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My Own Little Slice of Heaven

Hey all, I was pretty bored and after thinking for 3 weeks I had lost my digital camera, i finally fount it and decided to use it. So what this is isn't anything big or important, it's just my room :) So enjoy! Also, I'm going to post links on here, not the pics, but I recommend opening the links in seperate tabs or windows cause I'm gonna mention side notes, about things in my room lol Just so everyone is aware of how nerdy I am >.>;;;; lmao

this is where I play my games or when I'm on the comp this is what I see :)


  • proudly promoting DDR universe and guitar Hero 2 as well as my Nintendo DS
  • my paintball gun
  • although you can't really see it, my Halo 3 mug is up there too
  • lol the moniter is on the floor cause i broke my DVI - HMDI cable, if anyone was curious about that :p


  • nothing special here
  • my drum kit, guitar/amp and my fridge!
  • PS - That's ping pong table folded up back there! ;)


  • fooseball table!!!!! I pwn at fooseball


  • server computer with dual monitors!
  • haha too many hard drives
  • lol note the Super Nintendo and NES, don't worry they're old extras :)


  • two DDR dance pads
  • 3 Guitar Hero guitars
  • random pylon


  • my Rouge Galaxy flag!!!!!!! :p


  • this is what I wake up too

It's Back!!!! :) :)

YES! The day has come, my Xbox 360 is back in my hands and I've been playing it since I got it. I recently purchased Def Jam: Icon and Call of Duty 3. I haven't played Def Jam yet and won't for awhile I wanna beat CoD 3 then go back to CoD 2 and finish off the rest of the achievements. I'll also be getting some Halo 2 and Gears of War in too! :) But yes, I'm back online ready to once again be an achievement whore! heh... >.>;;;

This one better not crap out on me anytime soon!

PS - If you're from Canada, or Ontario for that matter then you know about Tim Horton's roll up the rim to win contest. I'll have you know I'm on a streak - Timmies: 20 JP: 0. Yep...not once have I won, NOT ONCE!! Odds of winning are high, my balls

Your mother was a hamster!

...and you're father smelt of elder berries" a shiney nickle to anyone who knows where that's from! Hey guys! It's been about a month since my last blog post so it's about time I did another. :) I haven't been able to due a lot of my comp as school is getting ready for mid-terms so I've been hella busy. Other then school, most of you already know my Xbox 360 died on me recently (the Monday of last week to be exact), the damn DVD-ROM crapped out on me then after that....the wonderful "red lights of death". Grreeeeeat. I called and have been wait for a week now for that damn box to show up at my house. Damn you Microsoft! *shakes fist* Dammmmmm youuuuu.

So for my reading week I'm off to Cuba! haha take that Americans! :P Yes, it was decided that me and my buddies are going to Cuba for the week of Feb. 26th - Mar. 4th it should be good times. I'll have a drink for everyone stranded in the cold weather! :D

Oh...this just in.

It's my birthday!!!!!!!!

....soon. :lol: But I am having a gathering here at my house tonight. It's the first time all my friends are willing to come down (cause ya know, my roomies had nothing to do with it...yea, right) lol ah well, it should be an interesting night to say the least. My actual D.O.B is on the 22nd. and I'm 22 years young... :( I'm getting old!!!!:cry:

On the side of games I can play, I've been playing Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All and Rogue Galaxy for the PS2. Not much though as I'm only on chapter 4. Well not much has been going on other then that, so that's it for this round.


PS- ummm advanced warning, if I'm online tonight and posting jibberish....I am really....really sorry lol


Werd up peeps! Just checking in, so how's everyone been? I've been slowly adjusting to the whole school thing and it's horrible. Right now, I'm in my Clien/Server Programming class...had to be here at 8:30 after a long night of the girls partying. :S

Anywho, I recently finished up Viva Pinata with a perfect gamerscore :D Recently I've bought Lost Planet, which oddly came with a laser cell image thing. It was a promotion for Wal-Mart if you bought the game there apparently.

New level up! Score! Yes, I went from 17 to 18 and don't have much to go before I hit level 19. From what i'm told level 20 is something to not look forward too lol so I'm gonna go with the flow and not look forward to it :)

Now, here's the part where I beg for help. I wanna create a union on Gamespot, but I need 4 people to give me an ok to send them the intial invites. I got the ok from Jude (thanks buddy!) and possibly all I need are 2 (or 3) more people. So if you're interested in joining my union message me and I'll give ya all the info you need.

Tagger Dabbler

Woohoo! Upgraded my Tagger Flirt icon to a Tagger Dabbler icon.

The Pizz is in the Hizz

Werd up peeps, well my holidays are quickly commin' to an end :( My holidays are finished and this is my last weekend of freedom cause as of Monday I start classes again. On a brighter side I have my precious internet back. So I'll actually be online on Live and here (Gamespot). My new years party went awesome. Lots of people showed up and some of my roomies were here apartying it up aswell. I'll post a few pics in a bit

This is a pic of me and my roommates on New Years, I'll post some more when I get the rest

Note: Yes, I live with 5 girls

School holidays, christmas and a level up!

UPDATE (12/30/2006): Holiday Wrap-Up

Well hello Gamespot and world. Christmas went awesome, I couldn't ask for anything else. Here's what I got! :D

  1. Nintendo DS (Mario Kart DS red version)
  2. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS)
  3. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
  4. Metroid Prime: Hunters (DS)
  5. Final Fantasy III (DS)
  6. Contact (DS)
  7. DC clothing and shoes
  8. Rainbow Six: Vegas (X360)
  9. and finally... money

Score! haha, now my birthday is only a couple weeks away, come on bday presents heheh!! ^.^ Anywho enjoy the rest of the holiday season everyone. I'm back up in my college house for a New Years "par-tay". I hope everyone's christmas was just as good as mine :) and I'll see y'all in the New Year!


Well hello all! How's everybody doin' these days?! As you can prolly tell I'm in an extremly superb mood. No school for 4 weeks, christmas is commin' up soon and I apparently leveled up from 15 to 16 with the new title Magian Lord, which I can only assume comes from the NeoGeo game of the same name, weird though I ranked up to a lvl 16 and only have another 25% to get to level 17 lol odd...

Anyway, like I said I'm home for the holidays, but I have no internet at my house specificly. I can still get online every now and then, but not as per usual untill I'm back up in college.

Now, christmas, oh man am i ever stoked for this one! haha, I have a new nintendo DS commin' my way with games like Contact, Final Fantasy III, Castlevania, Metroid and the New Super Mario Bros. Also, probably some new Wii games too! (one can only hope, right?) **I would like to note that i would like to thank EVERYONE at the RPG Temple for letting me know about Contact and other RPGs that are comming my way**

Holidays so far are goin' great! I'm oot and aboot a lot so that no internet thing hasn't hit me yet, but it'll happen I know it will. It's been busy, but a good busy, seeing a lot of my friends from all over and family too. Lots of drinking, chillin and gaming goin on.

Wow, this got pretty dang long! Don't you worry though it's just about done. this is pizzleonfire saying "cheers everybody and have a merry christmas and a happy new year!


PS - New Emblem! Wooooooooo!


I'm gettin there Ron, be afraid, be very afraid...lmao ^.^;;

Okami thoughts...


Alright, so I finished Okami, it was a well made game, really well done, but at the end I found myself rushing it to get it finished up. It wasn't that the story was bad, or the game's crazy look annoyed me. Not at all, I just think they stretched out the story a bit too much. I dunno, I found this game to be longer then I expected it to be and found that the story kinda dragged on. Again though, I did enjoy the story. The look and feel for the game was spot on too. I like how it controlled and how easy it was to incorperate the brush techniques in the middle of a battle or while roaming around. The little extras in the game added a greater challenge then completing the actual game itself. Replay value is good, you'll have to go through the game atleast twice to get 100% completion, so if you're a stickler for perfection, god speed.

Okami for the Playstation 2 :


Update EDIT #1

New emblem! Wooooo! I decided for the hell of it, that I'm gonna upload some videos and I did just that lol.

Public Access

One day I'll catch up to you day...*shakes fist*

Update EDIT #2

Huh, well I just noticed that GS has finally put up an emblem that shows I participated in the Battle of the Nations tournament that GS did. Sweet!

BF2: MC Xbox 360 emblem

New Game!!!!

AHHH! I'm so happy lol I got a new Xbox 360 game today. NHL 2007, my buddy and I went to Wal-Mart today and decided that since we both have 360's, both have Live and both enjoy the game of hockey that we should buy this game.  We plan on playing this online and taking out our competition. Shold be fun! I can't wait to play this, I just started and I already got 2 achievements, haha, take that Alex! So after all this, I think I'm done with Saint's Row for now. That's it, just thought I'd share my excitement with everyone.


New Emblem!!

WOOOOOOO! Not much to say here, but I'll make it a story. So here I am sitting in my Web Authoring class and I got bored (This stuff is pretty simple, I should try and get exempted, but oh well). I log in to Gamespot and start checking out some new games that are out, such being NHL 2007 and LEGO Star Wars II. When I clicked on my profile and to my surprise I recieved a new emblem! Tagger Flirt, and I thought to myself, well not really, cause I kinda shared my excitement  with the whole class lol. My bad. Anywho, that's it. No wait, this class is boring and  got 2 more hours to kill, shoot that's it. ;)

Check it!

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