my list might look a little bad but the more games I play later will alter my Wii top list to the better ;)

for now here is the top list for the only 10 games that I've played on the Nintendo Wii



Wii Play:
This game has a small set of mini games that you will enjoy but only a couple of them that will keep you play it a little longer and that is of course with a friend because that is the only situation in which you are gonna enjoy it.




Wii Sports:
There are three sports that I enjoyed in this game, Tennis, Bowling and Baseball which I personally enjoyed the most. But the game started collecting dust after I purchased other games and never touched it again. Well, after writing this paragraph I will go play a little baseball :lol:



Sonic and the Secret of the Rings:
This game has the potential to be great but in my opinion I think the way you control sonic kinda restricted the enjoyment of fully controlling the legendary blue hedgehog.



Rayman Raving Rabbids:
There was a time where I almost gave up playing but ironically this is the game that brought me back into gaming again, maybe because it was light and fun. I only played the single player mode but it was kindda fun and I enjoyed it.



Excite Truck:
I really feel this game was a little underrated, it was short and a little repetitive but it was fun while it lasted and it provided the crazy speed I like about racing games and even the motion control was cool.



WarioWare Smooth Moves:
This game really used the wii motion and pointing abilities very well and provided us with a great multiplayer time.



Metroid Prime 3 Corruption:
While it wasn't the best metroid but it provided a solid Metroid Prime experience besides the more natural control that fits the game perfectly using the Wii mote controller.



Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
The best multiplayer game on the Nintendo Wii which surpassed Melee in every aspect provided with a new online experience that will keep you playing if you don't have friends to play with locally.



Super Mario Galaxy:
These two last games were the toughest to choose between, Mario is one of my favorite Nintendo games and Galaxy provided the best Mario experience to me with the best looking graphics on the Nintendo Wii that I wish to see more of in other wii titles.



This is simply one of the best games developed by Capcom which unfortunately didn't sell very well and caused the disband of the talented team behind the game. This game was able to provide a stunning looking game with fantastic cell shaded graphics and great and unique gameplay that will last for at least 40 splendid hours.

There are other games that I didn't play and probably will make to this list, these are:

- Zack and Wiki
- Zelda Twilight Princeses.
- No More Heroes.
- Super Paper Mario.

See you later and have a good day :)

- Ali -

Poll No. 12 + Picture of the Day...

Time for another poll ;) but before that lets see previous poll's results

videogame consoles span 7 generations, which was your beginning?

They were interesting results really with more votes for the 2nd, 3rd ,4th, and 5th and no votes for the 7th which is logical while 1 vote for the 1st, wonder who is this old dude :lol: anyway, I'm old too as I'm from the 2nd generation ;)

here is a link to Poll No.12 (What do you prefer as pet?)


Here is picture of the day by DeviantArt member *MRi


- Ali -