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Movie games... bam baam baaaam

Iwish they were good. I mean it seems almost supernatural how every movie game seems to fail! Its especially annoying as i always find myself buyin them. Why???. Stupid developers!

mysterious warping topic :o

i thouhgt i had posted in a topic asking how much gold you makew a year so i gave my unusual stupid answer of being a dwarf and killingdragons.

The nexty thing i find is the topic is now a "do you hate yourself?" topic and everyone laughed at my reply

sympethetic comments please

i wrote my 2007 christmas list of games in March :D

i ended up with about 35 games on the list, games are all i really ever want for christmas, because the smell of a newly opened game and its manual is well, beautiful. Putting of cutting the turkey until youve gained one more frag. Hideing in your room and shoting at the police instead of watching the christmas tv specials.

Ahh isn't christmas great

the exams!

in one week our schol exams are coming, they last all week!

sympethetic comments please

i keep the trophy!

Yep a few years ago i won a trophy at the primary school i went to, most of my freinds had to give theirs back so other people would also get their name on it but i kept mine :D. It has been about four years since then and i only just noticed it still sat there. Now all i need is a giant spoon and the window will be completed

Ask me a question

Ok ive decided to let you ask me questions, something ill no doubt regret

first lets get something out the way

no im not gay

no im not a terrorist

yes i see dead people


Ok now thats done. Ask away!


Talk like you do in real life

I can't tell you how many people i know who try to act cool on the internet but in real life they generally suck, im fine with people acting cool but not lieing. It just annoys more, like one person i knoew claims he gets drunk in his mansion with all his mates and he likes playing sports - What the hell?

Heres a list of words that should be banned:











There are more but these are the ones i truly despise!

And yes im in a bad mood for no reason :l.

I interview a fanboy

Fanboy interview

Me:Hello 360FTWN3WB5, what a youre your current views on next gen consoles?

360FTWN3WB5: Ps3 t3h suxors, bad games, rubbish graphix, ray blues is useless, over priced  rip off s0ny sux.

Me: how about the wii?

360FTWN3WB5: LMfanb01AO, Wat a gimmik, lmao zelda scored rubbish and being small is actually a n00b th1ng

Me: right, now 360?

360FTWN3WB5: OMG 360 is t3h best cons0le ever, 1ts sold 56million already and wii and flops3 have sold 100k each LMFAO, sa135 are everything, best games best hardqware, wii always overheats fgs, there rubbish but  360 t3h p00ne3rs3, i cant wait till my mum buys mine and 1 p00n at hal0 3, im t3h best and every1 else g3ts ownd by m3

me: Great... what game will you be getting first then?

360FTWN3WB5: HA110 3

Me: You will have to wait a while, wont you?

360FTWN3WB5: Lma0 no u n00b, 360 arrives in iraq same t1me

Me: What do you think about Ps3 multimedia functions?

360FTWN3WB5: 1ts a games console, n01 uses web browsers to go on t3h internet they use windows explorer lmao


So this has taught us one thing, never approach a fanboy without a fully working firearm.